Your Dream Starts Here (audio/video/text)

Your Dream Starts Here is one of Story's most popular foundational broadcasts that discusses how the basis of life is joy and how this is attained through the release of fear. This is a inspirational experiential broadcast that starts by taking you to the place of joy within you and then viewing the difficulties and frustrations in your life as being messages from your spirit, that when seen clearly will point you to your freedom. This message is recommended in particular for those new to Story's work, but it is a great listen for everyone with its empowering reminder to be yourself. 

This message has two versions. The original broadcast which is provided as in 67 minute audio and video versions. There is then a 106 minute audio expansion (amplification) which will give you more an in-depth understanding of the message. The full text of the amplified version is also included below. 

Your Dream Starts Here Amplification Text
by Story Waters


Before you begin reading this message, I recommend that you take a few minutes to consciously breathe; placing your hand on your heart as you do so. Your hands have flowing energy in them, and it can be good to place your hand there and take some deep conscious breaths. Breathing is so important. When you breathe consciously, when you breathe deeply, you are opening a powerful flow of energy; you are leaving the constraints, the constriction of stress and of fear. And you open up your beingness, and you are in a better space to receive, to connect with your spirit, with your guides, with all that you are.

You might want to notice in life when you stop breathing. It is amazing how, at times of stress, we go to such a shallow level of breathing. In some ways it is a protective mechanism as it shuts the energy down, you become less conscious, less present. But all experiences are beautiful, all are experiences of life, the choice to breathe it in and meet it and bring yourself out; instead of retracting from life, you can choose to become more present through this conscious breath. So just take deep breaths. Slowing them down and deepening them.

Now we would like you to imagine. We want you to imagine something that will make you smile. For most of you this will be an animal, a pet. It may be your children, but sometimes when you think of them you will think of how they are sometimes naughty and don’t listen to you - so only think of your children if it just brings a smile. Or think of your children at times when they make you smile. But generally speaking, for most people, the most consistent image is of a pet, an animal, rubbing its tummy, hearing a cat purr, seeing the love in your dog’s eyes, whatever it is.

So, continuing to breathe consciously, deeply, allowing this smile to come out, this good feeling, and feel this good feeling connect into your breathing. And feel this flow that your breathing is opening, flowing down from above, down through your crown, down through your body, expanding it, shedding layers of constriction, stress and tension. This smiling energy flowing down your body, flowing down your legs, out through your feet, into the core of the Earth. You might feel it like a flow of water, a flow of light, however you wish, flushing through your system, enlivening your system, enlivening your energy body.

What is your energy body? What is your energy? It is your feeling. People talk about energy bodies. They are talking about feeling. You are expanding your feeling of Self. You are opening your feeling of Self. You are releasing your feeling of Self. You are swimming in it. This is opening up your connection, your connection through the veil, through to the non-physical, through to your spirit, feeling your spirit and then widening that to feel your guides, feeling the love of your guides. Each of you without exception has them. Different forms, different ways that you each have them, and they are all smiling at you now. Feel them smiling at this moment. Feel this smile radiating out amongst everyone reading or listening to this broadcast. It doesn’t matter if you are reading this or listening back to the recording.

This is a moment in the Now. Time is an illusion. Feel the smiling moment in timelessness. Feel it now across the globe as we smile together feeling this flow, feeling this flow. This feeling is within you. This feeling, for those of you that are not that familiar with it, for those of you that wish you felt like this more often, understand that this is a feeling that you can practice. You can do it by reading, listening or watching this again. You can do it on your own with your favorite music. You can do it in so many ways. You have this within you.

Yes, together in this connection we are having, there is a way in which it builds together and we aid each other through this resonance, this holographic resonance; for we are one, we are connected. And so those of you that are not so practiced at smiling will find it easier in this moment than they’ve ever felt before. It never felt so easy to feel this good feeling in your body, this aliveness, your spirit, the love around you, the love of your guidance, the love of yourself, the love of source. This flows all the way down from source, source consciousness, all that is, God - whatever you wish to call it - flowing through.

This connects you into all that you are. This well-being, this knowingness, this knowingness of the beauty of life, this knowingness that stands consciously, presently, in the Now, outside of the drama of the game, outside of the definitions, the stories. This is who you are. This is who you birthed from. And this feeling of connection is within you to call upon whenever you wish. We recommend you practice it.  Practice it when you feel good, and not just in those times of drama where you say “I wish to feel better”. Yes, you can do it then. That is the perfect time to do it, to bring yourself back to your center. Feel that. Feel the centeredness in this feeling. Breathe it in. Keep breathing.  Practice it when you feel good.  Practice it in all different states, not just when you feel bad. If you practice it you will then be able to then call on it easily at those times of stress, to keep yourself in the flow of yourself.

So, I hope that you are feeling this good feeling inside. How did it feel? How did it feel in those first few minutes of the channel? How does it feel to realize that you can do this, that if you sit and breathe you can open yourself to feeling good? That power is within you. You are not at the mercy of this world. You are not at the mercy of external events. You are not at the mercy of anything. You are not a victim. By making a simple choice, the choice to breathe, to smile, to visualize things that make you feel good, to connect into those energies with your imagination. It is so significant to realize that this power is within you. By how you choose to focus,1 you can change your energy. You can change your energy field; and that is to say you can change how you feel. To realize this is to begin to take responsibility for how you feel, is to let go of victim energy where you blame life for how you feel.

How you feel is up to you and it is determined by where you focus. What you have just experienced is the realization that by focusing on breathing, on smiling, on visualizing things that make you feel good, you can bring yourself out of any energy. Whether that be an energy of frustration, annoyance, feeling stuck, agitation - you can transform it just by changing your focus. And you can apply this anytime. So often people partition off their spirituality. It is like a bubble within their life. It may take you a while to connect them - your everyday life with your spiritual life - but do understand that ultimately, the journey we’re going on here, walking this bridge of consciousness, is about integrating those two worlds – it is to bring the freedom, the gorgeous energies of spirit into what some may call your mundane life.

