Your Path Is A Free Choice


This is a text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK ONE - I AM YOU. YOU ARE GOD which is a minor update to Story's book 'You Are God. Get Over It!' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

To know you are God is to realize that all you experience is of your own creation, and that you are free to personally create anything. Just as your free-will is inviolate so is the will of every other being. You cannot create in a way that violates the free-will of another. This is not a limit to your creational power, for in essence you are each and every Godself choosing to have their own free-will. When all are one, then either all are free or none are free. In the complete realization of your own free-will, is the experience of your will for all wills to be free.

In this reality, although we are all one, we experience ourselves as being separate. This reality flows from the original choice we made as God to experience ourselves within the separation of individuality. This separation flows in multiple dimensions; all created by the experience of duality. This is fundamentally experienced as both separation between each other, and as the separation between our inner self and outer reality. At their root they are just one thing - the illusion of separation. This separation, that gives us our individuality, can also be experienced as limitation. We are not however truly limited, as even what we experience as limits are of our own choosing, and how can something be a limitation if it is freely chosen?

We all collectively create gravity as a part of the choice to incarnate in this shared reality. Gravity is not a limit; it is a choice. Even though at times your ego may want to challenge gravity, your Godself knows it as a complete choice upon entry to this shared reality. To accept this is to work within what you have chosen, knowing that it is perfect, because it is what you are currently choosing to be. If you wish to levitate an object the best way to do it is to pick it up. To sit and try and do it with your mind, to prove to yourself that you are God, is to deny your choice to experience a physical reality. You gave yourself a body for a reason - instead of fighting it, love it.

There are so many ways that you can choose to convince yourself that you are not the creator of your reality. These are all expressions of the free-will choice to deny your creatorship. Realize that it is a totally valid and reasonable choice to deny your Godhood. This denial creates an amazing flavor of beingness that we have all at some point chosen to experience. To deny your creatorship is as valid as recognizing it.

It cannot be proven to you that you are the creator of your reality, that you are God, because that would be the ability to violate your free-will choice to not see your creatorship. What is offered with this book is a vehicle to embody your choice to consciously connect with your Godself. The realization of this choice is however completely up to you. If you do not want this realization then nothing in the universe can make you realize it. Similarly, if you are ready to experience your Godself, then there is nothing that can keep this realization from you.

That you are reading these words does to an extent imply you are asking for the further unfolding of the realization of your divinity, but equally you could be reading these words in order to experience rejecting them. Whatever your response is, you are the creator of that response. Know that a significant part of the potential of these words to catalyze change is because I, as the writer, am not attached to what your response is. I am not here to convince you that you are God. I know you are God. I know I am you. I know you are safe; you are abundant; you are love. I know you are perfect just as you are, regardless of your response to these words.

I write these words because I want to share my realization of my reality. This is my expression of my creatorship, my Godself, just as your reality is your expression of yours. In my creatorship this is my choice. If the energy of these words triggers a realization of divinity in another I feel blessed, but at the same time I know that for that trigger to occur then that person was choosing it for themselves. With or without me the realization would have happened. Therefore, I do not take credit, I simply feel blessed. I am blessed as out of an infinite number of choices as to how the realization could have occurred, these words were chosen as the catalyst.

I cannot create you. Only you can create you. To realize you are the creator is to realize that you are the creator of your own experience, including your response to this book. You cannot be convinced of anything - the very idea of convincing is an illusion created by our resistance to our creatorship. If you need to be convinced then only you can convince yourself. The need to be convinced is a barrier of resistance; every word you read will be interpreted through it and will therefore reflect it. You do not need to realize you are God in this life to have succeeded. There is no test. There is just being.

I say with total love that I am not attached to whether or not you realize you are God because I know it does not matter. This realization does not make you any more or less valuable. This non-attachment to outcome is the embodiment of complete respect and allowance for those who read these words. Only through this is there complete freedom of both expression and reception. It is only by writing with complete freedom that I can convey the experience of limitlessness to you, and only through your complete choice that you can hear it.

There can be no proof that takes you from not realizing limitlessness into realizing it. However, once you realize it, then it becomes completely apparent. To understand how this can be, is to realize how amazing free-will is. It is to see that if your power of creation could be proven, then your free-will, and that is to say your creatorship, would be limited. You exist in limitlessness; integral to that freedom, is that freedom is a choice. If you could not choose to experience limitation then your freedom would be a cage. To realize yourself as the total creator of your reality, is something you must decide for yourself. It already is; you are God, but if you want to experience your Godhood consciously then you must choose this realization for yourself.

For me this was experienced as the choice to step out of a cage. Now I look back on it, I see how when I was in the cage I hoped that the freedom outside, that sang its song of love to me, would break down my walls and pull me out into freedom. This was the desire for proof - the desire to be saved by something external. This was the giving away of my power to be. To stand in your power, the complete realization of your Godself, is to realize that you are you, the cage is you (of your creation), and the love and freedom that calls to you from outside of the cage (your hopes and dreams) is you. This is to realize that you can walk out of any cage you are in, for you are the creator of its limits. It is to realize that if you want to be rescued then it is you that must rescue yourself, for it is only you that is caging yourself. You are the hero and the villain, the jailer and the prisoner, of all your dramas.

To experience the freedom that is inherent to your being you must choose to experience it; and so it is for the love that you are, the joy that you are, and the Godself that you are. You are God. This is my knowing. But whatever your resistance to that idea, if you so choose, it is up to you to face it - to ‘get over it’. Only you can choose to let in the joy, freedom, and love that the realization contains. To be free is a choice. It is the choice I seek to embody in this book. It is the choice before you.