The Lie of Ascension (audio/text)

Recorded near the beginning of Story's spoken messages, The Lie of Ascension remains a firm audience favorite as Story talks about the release of ideas of ascension that are in any way connected to the energy of seeking to escape what you are, including your choice to be human.

The Lie of Ascension. Be Now! Releasing the Cycle of Escape.

Story explains how most ideas of Ascension within the New Age movement are actually just re-expressions of old church energy in the way they cause people to seek their present reality in order to attain a future reality (re-expressions of escaping Earth to get to Heaven / escaping being human to be spirit). This is clearly demonstrated as you are invited to discover where the energy of escape is operating within you. This is done through a three stage process:

Stage 1) The Energy of Escape. Through the understanding that the archetypical boundary within us is fear itself, Story extends an invitation to meet your fearful Self through identifying your desire to escape various elements of the human experience. This demands the listeners participation to feel something they may not want to acknowledge but through facing this fear comes the power to transform it and be released from its confinement.

Stage 2) The Key to All Cages. Having identified the energy of escape you are then invited to see how there is only really One energy of escape and thereby there is really only One cage. This means there is also One key that unlocks it. Stage 2 reveals that key lies in the freedom of your choice / creatorship. There is one of everything with many faces. The key and the cage are a separation that you heal through unifying them and both are released. You may be in a cage, but the key is in your pocket. It is to see that you are the creator of the cage: you are you own jailer: thereby you are free. Every answer to what you seek is within the realization of your choice. "There is nothing else in existence to give your power away to." The denial that you are the cause of your own pain is what separates the key and the cage. Seeing the key does not destroy the cage, it is that you see that you are not confined by it. This is the realization that no journey is necessary to free you. Freedom is not the answer, it is a choice.

Stage 3) As Above. So Below. The realization that physical plane is not separate from the spiritual plane, but is a direct translation of it, is used to further confront our desire for the spiritual plane to be 'a better place' than the human plane. How to apply the keys of freedom you have discovered are then explored through the realization that in recognizing your creatorship you do not need to reject limitation or confinement because they are not 'wrong' they are merely tools of creation. This is all conveyed through powerful invitation to release the feelings of separation and escape within you. Death will not solve anything as you are not trapped within life. Ascension is an expression of separation, there is no separation between spirituality and physicality. Stop seeking to try and escape your self. Here is where everything happens.

Below is a single page of text that was created using the ideas in part 1.
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The Lie of Ascension Summary of Part 1 Text. (full text below)

Many wish to ascend from this physical plane in order to exist as pure spirit – escaping here to get there. There is no separate spiritual plane. It is here and now, within us. This challenges the way in which we have put spirituality, the spiritual plane, on a pedestal – as being different from both what and where we are. We are the spiritual, expressed in the physical. We are the spiritual plane expressed as the physical plane. There is no difference except a choice, an angle, of perception; that is the illusion. 

Our biological perceptive system creates the illusion of physical matter and time. This world is the spiritual plane expressed through our space-time perception. Physicality does not create our problems; it is the powerful lens through which we are exploring ourselves. It is time to stop blaming our physicality, our choice of expression, as the cause of our suffering. Blaming is a denial of self-responsibility – a denial of our creatorship. It is blaming a mirror for what it reflects. Physicality only ever makes manifest what is already spiritually present. 

The love, the peace, that has been projected onto existence in the spiritual plane, is available for you here and now. What you spiritually seek is not beyond this life. Ascension will not liberate you. That liberation is here and now, if you so choose it. This is seeing through the illusion of the veil. It is to see that there is no veil; there has never been any separation; the separation is the illusion. The divide of life and death does not separate you from anything. Death will not solve anything. Death will not free you. If you need death to free you then you are trapped, trapped in life. Life and death are not different. The physical plane and spiritual plane are not different. Death is an illusion. Life is an illusion. The beingness that you are both encompasses and creates this illusion. 

You cannot escape the beingness that you are. There is no escape. This realization taps into the deepest fear, "I am eternally trapped in suffering”, but it is also the greatest gift, for within it is the realization that there is nothing you need to escape from. Contained in what you fear is the realization that there is nothing to fear. There is nothing you desire that can not be experienced here. You do not need to shed your body; it separates you from nothing. Being alive in physicality separates you from nothing. All life is here: as above so below.

