Stream over 550 hours of One Self Teachings recordings!

Stream over 550 hours of One Self recordings.
Take an Adventure in Consciousness!

The MASTER LIBRARY contains the main body of the One Self Teachings with all currently available recordings up until 2017. Upon joining you will gain access to 330+ hours of this content instantly. The remainder of the teachings (220+ hours) are included over time, with a major recording added every 30 days (such as an in-depth course, seminar or retreat).

330+ hours content immediately available: From 2009 to 2017 Story ran a monthly service to which he delivered a regular mix of live broadcasts and privately recorded messages. This produced over 220 hours of recordings across its various evolutions and includes the Freedom Circle broadcasts, the Bridges, the StorySun Shows, the Flow messages, the Perspectives with Seth Shows and the 2016 One Self Teachings Classes. These are all available in audio format with videos currently be added where available. Additional instant-access content includes all six advanced Adventures in Consciousness broadcasts (the Fyre Death Walk, Channeling Masterclass, Bridge to Universal Gameboard, Deconstructing Reality, ‘I Can Create Anything’ Realization, and the Awakening Codes Amplification), Story’s solo seminars (Bringer of Light, Potential of Being, I Create, and Infinite Perspectives) and more recent One Day Wonders held with his husband Roger Hanson (the Creative Spark, Meeting Your Alien Self, New Beginnings, the Hot-Seating Special, and the Earth Consciousness Reports). Roger's powerful visionary art and channeling sessions are all included. Plus Story is currently remastering his earliest recordings. Over 36 hours of these 'Spoken Energy' remastered recordings covering everything from the beginning until Fall 2007 are already included (audio and video) with approximately another 60 hours to come (covering until late 2009). These will be released into the Master Library instant-access collection as soon as they become available. You will also find recent materials with over five hours of additional interviews recorded for the God Is An Ocean documentary and the complete two hour video/audio of Story's March 2018 Austin event. 

Each month there is a bonus mp3(s) download of one of these messages allowing you to grow a collection of recordings that are yours to own. You can read specific descriptions of all the Master Library recordings in the mp3 store, but the Free Library is the best way to know if you are resonant with the teachings as a whole (although the Master Library also contains advanced recordings). 

220+ hours of additional recordings received over time: These are a mix of in-depth complete 20/20 courses, seminars and retreats held with Story's husband Roger Hanson (a visionary artist and channeler) as well as some of Story's more advanced courses and broadcasts. The initial schedule by which the recordings will become available in your library is:
Day 30: 20/20 The Paradise Point. (14 hours)
Day 60: 20/20 The Abundant Reality Focus. (15 hours)
Day 90: The Remarkable Retreat. (7 hours)
Day 120: 20/20 Unlocking the Fifth Dimension. (14 hours)
Day 150: The Seth Experience / Retreat. (10 hours)
Day 180: 20/20 Practical Channeling & Intuition. (12 hours)
Additional recordings and long-term membership benefits continue for over two years.

See full listing additional recordings and long-term benefits.

Constant addition of materials: There is a steady stream of recordings being added as Story continues to remaster his early recordings (some never released before) plus there are still many videos to be included with messages that have only been available in audio. 

Details: This is a monthly subscription service that allows you to stream recordings through the website (you listen/watch in the same way as in the Free Library). Not all recordings are immediately available to stream. The additional recordings will be automatically added to your library over time as listed in the membership schedule above. No downloads are provided (apart from the monthly bonus mp3 download) until after two years membership (see above). If you would like to immediately download materials please use the Mp3 store. There is no minimum membership term and you can cancel online at any time (you will retain access for any time you have paid for). If you need to pause your membership but do not want to lose the time you have accumulated please email us and we will credit your account when you rejoin. If you have any questions please email us at:

Pricing: The Master Library costs $45 per month. You can cancel anytime.

Long-term listener? 
If you already own a substantial amount of recordings you can request a reduced rate by emailing