Evolving The Story You Tell Of Yourself


This is a text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK ONE - I AM YOU. YOU ARE GOD which is a minor update to Story's book 'You Are God. Get Over It!' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

Your story is that which you know yourself to be - your self-definition. When you describe yourself you are telling your story. It is however far more than a list of descriptive statements. It is an ever changing window through which you both view and interact with the world. Just as your body is a vehicle of your being, so too is your story. It is both the expression and perception of your beingness, reflecting your joys, wounds, hopes, fears, and loves.

When someone tells you their history you discover so much of who they are, not because the events of their life have made them a certain way, but because they are telling you the events with which they currently identify their being. To see your story as ‘that with which you are choosing to identify yourself’ is to begin to see what a fundamental aspect of you it is. It is the expression of how you have individuated yourself from the world around you and from the conscious realization that you are God. Your story not only determines what you present to the world; it determines how you experience the world. A revealing exercise is to list the adjectives you would use to describe yourself to others. For example, if you said, “I am spiritual, kind, fat, intelligent, old, and happy”, this not only shows how you see yourself, but it reveals some of the primary polarities through which you perceive the world; namely unspiritual-spiritual, cruel-kind, fat-thin, stupid-intelligent, young-old, and happy-sad. How you describe other primary figures in your life, both liked and disliked, will reveal further polarities.

Your story is not just an idea of yourself that you call upon when necessary; it saturates every aspect of your being, even how you perceive the world around you. When you look out into the world you are looking through the eyes of your story. Your story reflects the polarities which you have identified as being of worth. If you perceive yourself as a victim then you will come to see the world as being filled with victims and victimizers. If you feel the love that you are, then you will perceive the love that surrounds you.

Your story reflects the degree to which you either experience yourself as unified with the world or alienated from it. The greater the worth you assign to the polarities (polarizations) by which you define yourself, the more you will feel separate. This separation is a product of your perception being polarized. Your perception creates the illusion you live within. Separation is the illusion. It is however an illusion that you are freely choosing in order to explore unique states of being. You explore being through your perception of it. Your story and your perception are two facets of the creative free-will choice to be what you are.

You are the choice to be the self-identified you. The definition of your story gives form to that choice. Fundamentally you are limitless, but you are currently choosing to experience yourself in a self-limited form - a story. You are choosing to be in a shared reality that is created by many stories. This reality is based upon an illusion, but through our mass consensus the illusion is given great consistency, making it appear totally solid. It is truly amazing to be in a reality that appears to be separate from you in a tangible and permanent way. It is a playground of new experience for God. Never has an illusion seemed so real and created such an experience of individuality.

You express your individuality as a story. Your story gives shape to your experience through not only your self-definition, but through how it shapes your perception. Your perception of yourself and the world are one. How you perceive the world is a reflection of how you perceive yourself. Reality is a mirror of your being. The experience of both reality and yourself come from your perception. Your perception is formed by your story and you are that which is choosing your story. You are the creative free-will choice of your perception and you are living within the experience of that choice. That choice forms not only how you experience yourself, but your entire reality. You are choosing your story and your reality. You are the creator of yourself and your reality. You are the creator. You are God.

You are choosing to be in a self-created illusion, and your experience of that illusion is determined by your perception of it. You are free to perceive it as you choose. There is no separate objective truth to the illusion, beyond your choice to be sharing it with other self-determining expressions of God - other stories. Though a part of being in a shared reality is sharing certain agreed upon parameters, those parameters are not a limit; you are choosing them because you want to experience them. These parameters are the choices that give reality its linear time, an agreed upon appearance of solidity, and its consistency of individuality. They are that which you are wishing to experience; otherwise you would not be here.

By awakening to the realization that you are the creator, the illusion becomes more free flowing and responsive. This is experienced as reality becoming less solid, less consistent, and less governed by linear time. In your awakening you will start to feel less separate, not only from the people around you, but even from the illusion itself. You will see how we are all connected - one inter-flowing story. To awaken is not to escape from reality; it is to enter deeper into the joyful experiences that it affords us.

The realization of creatorship is manifest in the realization of how easy it is to change your reality. To change your reality is to allow the experience of change. As your reality is a reflection of your story, to change your story is to change your reality. To step into your creatorship is to step into change; an ever changing reality and an ever changing story. To realize your Godhood is therefore to let go of having a fixed definition. It is to stop seeking to make your story consistent. You are not your story; your story is your choice in the Now of how you wish to experience yourself. Change your reality by changing who you are choosing to be. Release seeing yourself in a singular way and allow yourself to experience all ways.

You are in the experience of individuality, but the story you tell yourself of who you are is not your lot for this lifetime. Your story is a choice that you have the power to change. To become identified with the definition of your story is to become contained by it. Realize that if you cease to identify with your story, you will still be you. In this is the discovery of a wider freer you - the you who can be anything it chooses. It is the realization of both the freedom of your story and freedom from your story. All realizations of freedom are the unfolding realization of your divinity.

Letting go of your story does not mean to lose your individuality. That would mean to return to source. You are not here to return to God; you are God. To free yourself from the limits of your story is to remember that you are God whilst you are within embodiment - within the experience of individuality. In awakening you do not lose that sense of individuality, but it does transform. Instead of experiencing yourself as a singular choice of story, you experience yourself as the writer of your own story, with the power to change it as you will. Rather than being trapped within a story, you live in the realization of whatever story you can imagine. Instead of being one story, you realize that you are potentially all stories.

Your being is infinite. There is no story that you cannot be. You are free to be whatever it is you wish to be. You are an infinitely free unfolding story. Know your story as your freedom and not your cage. You are free. You are an embodiment of God.