We wish you to feel and know that ultimately, you can merge these two worlds – your inner world, your spiritual life and your outer life, your everyday life, whether that be work, family, whatever it is. By seeing what we are speaking of here and breathing, we wish you to see that this choice is always within you. You can always connect with and feel your spirit and to bring its energy, its openness, its flow to any circumstance you may find yourself in. Now here we have just used the word ‘we’, we are speaking to you, Story is speaking to you. In this amplification of this channel, he is speaking from his spirit. This is Story’s spirit speaking to you now.

And we say ‘we’ because we are a collective. As Story travels into the energies, as he opens to all that he is, so he discovers all his lives. He discovers the ‘oversoul’, the entity from which he births and all that it contains and, containing so much, so many lives, it is natural to say ‘we’ even though it could just simply be referred to Story’s spirit. ‘We’, ‘I’ am Story’s spirit. Know that when you connect with your spirit, and if ever you come to channel yourself, so you will discover the ‘we’ in the ‘I’ of you.

So, understand that this opening invitation to breathe, to imagine, to smile; is an invitation to your power, your power to affect how you are experiencing your reality, your power to feel good, your power to not be pulled down by external circumstances. We will be showing you how you are the creator of your reality. But this first step, and it is a big one, is to take responsibility for your own state of feeling by realizing you can alter it, simply through the choice of focus, simply through the choice to cease to engage with whatever is troubling you, and to open yourself to the love and flow of spirit. Now we will continue with the channel.

You are a flow – this eternal flow, this source flow. It is always with you and as it flows through you, when you allow it in, when you don’t let the fear of the mind shut it down and you don’t stop breathing, it flows through you. And not only do you feel good, this flow activates and stimulates the compass of your heart, that guidance. It is a guiding light. It is a guiding flow. This flow will flow through your heart and as you learn to listen to your heart, you will start to ‘feel what to do’ instead of ‘think it’. The more you follow your heart, the more you enter this state and receive guidance, the stronger and clearer the compass of your heart will be.

A compass - how do you feel a compass? It is to come to a choice. “Do I go left or right?” And then you feel, what it would be like to go left; “How do I feel about that? What does it feel like? What will it feel like if I go right? Which feels best?” That is the compass. And one choice will begin to stand out. We in no way wish to demonize the mind. The mind is often demonized in spiritual teaching because it is where people convince themselves to not listen to their heart. That is why it is good to get out the mind, to awaken the heart. The teaching of ‘getting out the mind’ is to encourage people to connect with their heart. But, once you are connected with your heart, then the mind is a wonderful friend. It is that which thinks and creates and says, “Well, why don’t we try this and why don’t we try that? And have you thought of creating this?”

The mind helps construct this wonderful life, this wonderful game you are in. We do not wish to demonize the mind, but for those of you coming to the opening of the compass of your heart, it is good to listen to the heart rather than the mind. When you are in your mind, logic says, “Play it safe, keep that money in the bank. Protect yourself.” And your heart says, “No, I feel excited.” Excitement is the strongest feeling that you are receiving guidance from your heart. And you know that you are in your heart when you say, “No, I’m not going to listen to that thought. I’m going to do what excites me. I’m going to do what pleases me.”

So this is the flow, this divine flow. This flow is truly divine and to follow it is to take the most joyful path through life. It is the compass to joy. And what is joy? Joy is not something ‘out there’. Joy is you. Joy is the realization of all that you are. Joy is the realization that you are playing a game. You are not trapped in a game, you are playing a game. You are playing. Joy is the realization that fear is the illusion of earth. Love is real. Connection is real. Joy is real. Excitement is real. Love persists; that is you outside the veil, that is what awakening is.

The awakened self, what is it? What is this elevated, amazing self? What is it that people are talking about - this awakening, this enlightenment, this need for you to become enlightened? You do not need to become enlightened. Know that you are enlightened. You are that awakened being. You are that expanded. You are already all that you are. It is only that you have taken on this cloak, this cloak of fear, this cloak of limitation and this has masked this. So, to awaken is to take this cloak off, and be that which you already are beneath it.

So there’s nothing to learn, nothing different to become, no test to pass. You just have to become what you truly are when you have let fear fall away. As fear falls away, so you reveal your awakened self, your angelic self. You cross this bridge and you come to be in this wonderful game and you truly see it as a game. Instead of the game playing you, you play the game. And that, dear friends, is when life becomes amazing.

For indeed, amazing is what you are. If you have just met the energy of what has been said, you will be hearing one of the most profound spiritual truths that there is - that you as spirit, are already awakened. Your spirit in the non-physical exists in a state of freedom consciousness, in a state of knowing how it is unified with all that is, how it is a part of source consciousness. Your spirit is not seeking to become something else. It is playing. It is playing in experience, playing with experience, playing through experience. To enter the earth, or what we call the earth game to convey the sense of play, you take on this cloak that creates the game. We understand why you view fear as a negative thing, but understand that it is integral, intrinsic to the earth game. For the earth game is where you forget that you are spirit.

Why is that a game? Because when you forget, you then get to remember. You are here to remember what you already are. Can you believe that? Can you let that in? You already are what you seek, but you chose to forget it so you could have the experience of remembering it. The realization is that there isn’t something else that you need to become. When people think of becoming, they think of effort, they think of things they must do, tests they must pass, lessons they must learn. Is it within you to let go of all of that and say, “I must simply remember.” It is so much simpler when you understand that, when you realize that you are just remembering.

