What It Is To Be Human (audio)

Go right to the heart of The One Self Teachings with an exploration of the dual nature of the human being and the journey to the process of re-unification that we are deep within. 

"This recording was the opening broadcast to 'The Paradise Point' course and is a particular favorite of mine as, to launch the course, it gave this inspirational overview of humanity, the reason for its creation, and the understanding of how to apply this knowledge to live within joy and excitement. The core of this understanding is that the separation between our consciousness and physicality that we experience in human form is an illusion. The re-unification represents a 'paradise point' within us that we meet through the transformation of the fears that cause us to view the world in a polarized way. I encourage both the reading of the text and listening to the audio as they will give you different experiences of the ideas, despite being the same words." - Story Waters

What It Is To Be Human
by Story Waters

The idea of the paradise point can have many meanings, can be interpreted in different ways, but if it was to be said that there was a universal paradise point, then what we shall explore today is that idea. But today, as if often our way, we like to start wide. We are seeking here to give an overview and, as such, we will paint with broad brush strokes as we begin to open your mind to the idea that perhaps things are not the way you have been taught. For, you see, what we have to tell you is not ideas that can be built onto what you already know. Though you may not identify yourself as religious, in fact many of you may see yourselves as anti-religion, pro-spirituality but anti-religion, but we wish you to understand that these things are all still coming from the same mindsets. So much of new age spirituality is still religion with different words. And there may not be that many of you that identify yourselves as scientists and yet, in the same way, many of your beliefs come from that mentality, come from that doctrine. You are full of beliefs from religion and science.

And so, to enter this space of release, of allowance, is to be prepared to let go of all of that. It is a very different thing to be told something that you cannot add onto the mental structure you currently live within. To begin a new foundation, is a powerful step, it is to begin a new life within your life. Where we start today is with the biggest prize, with the biggest gift we could possibly offer you, though we do acknowledge that because you must start, in a way interpreting, believing in, what reality is from scratch, it may not be a leap that all of you are yet ready to take. But do not worry, the rest of the ideas and messages you will find to be more applicable, but what we say more so, is that this message will still stay with you, and although you may not fully integrate it, it will live within you and it will as such always be an invitation for you to revisit it, to reopen it, to rediscover it.

So take some deep breaths, for to start wide, even though we will be starting simple and foundational, if you truly hear it, it is to take your breath away.

Now, the first understanding is simply the understanding of what you are. It can be strange from our perspective where we speak to you from, what you would best consider, not to be some space outside of your reality, but a space inside your reality. If you were to put a label on that name you may call it extreme past or you may call it extreme future, we speak to you from the ‘not now’, we speak to you from the origins of humanity and because all realities are a circle, where you return to yourself, we also speak to you from the future of your reality, because the future comes back to connect with the origin. So we speak to you from both your future and your past. The past of what it is to be human. That is where this message comes from, and it is the fact that it comes from this origin point, which can also be seen as the exit point, that gives birth to this understanding of this paradise point.

Now, when we look at what you are, how you are experiencing yourself, it is different from how I am experiencing myself from this origin / future / non-physical point. And the difference is the depth in which you are within an experience of physicality. Now, physicality for me, it is not that it does not exist. I can experience solidity. I can experience linear time, for time and matter are one thing, science shows that. I can experience these things, but I am not contained by them. The understanding here would be that they are creative tools of expression. So, if I wish to sit in a physical body in a physical armchair, I can as it were, conjure that experience. So, it is not that here is no physicality where I am. It is that to experience physicality would be to focus on a physical idea and then experience it. Now, I am sure you are aware, you have a very different experience of physicality, for you experience yourself as both contained by a physical body and you experience that body as being contained in a collective physical world.

This is how many scientists only think of the human. They think of the consciousness as something that has arisen out of biological evolution. They cannot explain it, they cannot connect it, they do not know what to do with it. So they stick their fingers in their ears and go “la, la, la” when people ask them questions about consciousness, for their entire doctrine is around the measurement of physicality, and consciousness just does not simply fit within that.

And then you have religion giving all these ideas as to what your consciousness is, and they separate it. They separate your consciousness from perhaps your ‘spirit’ and they bring in all these ideas of the meaning of life and many of these ideas really have no more basis in reality than ideas of the toothfairy and people believe these ideas from books because they are told to believe them. Now, nothing we will be telling you is stuff that we wish to just believe in, in that way. Everything that we are telling you we wish you to experience yourself through your experience of consciousness. So, what we point to here is the idea that even though religion is supposed to be the framework that explains consciousness, it offers very little other that superstition, although there are powerful truths buried within religion. And that is what makes it, and that is what has sustained it, is the truths that lie within it. But they have become so hidden.

