The Mastery of Fear


This is a draft text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS which is a heavily updated and expanded version of Story's 2004 book 'The Messiah Seed' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

Fear is not an external force; it is a feeling of resistance that arises from within us that incorporates a myriad of emotions. Although fear is often triggered by external events, the events in themselves are not the cause of the fear; they are external reflections of what you are resistant to that thereby tells you something about yourself. When seen in this light, the feeling of fear can be met as a powerful signpost to the aspects of reality / yourself that you are in resistance to.

Because fear is created by unconsciousness, all fear is, in some way, a fear of the unknown. Therefore, instead of approaching it with fear, meet the unknown as a reflection of the aspects of your Self that you have not yet felt ready to meet. The mastery of fear arises from the acceptance that there are no experiences of fear except that which we create for ourselves. To explore your deepest fears is to explore the most unconscious aspects of yourself. Trust in the chosen face of your fear to approach its resolution from an empowered standpoint. You will know when you have finished exploring it because when you stand in the breadth of your knowing, you will no longer fear it.

To live in fear is to be dominated by that fear in the way that you find yourself unable to not include it in your focus. To be fearless is not to never feel fear (as that is a part of being human), it is to not be controlled by your fears. This means no longer making fear-based choices by avoiding what you fear or trying to control it. To be fearless is to choose what most excites you without regard for what you fear. Do this through the understanding that the feeling of fear only ever distorts the feeling of guidance that our emotions offer us.

Fear not your fear; it is your freedom disguised as mental-doubt. This is to see the way in which your fear is your freedom if you are willing to step through the change in perception that it represents. Instead of seeing fear as a ‘bad thing’, someone who has mastered fear knows that the sheer strength of a profound fear is an asset of feeling that reflects the potential for you to open up to a new reality by stepping through it. Meet your fear to more fully meet your Self. Know thyself to know there is nothing to fear. When you do not fear fear then will cease to create with it. Walk through your fears to discover why you created them. This will reveal them as carefully crafted gateways of self-empowerment for you to potentially explore in this life.

I choose to not allow what I fear to lead me to not make the choices in life that most excite me.

Fear is the fear of feeling something within you. We do not fear external ‘things’, we fear what they may cause us to feel.  To be a master of fear is to be a master of feeling as it is to know that there is nothing that you are not capable of feeling. No feeling has the power to destroy you; feelings only ever have the power to temporarily consume you while you integrate their message of change.

To open yourself to feel is to allow yourself to be vulnerable because you are open to meeting the aspects of yourself that most challenge you. It is then to meet these challenges at an emotional-level, instead of shutting down your feelings and trying to process them on only a mental-level. This is to fully meet what you have feared and through this process you will realize that all you will ever meet in life is ever more reflections of your Self.

Beyond the allowing your vulnerability is the choice to be proud of your ability to show your vulnerability and to model it as a strength. This is to redefine strength as the ability to be open and allow your vulnerability. If you wish to flex this muscle, invite in the changes that you feel the greatest combination of fear and excitement around. Seek experiences where you feel vulnerable and when you feel that fear, relish exploring it, instead of perceiving it as a problem.

At the heart of your vulnerability is a freedom (an unexpressed aspect of yourself) that you have been afraid of integrating. To feel and meet it is to integrate it. Approach your feeling of vulnerability with an open heart; bask in its fiery energy as it flows through your body destroying outdated fear-based patterns. Allow yourself to be changed by these feelings to meet a deeper experience of being human.

To awaken to your spirit is to know you are connected to everything and that means, if you wish to experience the reality of that connection, that you are open to feeling everything. To limit and protect your feelings is to limit your ability to feel and be. A heart that is truly open has no fear of feeling. A heart that is knows freedom is as open to feeling devastation and loss as it is to feeling love.