What Is 'The One Self'?


This is a draft text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS which is a heavily updated and expanded version of Story's 2004 book 'The Messiah Seed' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

Within All That You Are is the experience of an eternal-free-Self. This is a creative-Self that lives through the infinite-potential that can be accessed through imagination. This Self is, and will always be, in love with life and meets each day with excitement. It is a Self that has is not wounded and does not know what it is like to feel the fear, grief or pain of the human struggle for survival. This eternal-free-Self has infinite potential and is the unconstrained, unrestricted experience of consciousness that we each birth from, before we cloak ourselves in the loss and attachment, the death and mortality of the human-experience . Many spiritual teachings idealize this eternal-infinite-free-Self and denigrate the qualities of the mortal-limited-contained-Self. This polarizing action is a denial of how it is our eternal-Self that births our mortal-Self from its state of freedom and joy.

To judge what is not-entirely-free and not-entirely-joyful as less than, is to create a division in your perception of reality, and thereby, in yourself. As the naked, vulnerable, innocent qualities of your free-Self become apparent, you will realize that your fears (which by definition are not experienced by the free-Self), have come to adorn it by forming intricate perceptual-cloaks that your free-Self wears to create the unique intention of each mortal-experience. As well as meeting your infinite-free-Self, through these words you are equally invited into a deeper appreciation for the remarkable cloak of individuality that you are currently wearing (that which is met as your mortal-Self); for you cannot know the eternal-Self while rejecting the mortal-Self as in that rejection you deny the freedom of the eternal-Self to be limited. Having birthed from freedom, your mortal-human-Self is an extension of your free-eternal-Self and cannot be said to be less than it. You are it, perceiving from within individuality.

To embrace the breadth of your eternal-to-mortal and infinite-to-limited qualities is to meet All That You Are. This is done through no longer dividing yourself into what is loved (freedom) and what is not loved (limitation). This is to see through the illusion of separation and discover the eternal, undivided state of consciousness behind the infinite-faces of individuality. Through this one aspect of experience being shared, all consciousness is connected and may, if it chooses, know itself as the One Self.

I choose to meet, know and be All That I Am through no longer perceptually dividing my experience and therefore my Self.

Infinite-Self = eternal-Self = free-Self = your Spirit.
Limited-Self = mortal-Self = individualized-Self = your human-Self.

The mortal-limited-Self is our human form. Because of the finite lifespan of our physical body this is perceived to have a beginning and an ending in linear-time. As such it is experienced as being both contained and defined within linear-time and physical-space. The eternal-infinite-free-Self is the state of consciousness that exists outside of the limiting-definitions of linear-time and physical-matter. As such it exists eternally in an uncontained-state of infinite-freedom. In more traditional terms, your infinite-Self is your spirit.

To awaken is become conscious of your complete being which spans the mortal-Self to the infinite-Self. The phrase All That You Are therefore refers to both your mortal-Self and your eternal-Self. When contained by our mortality, we are largely unconscious of our spirit. The infinite-Self is uncontained by definition (which is what is used to separate one thing from another), as such, it is a unified state of consciousness from which all experiences of mortality arise. In these teachings we call this ‘unified-source-of-everything’ the One Self and you are an extension of it. Within religion, it is called God and is seen as a separate state of consciousness against which you are judged.

When I divide the world into what I love and hate, I create division in my experience-of-Self; through the experience of this division I have come to feel separate. Letting go of the idea that my human-Self as not inferior to my spirit, but is actually the positive-choice of my spirit to exist in as an individual, has given me a radically different perspective on reality. Whereas I used to feel that I must have somehow been forced to come here against my will, due to something within me that needs to be fixed or somehow ‘made better’, I now accept that I am here through my own choice for I am my spirit. My human-Self is my spirit within a self-chosen form of perceptual containment through which I am experiencing individuality.