So, you have this experience of your physical body and you have this experience of consciousness. You have an experience of the physical and you have an experience of the non-physical. What I really wish to highlight to you here is something that somehow does not figure in the scientific and religious mindsets – something that is not overly focused upon. Something that is brushed aside, which is how strong the dual nature of your existence is. You have two completely different experiences of reality. One that is based in physicality, biology, action, physical limits and physical resources. And you have a whole experience of reality through consciousness. Your thoughts, this whole inner world that you live within. You are a dual being. You are a being with two dramatically different faces. Two dramatically different experiences.

Now, what I wish you to know, with the basis of our teaching being that there is One Self, that there is one consciousness, in existence. The understanding becomes that these two faces (the physical, your body, and the non-physical, your consciousness) are both translations of the same thing. They are both expressions of the same thing. They are both expressions of what you are. Your physical body is an expression of what you are. Your consciousness is an expression of what you are. What you are, connects them both. You are both physical and non-physical.

Now, the paradise point that you seek is the full realization of just what I am saying to you now. And what I wish you to know is that it is not a point ahead of you, some point that is some hidden goal within humanity, “We will create humanity and we will create this goal of this paradise, this Eden. We will create this goal of this state to get to within the physical world.”

No. Paradise is where your world began. Paradise is in its origin, but just as I told you, the entire human experience, the whole of ‘what it is’ has been an expression of, is a circle, so just as it originated in paradise, it will return to paradise. So, the paradise that is already in your past, is a paradise you can re-experience as your future.

Now the big thing to understand in this, the thing that can be the hardest to accept or believe, is the realization that if what is being said to you is true, then what that means is that we consciously, you consciously, chose to leave paradise. And it is through that understanding of what it was that was introduced, that you will come to better understand what you are.

So, the first understanding here is that you have this dual nature. To see that. To feel that. To not deny that. To deny that you have these two experiences that are connected is to only focus upon one of them … is to become a fundamentalist to one of them. Is to come become polarized to one of them, when you are both. And this is what we wish to draw you to, is the both, is the you that straddles both. So the idea is this, is that you come from paradise but an idea what introduced into paradise that has led you to what you experiencing now, that has led to the human experience. But that thing is equally something that will be processed and will be walked through, that will be resolved and in its resolution, we will return to the paradise that we left by introducing it. And through its resolution we will have lived an incredible experience and we will understand more of what we are, of what consciousness is, of what reality is.

So, the understanding is that at this point the difficulties that you see in your reality, you look our into the world and you say, “This is not paradise.” This state that you are in is not what you would consider the norm. It is something that has been introduced. So, we wish to draw you back to the idea that your physical body, your physical experience of self, did not used to be as different from your experience of consciousness as you would currently experience it to be. This dual nature to your being – both physical and non-physical - although that did exist at the beginning, it wasn’t experienced as being separate. And that is what can be hard for you to understand. For you are now so entrenched in experiencing physicality and consciousness differently that it can seem almost impossible to see them as two faces of the same thing. But, the thing that the two faces are of, is you. And your realization of that, is what stops them feeling so separate.

So you are currently filled with ideas, experience, facts, figures, science, logic, evidence, thinking, mentality, you are full of that, with information that tells you that consciousness is a very different experience from physicality. And it is not that that evidence is wrong. You have had plenty of experiences that have strongly confirmed that to you. But the real mind-bending thing that you will come to discover about reality is that you are living within the experience of your beliefs. Why? Because your beliefs feed into your perception.

What you interpret reality to mean comes through so many ideas that you contain, comes through your perception. And what I am telling you is that you have been designed to experience these things more and more differently. This is the path we set ourselves on but we started with them connected. We started with them much more like how I experience it.  So when I experience physicality I think, “Ah, I want that feeling. I want that nice, warm feeling, maybe wrapped up in a blanket, it raining outside, on a lovely armchair with a good book.” And I can feel that, and I can bring that physicality it. I can conjure a memory of being human and I can feel that. So my consciousness is saying, “I want to feel myself in a nice, warm, cosy armchair.” And my experience of reality is, “Ah, I am in a nice, warm, cosy armchair.” There is no difference. As I think it, as I step into the thought of it, the feeling of it, it is. There is no delay. There is not a thought of, “I would like to sit in a chair. Please conjure me a chair.” Then the chair appears and THEN I sit in it. No. As I think of the chair, I am in the chair. There is no separation.