Physical reality is not a cage. There is no separation to ascend across; release this duality; there is no boundary. The idea of ascension is the manifestation of separation from living your life fully in the here and now. Physicality is not separate from your spiritual being; physicality is the expression of your spiritual being. There is no separation in All That You Are. As long as the idea of ascension contains the energy of escape then it will be manifest as the experience of confinement (feeling trapped); escape is the creator, not liberator, of all cages. See the paradox. Release the journey of ascension to ascend. In ascension you do not go anywhere. To ascend is to open your eyes and see that you are ascended. 

We are spirit exploring itself within physical matter. Physical matter is nothing but an altered perception of our spiritual selves. The choice is yours as to whether you want to be separate from your complete spiritual self through the idea of a lack to be ascended, or whether you wish to release that, and unite your physical self with your spiritual self and unite the planes of existence within you. This is the realization that death is no escape; ascension is no escape; there is nothing to escape from. All ideas of escape are trying to escape what you are seeking. All that you have ever sought to escape has been your own reflection. The more you seek to not be here, the more here you are. Embrace the paradox. Here is spiritual. Here is now. Here is physical. Here is where everything happens. Wake up and enjoy it!


The Lie of Ascension. Be Now! Releasing the Cycle of Escape.

By Story Waters


Hello and welcome, I am story and thank you for listening. We are going to take this one a little slower because for many people the contents of this recording may some integrating.

For those that choose to, it will be a journey of integration. For some listening for the first time there may just be an instant sense of awakening, of ‘Yes!’, of liberation, of freedom. A feeling of, ‘this has verbalized what I am feeling and now I feel it clearer; and it has solidified within me and now this is my life.’

For others, there may be a complete feeling of rejecting these words and that in itself is a gift, for in rejecting these words, the barriers with which they resonate are strengthened and enforced and seen more clearly; and therefore, the choice of them is seen more clearly - the choice for boundaries and barriers. With the understanding that there is nothing wrong with boundaries or barriers - they are a choice and we live within that choice.

And for other people there will be a reaction that is somewhere in between these two poles. Where these barriers are shown there may be some discomfort, but the point is to show the barriers, to show the choices, because all barriers are choices. It is the power of seeing your choices and, depending on the resonance of your heart, depending on what you are wanting, depending on what you are seeking, you then decide - you choose. And that is take what resonates and leave the rest.

The reason I wanted to start with this discussion, is to remind you of the choice, and that the choice is within YOU. And also to point out the journey, because this may be a recording that you listen to many times, and each time it will be different. Each time as you adjust, change your choices, release your barriers, so you will come to see deeper and further. And the meaning of the words will change because I am not going to address any specific boundaries, I am going to address the archetypical boundary, the archetypical separation and fear. Right down through to the archetype of death. And that kind of archetypical energy which can be created, which can be felt and experienced as boundaries, as restriction, has so many faces.

So I am going to do my best to not touch individually upon those faces, but instead I will go to the core energy so that as you shed these boundaries and barriers, the energy and the meaning of these words will continue to shed further layers, and further layers, until you get through to the heart. The unbounded heart. The freedom within. That which does not fear. That which you are in your essential core self. That which is limitlessness. That which is unbounded. All That You Are.

So please take this slowly and know that it is a journey of change. Know that the energy of this recording is working if it begins to create discomfort, if it begins to tap into the part of you in fear; the part that will want to say ‘No’ and reject these words, for it fears what they mean. Fear fears what change may come with this energy, with this understanding, with this freedom, with the lack of constraint, with the lack of structure that is inherent in freedom.

Our ego can crave to feel safe. It wants to wrap itself with these old ideas that give structure to life but at the same time constrain life. So the message is to use that feeling, use that resistance that you may feel inside of yourself, use it as an opportunity to look at it. And that I am ever asking people to do is to be with the energy and feel it. And if the feeling of it is resistance, then feel that. Just feel it. It is not a logic puzzle to be deconstructed. It is just to be felt. And transformation will naturally arise from that feeling of it. You don’t have to work it out. You don’t have to solve it. If it is to be released and transformed, it will do that on its own through you feeling it. That is all you have to do - feel it.

If you go into judgment of it, that is when you step outside of it and you are not feeling it. And that observation has its own qualities and there is nothing wrong with that, but it is a separation from it as you become the observer of it - of the resistance. So just BE the resistance. If you feel resistance, be resistance, be resistant, be it, feel it, and each journey through that will change and transform.

Or, if you find you’ve had enough, then you won’t listen again. The choice is with you. Freedom can only come from within you and your own choice. No one can free you. It is up to you. This is but a tool for you to use as you will. And what we are going to be looking at is the desire for escape - down to its deepest level. We are going to go all the way into it, through the layers, down to the core, where we are going to face, and deal with that desire for escape within us - our desire to escape THIS - this life, this reality, this state of beingness.