So many of you doubt that you can awaken. Believing enlightenment is beyond you. But it is not beyond you. Your spirit is enlightened. It is so enlightened that it saw the wisdom, the fun, the deliciousness of this experience of forgetting. So remember, you already are what you are seeking to become, and yet paradoxically, in remembering it, you will expand it. Let go of this classroom /test mentality and open yourself to enlightenment being as simple as remembering. And that, is when life becomes amazing. This life, this world, even with all the pain, all the suffering which comes from fear, the illusion of fear. You have this choice to shed it and this choice is all around you.

Remember this space, remember this feeling and remember this expanded self. And yes, we could keep meeting you, we could keep doing these broadcasts and help you to come into this space - but what happens when you leave, when you go back out in to the world? This feeling is something to take with you. So we wish to give you tools, tools with which to remember to connect with and be in the flow of all that you are – to be your wider self, your higher self, your spirit and not just your spirit, but beyond your spirit; the guides, the love, source consciousness.

Now feel this expansion, feel this flow. What is most antagonistic to it? And then feel back into the definition of your life. What most shuts you down? What is the condition of your reality that you are most fighting with? What is the challenge? For many it is money; wanting more money, wanting more abundance, worrying about lack of money, fearing lack of money, fearing not being able to pay the bills. For others, it is a bad relationship; a relationship that oppresses them, that keeps a foot pressing them down, suppressing them, boxing them, possessing them, insulting them. What is it in your life? What are the challenges of your life? What shuts down this beautiful energy flow into this tiny stream where you are holding on to your spirit by a thread and you are consumed by fearful thoughts, suffering thoughts, painful thoughts? Do not think of an event, think of an emotional situation: it could be lack, abuse, shame, guilt, or whatever it is that shuts you down.

Now here you are being asked to participate. Some channels are like this, others just ask you to lay back and ride on the energies. But some of the most powerful transformational ones will be asking you to feel inside of yourself, to bring up feelings for identification and then transformation. So now you have been led to this open space, this space of flow, now you are open to hear messages from your spirit; you are being asked to identify where you experience challenge, frustration, compromise in your life. You felt yourself, through this visualization and breathing, changing your focus to feel the flow of spirit …and you are now being asked to identify the areas in your life that cause you to close down from this open flowing feeling.

Where does fear come up within you? Or shame, guilt, anxiety and depression? What are the circumstances in your life that cause you to go from feeling good to feeling bad? Remember that if, whilst you are reading or listening to a channel, you ever feel that you need more time to identify something or to consider something, you can always pause the recording or put down the text. So now, if you feel that you need more time to identify the things in your life that knock you out of the stream of good feeling, the flow of spirit, just pause for a while.

Now when you are ready, having felt this inside of yourself, we encourage you to feel it. Don’t just identify it in the mind. Remember it with your whole beingness, your whole energy body. Feel what your spirit is showing to you as the area to transform. Understand that each time you come back to this text or recording, you can then focus on a different area to transform. This is a part of the openness of these channels. They are asking you here to identify the area in your life that most knocks you out of the flow, so no matter where you are on your path, you can answer that question, transform that energy and keep polishing the mirror of yourself. So now hold this circumstance, this energy, this feeling that you wish to transform, and we will continue with the exercise.

The beautiful thing about this earth game that you are playing, is that when you get shut down in this way, when you get sucked in to the fear, the fear of the mass consciousness program which sucks you in through the media or the news. Remember that you are not lost in something out there, something objective. Reality flows through you and responds to your energy. Reality is not an objective world. Reality more than anything is a mirror, the mirror of you. And this comes through the understanding that all are one, that all is holographic. You contain all that source consciousness is. We each do. And it is across that bridge of love, where we see each other clearly, not judging each other, that we all connect.

But equally, as there is this mirror between us all, there is a mirror to reality; and reality, the game, is constantly showing you to yourself. This is the understanding of ‘know thyself’ with its deepest teachings. Know thyself. Don’t know something else. Don’t know some theory of enlightenment. Know your Self. Become more you. How is that the answer? It is the answer because you are source consciousness. You are God. You are your spirit. You are free. That which you essentially are is free of fear.

So, come to better know yourself and you will see the illusion of fear. To stand in front of a mirror, this is why it is the ultimate teacher. Reality is the ultimate teacher. Reality is why no one can ever escape themselves. It is not that you get lost in reality; it is not that you birth from the freedom of spirit and become lost in this game, lost in this fear, getting further and further away from your spirit - you can never truly escape it. Because every part of yourself you deny becomes reflected. Every denial becomes reflected. Every fearful belief becomes reflected back to you through your life.

And when you come to see this, when you come to see that reality is loving you by showing you to yourself, you will come to see that reality can be perceived as a message, a message from your spirit – this wider you – is guiding you. Source is guiding you. The divine flow is guiding you. Nothing in your reality is a mistake. Nothing. No exceptions.

To understand that there are no exceptions is to understand that you are creating your reality. You are creating your reality to be a mirror to guide you. So, if your heart is shut and you cannot hear or feel the flow from spirit, your reality confronts you with what it is you are dealing with. And it is not only showing you, it is pushing you, pushing you.

This condition of reality that you feel is oppressing you, this condition of reality that you feel is maybe a mistake, this condition of reality that you are so tired of, this thing you want to change, the thing in your life – “I’ll be happy when…” What is that? What is it you want to change? Identify that. Take a moment. Identify what you most wish to change.

This thing that you most want to change is a message. How do you change it? You just hear its message. Everything in your reality is a message, a message of love. It is a message pointing you towards freedom, a message pointing you towards yourself. It is a sign post. It is a gift. Your challenges are gifts and they are self-chosen to guide you from within the game because your spirit has been trying to tell you what the message of your challenge is. Your spirit has been trying to tell you that and you can’t hear it.

So, this challenge is created. Your spirit is going, “Okay, you can’t hear me, so I’m going to get your attention. I’m going to point you. I’m going to get life to push you. You are not in this beautiful flow that will take you where this joy is. So I’m going to give you this push.” And the more you don’t listen, the bigger the push gets; the bigger the hammer hitting you on the head gets. And it is a hammer, it is a push of love and that which is on the other side pushing, even if it looks like an enemy, is you, is your choice, is your reality creation.