And that is because of this fluidity that then is there, when I’m in the chair I can then imagine the chair changing, and it changes. So, my experience of physicality is entirely responsive to my experience of consciousness. They are entirely connected. As my consciousness moves, my experience of physicality moves.

Do you feel that? Can you imagine that? And the bit that is the leap for you is imagining them as not separate. The physicality is not a response to the consciousness. It is the consciousness physically manifest. The idea of the chair does not become the chair. The idea of the chair is of the chair.

This is where humanity began. And as we said as much nonsense as there is in religion. If you take something like Christianity, the truth here in it is of the idea of the Garden of Eden. There was a Garden of Eden. Not Adam and Eve, not any of that, but there was an original state of Earth that was fully connected, the experience of consciousness and physicality were fully connected.

So, the biblical story of Adam and Eve and the knowledge of the tree of good and evil, this is a representation of an idea. Now, the next big thing here is that you are all conditioned, whether or not you identify with religion, you are all conditioned to think of this stepping from paradise as being a fall. As being a mistake. As the fall from grace of mankind. The idea that to leave paradise is always a mistake. That idea is conditioning. We will not overly go into this now but, simply put, when you are an eternal being that lives in a state of paradise, then when you understand what that is, you may come to understand why that being may wish to explore states that seem not like paradise.

Now, the most tangible thing that is created on Earth, the most tangible thing that comes from the human experience, that comes through this physicality, is your individuality. What we are talking about here allows for an experience of individuality. And what is individuality? This is something that many miss. Individuality is about being different.

There is one self in all of consciousness and it is everything that is in existence. Everything in existence is an expression of it. Again, when you are one being, the one being in existence for eternity, what do you do? You create experiences, you create realities and you express yourself into them through differentiation. You take all that you are, and break it up into difference. And then you can live in a reality where you communicate across that. When there is one thing it has to create dualities to experience across. This is the beauty of creating this time-space reality – physicality.

So, let us step back.

The central theme of what is being communicated to you is this. You currently experience a highly-polarized view of your outer physical reality and your internal consciousness. However, the original creation of the human experience did not have it that way. The physicality was a direct expression / translation of the consciousness and there was not discrepancy experienced between them. There was not difference; there was not difference experienced between them. Now, because it was within an experience of physicality where there was a physical body, there was some experience of individuality, but it was all so open and flowing, it is to understand that the early experiences of individuality were very shallow.

Now, to increase that, the focus became more heavily on the physical. More and more we became mesmerized by the physical, and I use that word, no mistake, we chose to become … “Let us explore differentiation through physicality” that is what we said, and that is how humanity evolved. And as we became to become less identified with consciousness and more identified with our physical being which was made to run with instincts. So, understand here that when we are talking of physicality it is not that we are taking away all other levels of being. Within physicality, within biology, is instinct. But the realization is instinct is not thought. We are talking about something separate here. That all exists.

And that became so fascinating as we created more and more creatures and lifeforms to experience and express physicality through. And so, we created the Earth and all the creatures on the Earth. And we explored being in this Now moment experience, where there isn’t thinking. It is so instinctual and we moved into the instinctual reality. Now, as this evolved, as we explored more into physicality, an idea that was not originally conceived of when physicality was created, was realized when we came to experience the experience, we saw the potential for other experiences within it. And as said, individuality is an exploration of difference.

So, how can we become more individual? How can we go deeper into this? How can we go deeper into this incredible experience of multiple-self-creation, meeting other selves – self and other which isn’t experienced outside of physicality because everything is one consciousness. It is incredible how we can communicate with each other like we don’t know each other. How can we take this further?

And this was done by starting to separate the experience of consciousness from physicality. And this was done through the introduction of fear. By introducing fear there then became a polarizing force and the basis of this with the physicality, with self and other, then fear is then what created hierarchy. Fear is at the root of hierarchy and competition and as fear was instilled so this instantaneous manifestation started to not happen. So … originally whatever it was that you felt / thought, just the idea, as an idea of something came, it was. It was physicalized. There was no separation. But as fear became introduced separation started to occur. For someone would feel something and then they would start to sense a fear, and it would make them back away saying, “Oh I don’t know. Do I want that? Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing?” And this idea slowly evolved. It began as something so shallow, so simple; not fear as you know it now. It started off in a much gentler place. It started off in a place that you may consider more an experience of preference.

