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Welcome to THE ONE SELF TEACHINGS which explains how physical-reality has emerged from consciousness, as opposed to seeing consciousness as something that has emerged from physical-reality.

Although consciousness can express itself through physicality, it is not physical. This means that it is not like physical things in the way that it can be divided up or possessed. Therefore what we each experience as our personal consciousness is in fact a unique expression of the one and only consciousness in existence (what religions call God).

The reason that we do not experience this unified-consciousness is because we (the human race) are it choosing to experience itself as many individuals, each with our own unique perspective on what we are. Our individuated state of consciousness is achieved through a perceptual illusion that is created through a collective-forgetting that we are in fact a single consciousness creating the whole Earth experience. This is how the one consciousness that is unified, infinite and eternal, creates the experience of being a collective of separate individuals that are divided, limited and mortal.

Although we may personally see limitation, division and physical-death as undesirable qualities, it is exciting for the one consciousness, that has only ever known itself as unified, to experience being diverse. It is exciting for a consciousness that has never experienced being limited by obstacles to discover, face and overcome them. It is exciting for consciousness that has always known everything, to experience both imagining and discovering 'the unknown'. It is exciting for consciousness that has always been aware of all equally, to focus on something particular and experience it as a vantage point. It is exciting for consciousness that is immortal, to feel the passion for life that arises when time is felt to be finite and limited. What this all means is that although we often feel cursed by the limitations and hardships of being human, when it is seen from the perspective of the unified-consciousness, it is seen to be desirable, attractive, expansive, fresh and invigorating.

This is the shared-perspective from which we each keep returning to the human-experience. Nothing you experience in this lifetime will ever change that perspective nor your desire to return here after death. You will only stop incarnating here when you have lived so many lives that you have integrated all the exciting potentials that this world has to offer. If the idea of that you will reincarnate here feels upsetting to you this can only be because of the ways in which you do not love this world.

However, because this world is an expression of only one thing (the one unified-consciousness), it is a complete reflection of what consciousness is, which is what you are. Therefore, to not love an aspect of this world is to not love an aspect of yourself. Any idea that this world is either different or separate to what you are, is a mental denial of the excitement of consciousness to experience human-form (what led you to be living this life).

What many spiritual teachings endorse as the ‘path of ascension’ is in fact an expression of the part of us that does not love this world and wants to stop incarnating here (the fear-based desire to escape from pain rather than transform it). By pandering to the part of you that wants to escape these supposed ‘paths to ascension’ actually have the opposite effect as they entrench your desire to reject this world and escape it, rather than resolving any pain you are feeling through the transformation of your perspective by coming to love your choice (at the unified level of consciousness) to keep experiencing this world.

In summary, the only way to move on to a different experience of reality is to finish having the experience that you came to this world to have. This is a path of moving toward what this world is through love and acceptance, as opposed to pushing it away through judgement and the desire to escape it.

The One Self Teachings are all about the transformation of Self that occurs when, through choosing the experience of love rather than the experience of fear, we each come to understand that all that we perceive of as separation is a product of fear causing us to not see clearly. With this knowing what this world is seen to be is not ‘solved’, instead the human-experience is seen to be a journey of coming to know what you are through coming to love yourself and, by extension, this world.

If you would like to know more you please visit The Gnostic Writer where you will find an extensive body of texts and recordings to begin your journey. If you find that you resonate with the materials you can then join the Master Library to access the main body of work. At the top of this page you will also find the documentary 'God Is An Ocean' which gives a complete overview of the teaching, the author and how the information contained in the teachings was received. 

Many spiritual teachings idealize the spirit (the eternal-free-Self) and denigrate the qualities of the mortal-human-Self. This polarizing action is a denial of how it is our spirit that births our human-Self from its standpoint of complete joy and freedom. To judge this creation of what is not-entirely-free and not-entirely-joyful as less than, is to create a division in the perception of reality, and thereby, in your Self. Through these teachings, as well as meeting your infinite-free-Self (your spirit), you are equally invited into a deep appreciation for the remarkable cloak of individuality that you are currently wearing (your mortal-Self). You cannot come to fully know your spirit while you are rejecting your mortal-Self as in that rejection you deny the freedom of your spirit to be in a limited form. Your mortal-Self is an extension of your free-eternal-Self and cannot be said to be less than it. You are your spirit, perceiving from within individuality.
— Story Waters - The One Self Teachings

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