So, what is it that this quality in your life is causing you to do? If you really listen to it, if you got out of your mind, got out of ideas of what ‘should’ be, ideas of justice, rightness, fairness, right and wrong, get out of judgment, get out of fear. If you had no fear - what would someone with no fear do? How would someone who is fearless respond to this challenge? That is the message of your challenge.

Hear that message and have the courage to walk through your fear. To be fearless is not to be without fear. To be fearless is to walk through your fear. That is fearlessness. If you have no fears, where is the fearlessness? That is just being without fear. A fearless person, a courageous person, is a person walking into that beingness, that sovereignty, their freedom. Fearlessness is when you walk through your fear. Instead of fighting it, instead of holding on to what is known, instead of clinging on to the cliff that is trying to push you off …let go, to let go… to enter the flow.

Can you imagine it is the divine flow re-expressed through reality? Hear the message of your challenges. See what they are pushing you to do and then do it. If it is a person, if it is a relationship, if they keep pushing you to not accept them, to not love them - hear them, believe them. When somebody tells you who they are through their actions, believe them. Don’t say, “I must overcome this. I must love them despite their faults. I must compromise.” There’s a good one, compromise. Is your challenge pushing you to break out of a way in which you are compromising yourself? Sacrificing yourself for others? For many, this might be their children. They say, “Oh I would love to be doing this. I would love to … but not until the children grow up. I’ll stay in this bad marriage until the children grow up.” It is mental conditioning - for their heart is excited when they think of leaving, “Oh shut it down. I can’t think that. I can’t allow that thought.” Let it out. Feel that reality - for we tell you, there can be no greater gift to your children than to be in the flow, to demonstrate being who you are fearlessly. No greater gift.

Let go of the conditioning around these fears. Let go of these conditionings of what success is, what you need to be, what you need to have. The fearless you is within you. It is your spirit. It is in the flow. We wish you to breathe again. Just take a moment. We are going to step away and then we are going to step back. Breathe again. Go back to that smile. Back to the smile, back to the animal. Back to breathing it in again. Letting the flow come out, letting the flow come out. Connecting a smile from spirit, a smile from your guides. This is the smile we are collectively sharing in this eternal moment, accessed through this voice, through this carrier wave of energy which is flowing so beautifully through you, stimulating your body, stimulating the energy flows, awakening you with tantalizing excitement of what can be, what can be when you are fearless, what can be joy.

So, as you have felt, the channel took you initially to this place of flow, breathing, the smile, the feeling of spirit. It then took you into the areas of your life where you feel stuck, frustrated, limited or compromised. It asked you to identify these and then gave you the most powerful tool - the tool of seeing that reality itself is the teacher, reality itself is the message. This is why you do not need to go out seeking, go out learning. The greatest teacher is before you. The greatest teacher is your own life. To see that reality is a mirror is to begin to see the illusion, is to begin to see that it is not an objective world out there. It is a mirror of consciousness itself.

[During the broadcast, a helicopter flew overhead. This is one of Story’s symbols.] In powerful moments, there are helicopters and sometimes sirens. You will hear these if you listen to the channels. They are not coincidence. They are not the objective world. They are synchronicities. They are reflections. They are winks from the wider state of being. This is to experience reality as a message. And that message, that mirror, shows you to you. Why? Because the deepest teaching is know thyself. See yourself. Why? Because you are spirit. And what is your spirit? Your spirit is source consciousness; the creator of all is within you. We are each reflections of creation itself. Reality is saying to you “Know thyself. Know thyself. See thyself, for you are beautiful. You are this flow. You are joy.”

So, as we come to the end of this Bridge, I come back from being in a state of union with my spirit. You come back from this state of union with your spirit that this channel has connected you to. Part of the reason of taking you into that energy, into that energy where you feel stuck is to then bring you back to the smile, is to again show this realization that you can have this effect on your energy field by how you focus, to show you that, even within a channel, you can connect to a difficult energy and move in and out of it, explore it, see it clearly. When you see a difficult energy clearly, when you feel it from your heart, you will see how you can transform it. A message of reality is only ever pointing you back to you, pointing you to your spirit, pointing you to be all that you are because you are source consciousness.


So, let’s continue. Breathe again. Go back to that smile, back to the smile, back to the animal / pet, back to the breathing it in again. Letting the flow come out. Letting the flow come out, connecting the smile from spirit, the smile from your guides, the smile we are collectively sharing in this eternal moment, accessed through this voice, through this carrier wave of energy that is flowing so beautifully through you, stimulating your body, stimulating the energy flows, awakening you with tantalizing excitement to what can be, to what can be when you are fearless, to what can be joy. What is your excitement?

And now again from this point we’re keeping this flow open, feel again the challenges on the edge, feel them from this place of smile, this place of flow. What do you wish to do? What is the choice before you? For many of these challenges, you may wish to run at them and jump off the proverbial cliff, take the whole thing on at once, but I want you to equally see the ways in which you can take smaller steps if that feels to be too big. How can you begin to ease into that wider space, that fearlessness? What is a step you can take towards the freer reality you can feel? What path of steps could you possibly take to begin to feel into the possibility of what it would be to make the big choice? You can find that space through your own heart, through your own guidance.

How can you begin to unfold fearlessness in your life? How can you let in this flow and receive the challenges of your life as gifts and divine messages? Feel that for a moment. Feel that. That change of perception. That which you have been labeling as the problem, the oppressor, the limiter, the suffocator, as a gift that if you will hear it will blossom into your freedom. It is to release this idea of problems, of things being done to you, which is a victim energy. There are no victims. You are creating this game. You are creating this experience for your own joy, your own expansion of being.