So, as we came to explore individuality through physicality we enjoyed things. People said, “Ah! I wish to be this color. I wish to be this shape. I wish to look this way.” Preferences started to be expressed. But the understanding is that these original preferences has no ‘charge’ to them. They were never denigrating what was not chosen. That is where fear created the difference. Fear brought the charge. Far brought the separation.

So, the understanding that is being conveyed to you is that the original state of humanity, where there was not differentiation between physical experience and consciousness … where they were a unified experience, that is the paradise point. And because it is at the origin of humanity, it means it exists within every human being. Now what I tell you is, it is not about simply returning to that state. You left that state. To return to that state is to return to it through your future -  is to complete the circle. Is to have completed understanding what fear was and why we chose it, and all that we have learnt from it. 

It is to come to release fear from your life and what I tell you is that if you will do that, you will go to an experience that is beyond that original paradise. So, it is not that I am telling you to undo what you have become, to undo what humanity has become. I am telling you to go beyond it. I am telling you to now fully see fear. See fear for what it is. See it’s effect in the world. See it as a consciousness in this world. See how people respond to it. See how there is no source of evil. There is no source of darkness. The only thing that humanity is battling is its own fear. The only thing you are battling is your own fear.

The wider understanding here. The feeling that I am encouraging you to reach towards, it is not just an idea of no fear: it is the understanding that no fear is what brings together your experience of consciousness and physicality. And what I tell you is that the conditioning is so strong on Earth as to what enlightenment is, that most people cannot achieve it, for they have such a misunderstanding.

The way enlightenment is so often described, it is seen as this transcendent state of consciousness. There is an idea of it resolving all physicality There is an idea of it conquering physicality. You see this in your movies. Wonderful ideas in The Matrix, but it does at the same time still peddle this idea of this accomplishment and with this accomplishment, which occurs in consciousness, comes some dominance of physicality and that is not how it is. Enlightenment does not occur in consciousness alone.

Enlightenment is the understanding that your experience of physicality, is the translation of your experience, of consciousness. So, to become enlightened in your consciousness is for physicality to become enlightened. So it is not that you would achieve enlightenment in consciousness and then impose it on physicality. As you felt the freedom birth in your mind, as your felt the freedom come together, as you felt yourself step into paradise, your physical reality would be that paradise.

You wouldn’t be trying to create it. You wouldn’t say, “Ah, I have the power. I now have the power. I cast the spell.” There is no spell to cast. You just think and it is. That is where no fear takes you. And I tell you all, that you fear that. I tell you all, you fear magic. You fear magic for you have all been conditioned that magic is madness, that magic is insanity. And you struggle with that inside of yourself, you struggle with your scientific conditioning and yet you then hear teachings, you hear the law of attraction, you hear ‘The Secret’ and something in you says, “yes”, something in you says, “There is something here.” And then the scientist mocks you. “Oh so you think thoughts reality. You can just think of your red Ferrari and that red Ferrari is going to come around the corner. You think that is how reality works. You’re mad. You believe in the tooth fairy.” Because it sounds so insane.

But the understanding is, that what is being taught here is not some magically power over physicality. What you are being taught is that you are that which is generating your experience of consciousness and you are that which is generating the experience of your body, of your physicality, of the physical world. You are what straddles them both. They are both a translation of you. They are both an expression of you. And as you change your expression, so it will change your experience of consciousness, and so it will change your experience of physical reality.

Do you understand? Your consciousness and your physicality, you are neither of them, you are something that is generating both of them. And that is a wider state of being and that being is in a state of paradise because it is not in a state of separation. And it is not that that state of separation is bad, but how many of you are currently experiencing it, is as painful. Because you have become so separate from your physical reality and many of you, in your spiritual path, have pulled even further away. You have pulled yourself more towards just consciousness.

And this is just the opposite of science. Science says, “It is all about physicality. Consciousness is a by-product that came along later. It is not relevant in the understand of physicality. It is some side-effect. Physicality is where it all lies.” And then you get the spiritual-seeker who says, “It is all about consciousness. It is all about feeling. It is all about belief. Everything about enlightenment is something that occurs within consciousness. Physicality is something separate to it. It is like a by-product of it. It is something that you just have to not let you pull you down. You have to learn to not get sucked into it. You need to learn to detach from physical reality, not think about it, so that you can become the true, free explorer of consciousness and that is the route to enlightenment.” That is the basis so many spiritual seekers.