However it is currently manifest for you in its details, we are going to go through and beyond those details to the very feeling of the desire to escape life, and this is something that you may have cloaked, you may have dealt with many levels of it in your acceptance of life, of reality, of being here. And for those that have come through that path and released those layers, people that may have at one time in their life been suicidal, and who have released that now, and they no longer feel suicidal, there may be a journey of releasing that level of escape. But often remaining from that is that there is still a seed, and that seed is cloaked – hidden away. We hide it from ourselves, we put on a brave face. We speak positively, we believe in positivity. So we cloak and hide the negativity that we find within ourselves because we don’t want it.

But again this is not feeling it, so it does not go away, it just becomes cocooned. So in this message we want to go there, we want to feel, feel our desire to escape. In doing this you will not create it inside yourself – do not fear that. If you say to yourself, ‘I am open, I am allowing, I wish to enter this energy, and I wish to feel the part of me that wants to escape’, you will not create it within you. If it is not already there, you will not make it.

And this can be the lie of positivity, the idea that we must think positive, think positive. It is very true that if you get into negative cycles of thinking you can create what you fear, but similarly the rejection of the negativity does not release it from you, so that you are then purely in positivity. Many people that believe in positive thinking are doing it more from a basis that is the rejection of negative thinking, instead of seeing positive thinking as being their natural state. If you go into all your negativity and feel it, only then it can be released and your natural state becomes positivity. There is no effort to be positive. There is not conscious thought of, ‘I must be positive, I must be positive.’ It is the release of the idea of, ‘Negativity is bad, positivity is good.’ It is the allowance of the natural state. So that is what we are talking of here.

Do not seek to reject the feeling of escape. That will only get you a certain distance into the state of allowance and embracing of life. But, for the level that we are now talking, for the full unadulterated, un-abandoned, unleashed, love of life, you must have fully allowed yourself to feel your desire to escape it. So what I am encouraging here is, if the feeling of resistance comes up in you (the identification of the part of your beingness that is in resistance to life and wants to escape it) arises during your experience of the energy of this recording, then allow it - go into it.

This feeling of your resistance is the opportunity. This is the gift of this recording. It is not a mistake. Do not think, ‘Oh I have failed. I thought I didn’t want to escape but I do.’ No, this is the gift, go into it because it is there. See how spirituality has so often become a mask for it. And this is, in a way, an irony, that those that are spiritual have on many levels come to refine this escape. We see this going right back to religion’s idea of heaven and hell - the escape to heaven. Heaven being portrayed as the separate reward - separate from what you are, separate from your beingness, separate from this life. It is after. It is later.

And we see the new spiritual movements that tell of ascension, but in so many ways this is just a re-conceptualization of heaven. What lies beyond this life? After this test we are taking? The very belief in it, separates you from it. It sets the afterlife up as a light to run towards. And this gives a goal, a purpose, a meaning; so it is very easy to sell you to. It provides a clear structure to life, but religion separates you from it by saying, ‘Ascend this. Be free of this. Escape this. The prize is in the sky – heaven. Here is what you must do. Here is the path. I will tell you. I will show you.’ It is the creation of guru. It gives structure to life. But it is a separation - ascension-descension. It is duality. It is dualistic. It separates you inside of yourself.

The very idea of ascension separates you from the world around you when you ask yourself, ‘Am I ascended? Am I not ascended? How ascended am I? Where am I in the hierarchy of ascension? Where are the people that I know on that scale? Are they lower than me or higher than me? What will happen when I ascend?’

With Christianity and Catholicism, they at least have an idea of hell separate. For many other new age belief systems, the belief in this dualistic way of thinking of ascension, the conclusion of it, is that this, the Earth, is hell. They have the idea that you are in hell now. Many people therefore feel that physicality is hell and that you must ascend it. It is the church all over. It is the church again, we are back there, this whole idea of ascension, and we are going to go into this realization in this recording.

We are going to look at that the escapist nature of dualistic perception. I am not just going to give it to you as a statement. We are going to look at this desire to escape and feel it – recognize it so we can transform it. And one of its most common manifestations, the way is likely to present in you, is in the belief in the validity of the idea of ascension. So we are going to look at that closely - indeed that is what we are already doing.

Feel, feel these words, feel this energy. Feel what is coming. Allow the feeling. Allow any fear you feel to come up. In speaking of this freedom, in speaking of this release, this identification of the need to escape, the part of you within you that exists in this energy is already beginning to resonate, is already beginning to shake, and make itself known. So let us just take a moment and feel within, feel your life, and allow yourself to feel the part of you that feels the need to escape – the past that would like to escape, that would like to escape a cage.