What we wish you to open to here is the realization that what you are being shown, what you are being taught, is not so much about new information. It is about a new perspective. Freedom is a perspective. It is not a problem to be solved. It is not a mountain to be climbed. That is not freedom. That is a test. That is a trial. What we seek to convey to you is that freedom is no more and no less than a shift in perspective. You do not have to change the world, just change how you see it. You do not have to change yourself, just change how you perceive yourself. This is the realization. That creation is an act of perception.

And through shifting your perception, you will indeed change the outer world. You will change your experience of yourself. You can bring yourself to the reality of your dream. It is the shift of perspective that connects you with the flow, that allows you to see that nothing is going wrong. You are divine. You are worthy. You are deserving.

So this choice, this choice you are seeing before you, this choice to hear the message of the challenge in your life and to come to see them as gifts, what does that shift of perspective reveal to you? What if you say, instead of this being a problem, it is a gift? What does it now reveal to you? What can you be doing to integrate this into your life? What does that shift of perception open up for you? What steps can you begin to take? What choices can you begin to make to begin unfolding it into your life?

You shift your perception. Choices are revealed. If it is a challenge you have been facing, that choice is often to face, to walk through, to transform a fear and that choice is then the key. You change your world, not at the level of action. You change it at the level of choice. Indeed, you are that which chooses. This is one of the best definitions to understand what you are. You are not that which is chosen. You are that which chooses. Feel that shift of perception. To begin to open to this is to begin to open to what we are saying to you and that is to come to realize the creator within you. It is to come to realize what you are doing here and why you bought yourself to this delicious game of earth, of life, of being human, of coming to this game at this exciting time of awakening.

Let us tell you a little about this game of earth. One of the biggest misconceptions, one of the deepest brain-washings of religion and even much of what you may consider the new age movement, is this idea that earth is this training ground. A place where you come to learn these fundamental gritty lessons and when you learn your lessons, and you become a ‘good’ being, ‘they’ will let you into the good places. They will let you into heaven. They’ll let you into the higher dimensions. This is such brainwashing, but it is part of the brainwashing that creates the game, the challenge.

So why would you take on such a challenge, such a forgetting that you are God, you are source, you are all that is? Why would you do that? Why would you come to this place with such challenges, this place where there is suffering and fear when there are all these other realities that are so much more connected? It is not to learn lessons. You took on these great challenges of life because – now hear this – you are a master. You are a master. The Earth is one of the deepest illusions. There are so many dimensions, so many games, so many experiences within All That Is, within God, within the eternal beingness, the infinite matrix of reality.

And this one, humanity, is one of the hardest. Many would say the hardest, the biggest challenge. And only masters come here because they want that challenge, because you see that challenge and the expansion it creates. That which challenges you, expands you. So these higher beings, these angels, these ascended masters, these non-physical entities, that which you project onto as the most evolved beings; we tell you they are in the shallow end of the pool. You are in the deep end of the pool. Who swims in the deep end of the pool? The greatest, best swimmers. Who dives from great heights, diving deep into the deepest pools? The best swimmers. The masters.

This isn’t a place you come to begin the journey of life, the journey of beingness in All That Is. Infinite arrays of experiences are available, infinite games. This is where you come when you have played all the other games, when you are good at playing games, when you are good at going into illusions. This is why you come in with these collectives to aid you, your support team from the other side, as you dive into this incredible game, this game that can suck you in like no other. No other game has such a thick veil of forgetting where you come to believe you are separate. All the other games in the omniverse, all the other games of God have a greater feeling and remembering of that connection. They marvel at you here and what you are doing.

And it was not a mistake to come here. No one made you come here. You are God. You are beingness. You are source. You are that which chooses. This life is your choice. Every night when you go to sleep, you return to that place of choice. Every morning you come back. When you jump on this ride, no one is forcing you to be here until the end. This is a game we wanted to play and now, now is the time to wake up and start playing the game, instead of having the game play you. How do you do this? What is it to ‘win’ at this game? What is the essence of the game?

There are many ways to play this game. But at this time in history, which is an illusion, but in this taking in the linear perspective, in this time of history there is this great shift, the whole planet is awakening. The planet itself, the energy of Gaia is awakening. And therefore, those that are present at this time do have a unified goal. Across different time points where you can birth anywhere, there were many other variations, but generally speaking at this time, there is a common goal for the beings on this planet. And it is to let go of fear and remember, remember all that you are, to see through the illusion of the fear and birth into this creator within.

So you look at the world and you say, “Well, we’re not doing very well. Look at everyone. Everyone is running around in fear. What is going on?” It is because we are building towards this point of awakening. For you see, when you release fear, it doesn’t just vanish, you have to walk through it. What is it to walk through your fear? What is it to face your fear? It is to experience it. Fear is this thing you keep locked away. You know it is there. It creates fear in you. It feels fearful but you do not face it. You are just scared, so it becomes a wall that blocks the potential of reality.

 To face the fear is to open a drawer and take it out and say, “Fear that which has contained me, that which has limited me, I will let you limit me no more. I will face you. I will experience you” and you bring it inside yourself and you experience it. And then you see through the illusion of it. You must feel it to see through the illusion of it. So this is why there is all this fear coming up in the world, because people are feeling their fear in order to see through it and release it. It is passing up through their being so they can say, “I am now the master of you. You do not contain me. I release you. I will not be contained by you. I am free.”

So dear ones, how is that for a shift in perception, a shift in perspective? Do you see? The world has not changed. What you see on the news, the media is the same fearful stories. This apparent evidence that things are going wrong, that something bad is happening. None of that evidence has changed and what you are being invited into is this change of perspective, this evolution of your perception and that is to see this fear coming out, emerging through the collective level of consciousness, is actually a sign of evolution; it is a sign that we are as a collective species facing our fears.

