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Master Library Long-Term Benefit Details

Below are full details of the long-term benefits of being a member of the Master Library including the full schedule of additional recordings that you will receive and the download packages you will receive after two years membership.

220+ hours of additional recordings received over time: These are a mix of in-depth complete 20/20 courses, seminars and retreats held with Story's husband Roger Hanson (a visionary artist and channeler) as well as some of Story's more advanced courses and broadcasts. Here is the schedule by which the recordings will become available in your library:
Day 30: 20/20 The Paradise Point. (14 hours)
Day 60: 20/20 The Abundant Reality Focus. (15 hours)
Day 90: The Remarkable Retreat. (7 hours)
Day 120: 20/20 Unlocking the Fifth Dimension. (14 hours)
Day 150: The Seth Experience / Retreat. (10 hours)
Day 180: 20/20 Practical Channeling & Intuition. (12 hours)
Day 210: The Firsts Retreat. (7 hours)
Day 240: 20/20 The Mastery of Beliefs. (14 hours)
Day 270: The Many Masters Retreat. (8 hours)
Day 300: 20/20 The Relationship Elevator. (14 hours)
Day 330: 2014 Adventures In Consciousness Up-Close Seminar. (8 hours)
Day 360: 20/20 Practical Channeling Amplification. (11 hours)
Day 390: The Mirror Retreat. (9 hours)
Day 420: 20/20 Seth On Inner Senses. (15 hours)
Day 450: Living the Life Fantastic Seminar. (11 hours)
Day 480: 20/20 Communicating Across Unconsciousness. (13 hours)
Day 510: 2015 Los Angeles Self-Creation Seminar. (10 hours)
Day 520: Reality Is A Donut. (9 hours)
Day 550: Awakening Notes. (12 hours)
Day 580: Notes on the Construction of a Birth Gate. (3 hours)
Day 610: The Haloic Playground. (8 hours)
Day 640: Expected to be Austin June 2018 Seminar. (upcoming 2018 event)
Day 670: Expected to be 20/20 The Passion Activation. (upcoming 2018 course)

Long-term member download / reduced price bonus: For those who become long-term members, after two years you will receive access to mp3 downloads of the main body of the Master Library that you have access to upon joining. After you reach the end of the additional recordings schedule you will also have the option to drop your subscription price to half the rate (at that time) or to maintain your subscription rate for another year and receive mp3 downloads of the additional recordings up until 2017 (the items from the list above up until Day 610). This system will evolve to incorporate future recordings to continue rewarding long-term subscribers with downloads of the mp3s they have been able to stream or a reduced monthly payment. (Long-term Flow subscribers between 2014/15 until the end of 2016 may request a reduced rate by emailing support).