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Watch Story talk about the new Master Library and upcoming events including the June live-streamed seminar and July Passion Activation online course.

Early bird registration now open for the PASSION ACTIVATION course:

MAY 2018 MESSAGE FROM STORY: I am close to entering the editing stage of my next book and moving forward I will be focusing mainly on book editing and adding to the new Master Library that now houses my complete recordings.

As such, we will now simply be offering the Master Library subscription which will also now come to include my written texts as well audio and video. Both the Written and Video libraries will continue for current members for at least another couple of months as I complete the final additional texts for the book as well the videos for the God Is An Ocean Interviews and Awakening into Freedom Consciousness. 

I am very much looking forward to the Austin weekend seminar (June 30th-July 1st) that we will be live-streaming and the 20/20 Passion Activation (July 14th-21st) eight day online course. 


Check out the new Master Library subscription with instant access to over 330 hours of recordings (550 hours over time).

Please note that the Master Library (which incorporates everything) has launched since this was recorded so not all the information is correct. 

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