What is happening in the world is not new fear being created. It is fear that was buried deep that coming to the surface. It is secrets that had been hidden, being revealed. Secrets about the institutions of your world, the pain hidden in corruption, the fear of governments, and the actions that it leads them to take. Secrets being revealed to face them, to face seeing them, to face the fear of them. Why? To transform them. Fear is being transformed on this planet through this great awakening, this great revealing and this bringing together.

Again, you see the world as pushing itself apart, but it is not. It is hard to convey the enormity of the birth of the Internet and how it is bringing this world together. And yes, that bringing together can be felt as friction but this is all evolution. This is the awakening. The face of the awakening is the facing of the fear that has been buried deep within, now coming out at ever wider levels. So first of all, feel that. Take a moment. Think about the world. Think about the news and imagine it as evolution, the sign that the planet is waking up.

This is how powerful a shift in perspective can be. It can take you from everything is going wrong, this planet is in a mode of self-destruction, to this is the awakening; to “This is what I’ve been waiting for!” This is when we see through to the heart, to the heart of all that we are and it is beautiful. You are beautiful.

These mass levels of effect, they are the collective of the individuals. It is not that the collective level changes and pulls the individuals along; the collective level is the reflection of the collection of those individuals. So this change, this awakening, is happening on the level of you, the level of embodiment, the level of individuality. You are propelling this awakening with your fearlessness, with your desire to see clearly, with your desire to lead from the heart, and with the courage to make choices fearlessly.

So do not doubt that it starts with you coming to see your worthiness, coming to see that you are a master and, then armed with that knowing, it is then to turn and face your personal fears about both the world, this reality and yourself; about who you are. Become aware of your fears. Give yourself time. There is no rush in this, but become aware. Begin to feel into them. Imagine possibilities of overcoming them. Open the drawer a little and take a peek. Dip your toe in. Consider what it is to face that fear. What action would you be taking? What feelings would you be releasing?

Now in saying all this, we do not wish to just send you off on hunts for your fear. We do not wish you to just dive into fears constantly. For this smile, this joy, you must keep returning to it. That should be the foundation and this, this is the beauty. The more you will allow in this feeling, the more you will allow in this smile. The more you will allow in this good energy, this raising of your vibration … You see, fears are low vibration and as you lift yourself to expand your heart, those fears will make themselves known for they are no longer compatible with your being. They will be trying to pull you back down. They will reveal themselves so you can focus on your joy, focus on what excites you. Become aware of what you want to do, what your heart wants to do, what the fearless you wants to do. Your most exciting self, focus there and in your path towards it, in your path to birthing the dream in your heart, the fears will come up. So the focus is not on the fear, the focus is on the fantastic dream, the fantasy. And you have set these fears, these obstacles, these challenges, these potentials of expansion of your being in your path. You do not need to go hunting for them.

So walk towards your dream and as a fear comes up, instead of saying, “Oh I am failing. I was starting to feel better and then this fear came up. What am I doing wrong?” And you punish yourselves. Instead say, “Ah, wonderful. Wonderful. I am marching towards my dream and I have become aware that I was carrying this fear. I kind of knew it was there.” Maybe you didn’t, maybe you think, “Oh my goodness, a fear. I never thought that. I can’t believe I am still carrying something so basic. I can’t believe I felt guilty about that.” This is the gift. It is the realization of a fear to be transformed. Marvel. Celebrate the discovery of a fear. Do not see them as problems. Do not see them as going backwards. See them as the discovery of a brick you have been lugging about ever since the day that fear penetrated you, ever since the day that person said that thing that made you fearful, that made you feel unsafe, that made you feel shameful, unworthy, that made you fear life.

It is the discovery of a brick you are carrying and what a gift, what a gift to discover that brick. It is not being created, it is the realization of what is present in your energy field, in your energy body, in your feeling, in your consciousness, that which you have been denying, fearing, blocking and you can say, “I see you. I understand you. I see where you came from. I took you on. I see how you have been a part of my identity, my confinement. And that was with reason, that was with purpose, for I wish to experience the story. I wrote it. I scripted it. But now I am ready to change things up. You have been a part of me and now I see you I do not fear you. I do not fear you. You are transformed. You are released.” And not only will you be releasing that brick, that weight, but you are also birthing the opposing force, the opposing excitement.

For every brick, fear forms that boundary, that joy you shut down is a part of your beingness you have shut down. And to put down that brick, to put down that fear is for that part of your being to return to you. It is literally a part of your being, your Self, that was closed off coming back. So now, not only are you not lugging this thing, you have expanded the wings, the wings of your spirit, the wings of not just weightlessness, but flight, creation, creation itself.

The problems in your life, the challenges in your life have this potential. They are the potential, the potential of your dream, the potential of your ever-unfolding excitement, satisfaction and fulfillment. Know that you can have a wonderful life. Let go of ideas of surviving. You did not come to this game to survive. You did not come to an illusion to survive. You came to play.

The challenges, the messages, the fears are the doorways to this. This is the transformation of perception. It is when you see life as an empowered being, a sovereign being, one that knows it is the creator, one that knows it is not a victim. You are not a victim. That is a game and it is a tired game. Let it go. What does it mean to let that go? It is to let go of blame. It is to let go of sob stories about life. They are illusions. They are lying to you, those stories of your past of why it is a certain way, why you shouldn’t follow your dream. They are lies you are convincing yourself of and you can shatter them with this perception of clarity, of all that you are.

This is the transformation of the perception of problems into potentials of freedom. They are the keys that if you will turn them, they are where you should be looking to make this transformation. But as we say, do not go looking for them, feel the excitement of your dream. And when these problems arise, greet them, welcome them. “I am glad to meet you, fear. I am glad to meet you, challenge. Because now I see you, now when you present yourself, I do not wish to run for the door. I do not wish to stick my fingers in my ears. I do not wish to run away. I will not let you knock me out of this flow, this smile, this joy. I am going to bring you into my heart and feel you. I am going to really feel you. I am going to feel this pain. I am going to feel this grief. I am going to feel this oppression. I am going to feel this strangling suffocation. I am going to really let you in because I am not afraid of you, because I know what I am and I know that I am beyond all this. I am pre-this. You are part of a game. I am from before the game. You are a construction that I have created to expand me, to take me to a realization of freedom that was beyond what I have known.”