What you are is BOTH. And your paradise lies in your realization of All That You Are, because that is what you came to be. You came to this world to experience it. You came to this experience it. You came to this experience to experience it. And this is an experience that was designed to have two polarized faces. And those faces have become so polarized that to think that one face affects the other is seen as insanity.

And that is not unreasonable, because that is the beliefs you have lived within. You have created so much evidence, so much evidence, that tells you physical reality may not be entirely of your own creation because lots of things have happened to you that you wouldn’t choose. Lots of things have happened to you that you didn’t like. You have so much evidence that they are separate. Reality is created from your perception of it which is created from your beliefs and I am asking you to believe that ‘yes’, we have been in great separation where we experienced them as incredibly different. Where we experienced being enslaved, abused, killed against our will, incredible experiences of individuality, of difference.

But you can still believe that. You can still see that we chose that and now choose to come back to space where you can bring them together. And unlike religion you are not being asked, there is no point in believing this on faith, the entire point of the understanding is that you come to experience it. I wish you to believe that your consciousness and physicality are both expressions of you. And that if you will cease becoming identified in them separately, but find the thing within you that straddles them both, that IS them both, and that is an experience of Self that embraced them both, because it knows that they are not different. It knows that the illusion of difference is fear. The illusion of difference is fear.

Fear is an incredible thing. It polarizes you. Do you understand what that means? It makes you choose one over the other. When you are in fear, when you approach different options, say you approach three different doors. Someone that does not know fear says, “Ah, three doors, how wonderful, three different routes I can go. Let me feel if one of these doors encourages me more, entices me more, and I will go through that door with joy. Maybe I’ll come back and try the other doors. I may, I may not, I have no concerns about it. If I do, I do, because I want to. And if I don’t I don’t. There is no opposing force here in my thoughts. In three doors I just see three opportunities for three different experiences and that makes me joyous.”

Someone with fear approaching those doors, “Huff. Life is a bit of a test. Life is a test and depending on my choices things get better or worse. Life has shown me that I need to be careful about my choices because otherwise things get better or worse, and I WANT them to get better. I REALLY NEED things to get better. Which of these doors is better?” Do you feel the charge that comes through with the belief that your choices can lead you to good or bad – polarization. That is polarization.

So suddenly three equal choices become a fearful test. And that fear is carried through into the experience. This is how fear changes your perception. And a part of what we will be showing you is how perception is without that fear, because you are so conditioned with it that you cannot imagine life without it. And with our example of the doors here we begin to point you towards a reality that is all just about preference, that is just preference in the moment, that is not coming from a place of fear, that is not coming from any thought of negative consequence or avoidance.

Paradise is not a place. Paradise is to come to know what you are. We are all the One Consciousness. We are all God. And in its core-state the One Self, the One Consciousness, knows that it is, and what it is is everything in existence, and that is one experience. The richness, the vitality, that has birthed through the creation of physicality, the differentiation into time and space has created all these wondrous sensations of beingness. And we are God, the One Consciousness, exploring one of those here. And though there is so much about this reality that you can look at and say perhaps we made a mistake. I can tell you I understand, I understand from where you are stood, why you feel that, but what I am telling you is that you are operating on limited information, and most powerfully, you have been living within the belief of the validity of your own fears and that is why you can look at this physical reality and say that maybe it is a mistake.

All I can tell you is that I have stood in your shoes, I am stood in your shoes, I am you in your shoes, I am the One Consciousness. And I am talking to you from both the beginning AND the end of this experience. And as difficult as you feel this reality now, is because this is as different as you feel.

Story has often spoken of alienation. This is not just his. You are all alienated. It is the nature of being human. The nature of finding yourself through difference. We differentiated into all that humanity is and the goal for every human is to discover themselves, and what they are, is neither entirely physical and neither entirely consciousness. You have two belief systems on Earth that polarize you into one or the other. Are you willing to let them both go and be both?

Come to be what you came to be. Be what you came to be. Because you came to be both physicality and consciousness. And the separation that was created between them is what creates beingness within All That Is, within the One Consciousness. To have a physical expression, one side of the coin, and a non-physical expression, the other side of the coin, is to create a gameboard, is to create ‘life / beingness / meaning’ to be explored. Not just externally, though you can. Not just internally, though you can.  But through a fusion of internally and externally.

