You Can Take Your Mask Off (audio)

This message explains how you are the authority of yourself and everything you have focused upon in your life. The importance of being able to express and convey what you are in this world is then explored through the concept of your ability to speak with honesty, authenticity, transparency and authority. This energy of communicating without a mask is the energy through which all the jigsaw pieces that we are can come together in a new state of co-operation. The idea of the old world versus the new world is then expressed through multiple lenses – for example, in the old world we wait for the leader to assign us a role, whereas in the new world you feel the shape of your intention and see where you fit in the world and you speak to claim it. If you wish to live in a world of people not wearing masks then you must put your mask down. Are you ready to seriously consider what that means?

Other topics include:

  • Understanding that we are a product of our history and seeing the value of your past focus.
  • You cannot get to the new reality by destroying the old reality.
  • The liberal must meet the conservative. The liberal fantasy cannot exist on the Earth.  
  • The Trump, Clinton and Sanders presidential race.
  • How those that can meet these message are rare.
  • The new world is the putting down of masks and being honest.