For this is why this game is so amazing. The contrast it provides, yes, there are the deepest levels of fear and suffering on this planet and they, through polarity, through duality, create some of the highest experiences of joy. They create this leading, cutting edge where you get to span. It is not about getting to the high joy alone. It is about being able to be present in this game of contrast. Not just not looking and being afraid to look, but being open to stand fully present as a being in this world, that is not afraid of this world but understands that this world is a playground. This is a game. This world is your playground. You have within you this potential. Each and every one of you, no matter what the conditions of your life have been, no matter what traumas you have been through, your past is your past. You are not your past. Do not let your past, your idea of your past create fear for your future.

When your past gives you experiences that give you fears, you then fear the unfolding of life. You seek to control it. Fear creates control. The more in fear you are, the more you will seek to control your life in order to not let that fear happen again. But all it does is roll forward the experience. You never escape it. The foot on you, the suffocation, is because you are continually recreating that past in your present. Release it. It is not who you are. You are not your past. In a moment, you can change and say “I am going to play a different role. I am going to play a different character. I am going to be the hero. I am going to be fearless. I am going to love. I am going to open my heart again.”

Sometimes when we look at this world, we see beings lugging around their pasts like huge boulders. It is understanding that you are not your past that will free you. As we have said, you are that which chooses and in each and every moment, the power is within you to choose anew, to be what you want to be, to walk the path that most excites you. People carry their pasts because they do not accept them, most deeply this is because they do not accept that they could have chosen them. This is victim mentality. The idea that things have been done to you against your will, and certainly, from within the illusion, it can feel like that.

This experience of victim or of violation that can be experienced on this planet is from a wider perspective extraordinary. From the place of beingness that knows it is source, that knows we are all one consciousness, it is an idea beyond belief. You have to forget that you are this eternal being, that you are one with everything in order to have this experience of abuse or violation. But ultimately, you will see you have played all sides of the game, all sides. And it has all been a choice and then you will understand that everything, everything that has happened to you in your life has been your choice, your choice to experience it. And that change of perspective can then free you to release the burden of it, to know that it is not that which you are, but yet it is a choice you once made. That is what is to be accepted, to be met, that you once chose this. And it is not wrong that you chose it, but most profoundly, it is not a mistake that you chose it.

This is a big realization. There is much we have yet to say to lead you to it, so understand it is a journey. The release of victim energy, the stepping into sovereignty is a journey. Take it a step at a time, integrating your past, accepting your past, accepting yourself, accepting the choices you have made, seeing the beauty, the wisdom, the divine wisdom of your life, of your choices, of this experience. Indeed, this is to open your heart again, for it is there that you will see the beauty in the divinity of this world, the beauty of this flow. You can enter a flow that is divine; a flow that will lead you to your dream, a flow that you do not need to control; for this is the other side of this facing of the fear. When you cease to fear, you cease to control and you come to be in this flow, this flow of life, this flow of all that you are.

For this control that arises through fear, this control on life, this is when you are not in the flow, you do not need to control the divine flow when you understand who you are. It is the joy. It is the ride. It is the slide. It is like the water shoot. You can just jump on it and let go, for it is the path of your dream, your highest potential. When you are going down the water slide, if you are trying to grab on to the sides you hurt, it hurts. This is letting go. This is the concept of surrender. Understand that it is not giving up. Surrender is not letting go with the “I give up.” That is not true surrender; that is giving up. Surrender is when you realize that the flow is safe. It is surrendering to who you are. It is surrendering to let go of control.

You do not need to control your life. This is the beauty. Do you see? This hardest game in the universe, you solve it by just being yourself, by being who you are without fear. There is no mountain to climb. Just be yourself. It is to let go. Joy is your natural state. Abundance is your natural state. Within the cloak of your fear, you are already what you seek to become. That is high vibration. High vibration, joy, abundance, love, that is your natural radiance.

And in this world, in this experience where you attract to you what you are, law of attraction, there are these wonderful things coming to you, seeking you, they are your natural state. You just have to let go of your fear, this control, this suffering, this identification with pain, identification with victim. Let go and be what you already are. Let go of fear. Feel your heart blossoming. Feel your heart blossoming through these words, blossoming like a rose, blossoming. Expanding, rotating rose radiating out from your heart as you remember. We are not telling you anything new. We are inviting you to remember what you are. We are not telling you to become something else or to follow a path. We are just saying, remember, remember what you are.

All that you wish for is in more clearly, more freely allowing what you are, allowing the joy in and allowing the play in, allowing the transformation, seeing through the illusion. Now feel your past falling away. One of the deepest things that makes people hold on to their past is this idea, this duty, these obligations. “I came into this life, I have this contract with this person and I have to play it out. I have this duty. I have this loyalty. They helped me once. I must help them.” All these ideas are excuses for bad, difficult relationships. These are excuses to not get out of the box of your fear, this idea of contracts, this idea has been expressed as karma - these are conditioned thoughts.

Karma, the idea of karma was an active idea in the game within the fear program. It did have reality. But in this time where the whole earth is transitioning, the illusion of it is seen through. Karma does not understand it is a game. So it is this idea of fairness. It is this idea of justice. That is why it was created. It was a control, a condition of the game and it was valuable. Huge expansion has come through the exploration of the feeling of karma, the feeling of contracts, the feeling of obligation, the feeling of duty. But that is the past. That is not known within the fearless self. That is not known in the self outside of the game where you come in with your friends and say, “Okay, I’ll play the enemy. And you, you play the hero and I’ll play the villain,” that is the game, the realization of the game.

