Unifying the Inner & Outer


This is a draft text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS which is a heavily updated and expanded version of Story's 2004 book 'The Messiah Seed' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

Each struggle in your life is a representation of not feeling ‘as one’ within yourself. Just as loving yourself is the same as loving the world, love is also the path to feeling unified inside of yourself. The breaking down of division in both the external-world and your internal-Self, occurs through love. When you come to love a part of yourself that you previously did not, then it becomes unified in your manifestation of the world. It is our nature to separate off, within our Self, whatever we are uncomfortable with. Loving yourself is about breaking down these internal-divisions. In parallel, we label and segregate elements in the external world that we are uncomfortable with. These then symbolically represent the parts of yourself that you are uncomfortable with. In this way, know the world as your mirror.

When you break down a division in your view of the world, you will have broken it down inside of yourself. Similarly, if you resolve a prejudice internally, you will find that you no longer see its reflected-counterpart in your immediate reality. You are a mirror of the whole and when you act to resolve a division in yourself, you will aid all others to resolve it inside of their Self. Every personal breakthrough is a breakthrough for the whole. Every success in the world is to be celebrated. When you come to feel the success of others as your own, so you will come to the feeling of your own success. To deeply feel any success is to be within your own success. It can be no other way.

From a perspective, we are already unified, both individually and collectively; it is just that we must bring this unification into our state of realization – our conscious reality. When all beings come to love, then all existence will become a Unified-Diversity. Because matter is primarily manifest as a symbol of division, as we approach this point, the medium of physicality will become increasingly permeable.

Through this permeability we will come to transform and manipulate matter in new and exciting ways. Just because this may look like technology does not make this increasing permeability any less magical. Technologies that connect us, no matter where we are on the planet, are magic. There can be no struggle in coming to love. There is no unity that we must work together to forge. It already exists. We must merely open our eyes to it.

I choose to share my success with others and to feel the success of others inside of my Self.

The spiritual teaching to ‘go inside’ is a reaction to how most people have become predominantly focused on outer-survival, rather than inner-harmony. Our inner and outer experiences of reality, despite being so different in sensation, are far more connected that we realize. It is their temporal disconnection (created through our Self being translated into time-space) that most disguises how they are actually reflections of each other. To move within your own consciousness (the inner), is to create movement in both time and space (the outer).

When the whole Self is seen in clarity, it is understood that all the challenges you have created for your mortal-Self can be approached through either the inner or the outer because they are both reflections (interfaces for transformation) of the same thing. However, even if the focus is predominantly on one, at the moment of resolution, the parity between inner and outer is always seen clearly. This effectively means that although the approach to any challenge can be focused through either your inner or outer reality, it will always resolve in an experience that represents their meeting (which is the healing of a division / denial between inner and outer).

In coming to understand my outer-reality as a reflection, I no longer see it as an obstacle to be overcome but as something that is designed to aid me in knowing my Self. Through this process of coming to a less adversarial relationship with the world I have become increasingly aware of the beliefs within me that are resistant to this more peaceful stance. In particular, I have become conscious of a web of fear-based beliefs about my financial survival. I have also met an aspect of my Self that, though happy for the success of my friends, still experiences their successes as a painful reminder of my own continued struggle rather than as an opportunity to feel and share in that joy inside of my Self. In doing no more than consciously opening my Self to share in their feeling of joy (rather than letting it make me feel bad by comparison), I have quickly become a happier person with a brighter outlook despite my finances remaining unchanged.