Yes, there is a comfort in sitting in just one camp in which case you have to employ righteousness. But if you will put down your righteousness and stand in both camps, stand with all people. When I say both camps I don’t just mean physicality and non-physicality. I mean pro-thought and pro-emotion, two things that again get separated. Pro-heart, pro-mind. Pro-feeling, pro-thought. Pro-individual, pro-collective. Pro-liberal, pro-conservative. Pro-black, pro-white. Pro-gay, pro-straight. Pro-transgender. Pro-everything.

Are you willing to see that everything is an expression of the One Self? For this is the beauty you see. As you come to remove fear from your life you will not only remove this incredible dramatic, traumatic, separation between your experience of consciousness and physicality, it will start to lessen your feeling of separation from other human beings. And what is so incredible here is that it can only be done through the honoring of diversity. This state that I speak to you of is not a state of sameness. You cannot be the same. You are in different physical bodies for a reason, they are different programs, they are different expressions.

And just as you will come to bridge your own experience of reality, external reality and inner consciousness, so you will come to bridge the gap between humans, the separation between humans. The separation between human and animal. The separation between human and Earth. It is all the same separation. All separations into all polarities, good-bad, right-wrong, light-dark, all separation into all polarities is the differentiation of the One Self that lies within us all. 

There is a unified you. There is a unified state of consciousness that looks at this world, not as something separate from it, but as something that it is creating. Just as I describe the manifestation of the chair and experiencing myself sat in it, there is a state of unified consciousness that is all that is on Earth, and as I thought of that chair, it thinks of humanity and it is. And that is what you are a part of. You are not a fragment of it. All that it is, is within you.

Although you are operating within a limited focus that creates the human experience, you are the One Consciousness. Every one of us. We created this reality to be a paradise and when the whole circle of humanity is viewed it feels good. It feels good. The resolution of humanity is the resolution of your own experience. It is the release of fear. What is so important to hold in the forefront of your consciousness as you seek to release this fear - this is not just a process about opening up freedom within your consciousness. It is about opening up freedom in your life.

All the beings on Earth are one being and you will all again, one day, look at each other and know this. There can be no other way for the separation, the fear that separates you, is lifting. It is not something that you have to drive. It is a natural process like the tides. But just because you do not have to drive it does not mean that there is not a difference between experiencing it and not experiencing it, and I wish you to experience it. I wish you to consciously experience fear lifting from you such that you look at this world again, not as an obstacle, not as ‘out to get you’, but as a friend that you have become separated from.

Physical reality is a friend you have come to fear. And much like a friend the process through that can be one of forgiveness, forgiveness of them, forgiveness of yourself, forgiveness for the pain. As you reach out your hand in physicality and in non-physicality, as you join this link, as you say, “I will be friends with you again. I will know you as my consciousness again. Let us move as one again. Let us bring magic back to this world. Let us know the Self that connects both these experiences. I will no longer just dwell in my consciousness, in fear of my physical world. I will dwell in you both for I am you both. I am the physical world and I am ultimately every consciousness that dwells within it.”

That is paradise. That knowing. And when you know that, that is what you will see. And although things may not instantly outwardly change, due to the depth of conditioning you have been in, the more you will foster this feeling, the more you will know its truth through your own direct experience of connection, of love. The more you will step into paradise.

The thing I want you to most hear, paradise is not a state of consciousness alone. And in relation to a human being, because of the conditioning you have been through, the meaning of paradise is a good relationship with your physical reality. Find ways to move with it as one. Find ways to dance through it, to touch it, to caress it, to love it. It does not owe you. It is not a friend you have fallen out with there saying to you, “Please be friends with me again.” There isn’t an ‘other’ to it. It is you. If you will walk towards it with love, it will walk towards you with love.

This key that so many of you seekers within consciousness are seeking, that so many of you, book after book after book cannot find, the key is the realization that your physicality is as much you as your consciousness. And the more you will believe it, the more evident it will become. The more you will believe what I am telling you the more evident it will become. The proof in these beliefs is no test. The proof in these beliefs comes through believing them. Will you allow yourself to believe that paradise exists within you? Are you willing to believe, with all the hardship you have been through, that it is there? That it is accessible. That by letting go of your mind and feeling your heart, you can walk as you are, as one, consciousness and body. Consciousness and body in this world. Touch your body to touch paradise.

Treat yourselves gently and swim in these ideas and energies. Feel the magnificence of your physicality and your consciousness. See them as a king and a queen. Seem them married. See them become one. See your Self. The king and the queen. Namaste.