What is being spoken of here is a deep level of realization to see that something like karma was a concept, a law that was chosen. It was chosen because of the experience that arises from it, from the experience that arises from believing in it. What this is pointing you to see is that the laws of your reality are choices of belief. They are not intrinsically ‘how it is’. They are not how it ‘has to be’. They are concepts being explored. They are concepts that give the definition, the form, the feeling to the reality itself. This is what all realities are. They are illusions based on beliefs, based on certain perspectives, based on certain ideas and you take on the beliefs and the beliefs help form, help mold the experience. To believe in karma in the old energy sense of the word greatly shapes how you approach reality, how you perceive reality.

The foundation from which you make your choices, these old energy concepts, beliefs such as karma, can now be let go of. They are concepts that can be evolved and transformed. It is not necessarily that they come to have no meaning, it is that the higher level of understanding of the principles from which they were originally chosen can be brought to bear a higher perspective, a wider perspective.

This is when you start to see your world is not objective, that its tangibility is an illusion. You see that by changing your beliefs, you cannot only change how you perceive reality, you even begin to change a way in which reality forms around you. So now, we are going to begin a powerful energetic exercise. This is where you are encouraged to meet the energies more than ever, to participate more, to open yourself more, to meet the energies of transformation that you are being presented with. Now some of these exercises can become quite intense. For some, they may bring up fear. So understand that with any exercise in a channel, it is up to you the level at which you meet it and we wish you to understand that though we encourage you to meet it, it does not have to be on your first listening.

If you start to go into fear, simply back away, become more of the observer. Allow yourself to witness the exercise and then once you have witnessed it, once you have seen what it is, you then have the choice to replay it and you can keep replaying it, meeting it more each time, transforming whatever fears it brings up, choosing for yourself whether or not you want to integrate the change it is offering you. These exercises are activations. They are incantations and they only have power when you meet them, when you say them for yourself. It does not have to be out loud, though some may wish to do that. But to say them inside of yourself, to feel the words as if they are your own.

Now take a few deep breaths. We invite you to meet the energies of this God Seed Activation. So, your past, obligations, duties, anything that limits you, contracts, we wish you to see them, see them in front of you. Close your eyes and see in front of you all of these contracts, these experiences, these histories, these sob stories, these victim stories, these pain stories, what was done to you, what you do not want, what makes you fearful, all on bits of paper. And now start seeing them rise into the air and shredding, shredding themselves, shredding themselves, no more contracts, no more karma. And as they shred, as they shred, as they peel into strands, so all of these contracts, all of this past, all of this pain turns into joy, turns into a ticker tape parade of wonderment, of joy, of all the beings that surround you as you let go of them, as they celebrate you tearing up the past, tearing up the contracts, tearing up the obligations.

See how the contracts turn into this parade, this wonderment, this ticker tape parade of joy and love and freedom, as you, you are celebrated. You are celebrated for being fearless. You are celebrated for seeing through the illusion, seeing through the crap, the fear you have been carrying. Feel the joy. Feel the smile. Feel the laughter. Feel the shrieks of joy. Feel the “Woo-hoo!”. Feel the celebration of this moment radiate out through your being, radiate out across time, flowing back into your past, washing it away, flowing into your future, paving this path to your joy, paving this path to your dream.

Savor the celebration of this moment, this eternal moment within you. This is an experience within you. This is a place, a feeling, a vibration, you can return to anytime you wish. This is remembering. This is awakening. This is who you are. This is who you are. Now be it. Be it. Take it out into the game. Take it out into your life. Shake up your world. Shake loose your fear. Shake loose the barriers and the limitations. Shake it all up and be this new you, this realization it has always been you, this realization, this remembering of what you are.

Breathe. Deep breaths. Slow breaths. And as we now transition back, bring this feeling with you. Feel this joy. Feel this celebration in your body. Keeping the feeling alive within you, wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers, lay your hands on yourself. We wish you to connect into the physical self, this feeling. Feel it encoding into the cells of your body. Feel every cell of your body remembering this as your natural state. Feel disease leaving you. Feel ease permeating your body. Feel well being.

Do you know, do you know how you have come to this moment? Do you know that for you to have had this experience, how well you must be doing in this game? Say, “I am doing well.” Know you are doing well. You could not have had this experience if you were not doing well. Feel the celebration for how well you are doing. Feel your part in the transformation of this planet. Celebrate yourself. You are doing wonderfully. You are doing awesomely. You are awesome. You are amazing.

Look at what you have released. Look at what you let in. Look at what you have seen. Look at what you have felt. You are awesome. You are fearless. You are amazing. Feel it encoding into the cells of your body. Your eyes are closed. Begin to open them. Come back into the world bringing this feeling with you, bridge it with you, carry it with you. Carry it with you into life. Carry it with you into the challenges to transform them. You are amazing. You are doing wonderfully. Congratulations. It is amazing what you are doing. It is amazing who you are being. You are amazing. You are a gift to this world.

This freedom you are radiating in this moment is touching the world, all within the game, all within all universes are holographically connected. All are sharing in this moment. All are celebrating you. We are meeting in the celebration. And the celebration is occurring in you. And you are in a body, this celebration is not just of your spirit, it is of your body. It is your embodied self. Open your eyes. Look around. Move. Move your shoulders. Stretch. Feel it coming in. Feel it flowing through you into your home, into your space. Feel it coming in filling your life, filling your reality. Smile.

Welcome home. Welcome to yourself. Deep breaths. Coming back. Coming back. Coming back. Your body tingling. Your body vibrating with this joy, with this feeling, bring it with you into the game as you remember the game, as you remember your life. This is not separate from your life. This is who you are. This is the eternal part of you. Bring it into the game. It will change the game. It has been an honor and a joy to share in this with you. Namaste.