It could be the cage of a relationship, a cage of poverty, a cage of a job that you don’t like. It could be a feeling of being alone, of isolation, or a feeling of being surrounded by ignorance, or hatred, or intolerance, or pollution, or noise, or aggression, or people that treat you badly. Feel your need to escape these things. Feel the way in which you think, ‘I want to escape these things. I want to change this. This is not right. This is not how it should be.’

What we are speaking of here relates to change, the idea of change, the experience of change. The two sides to the coin of change are the desire for change, and the desire for things not to change. Fear of change is fear of loss - the fear of losing of something you are attached to keeping / possessing. This is a form of escape where you say, ‘I want to escape change, the natural unfolding of life, I wish to escape it. I want things to just be the same. I want nothing to change.’ Well, life is change. To desire nothing to change is to desire to escape life. It is the desire to live in a singular resonant note.

The other side of the coin is when you say, ‘I want things to change now. This must change NOW. I am fed up with this. I have had enough. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. This MUST change. This is NOT RIGHT. This is NOT who I am. This is NOT representative of me. How long will this go on, how long? How far away is the dream in me from becoming reality? The things that I want, how far ahead of me are they? When will they arrive? When will this change? When will I be where I want to be? When will I be who I want to be? I have an idea of how things should be; when will it occur? When am I there? When will it happen? This has to change.’ And this is escape. Escape of the present, current reality.

‘I wish to escape these cages I am in, these walls, these boundaries that I hit. I wish to escape them. I want to escape these limitations on what I want and who I can be. The world is limiting me and I wish to escape that limitation. I know I am free within, and I want that freedom expressed. These cages are mistakes, they are not how it should be. Free me. Let me escape this. If I can just find out how to escape this trap. I know there is a way. I just need to solve it. I need to work harder. I need to problem solve. I have blocks in me that I am blinded to; I need to clear them. I need to be free. I wish to escape this life. Reality should be different. This is not the reality I want. I NEED things to change.’ This is the energy of escape. This is wishing to escape the present - the Now moment. This is fear of the present. Rejection of the present.

‘I do not want things to change.’ This is fear of the future. Fear of the unfolding. What is birthing now in this moment is your awareness of your relationship with change. How do you feel about change? Pause now and ask yourself. How do you feel about change?

Change is wonderful. Change is life. Change is the unfolding. Change is the only constant. Embrace change. This is a key to life. This is a key to allowance. The embracing of change. The embracing of transformation. But, if your relationship with that change is desperately NEEDING it, then it is arising from the energy of escape. When a person says, ‘I need change. This must change.’ That is not embracing change. That is demanding change. That is fearing no change. That is trying to control change.

Again, what is your relationship with change? Do you need it? Are you craving it? What do you want to change in your life? Feel what you want to change. Allow yourself to go there and feel your desire to change it. Allow yourself to feel the desperate part of you, not just the positive part, not just the healthy part. Feel the desperate part. Feel the desperation when you say, ‘This must change. I have had enough. I am so weary. I am tired that this has not changed. This must change. When will this change? I have tried so hard. I have worked so hard, when will I be rewarded?’

Feel what you want to change. See, feel, be, the desire to escape it. Feel the escape within you. Feel where you want to escape. This may come down to the core of life itself; a part of you that is in pain. That is what underlies it all. That is what underlies all fear – pain. Where you find the need to escape, go beneath, beneath, within, as there is pain there. Feel that pain. Now.

You wish to escape that pain. That is what fear is. Fear is trying to protect you from feeling your pain. So it tells you to run in the opposite direction. It is a self-preservation mechanism, and if you can allow in this self-empowering idea, I suggest to you that you are now at the point where you feel strong enough, where you know what you are, and you are ready to feel that pain. And, if you are willing, you can transform it and release it. And then you will be free of the fear, free of the need to escape, free of the endless chase.

This is the gift of escape. This is the gift of feeling where you want to escape in your life. It is a signpost to a pain in you, a fear in you, that is inhibiting your freedom. All fear is a cage. All cages are fear. So, when you are ready, we will move to the next section, and we will look at the key to those cages, the key to all cages. There is only one cage with many faces.


There is a key. There is a key to all prisons, all cages, all that limits you, all that confines you, restricts you, or causes you discomfort or pain. There is a key to unlock all these. And that key is with you. It is with you now. It is but the choice to see it and recognize it. And this is the beauty, for it does not matter how the manifestation of the cage is occurring within you. It does not matter how many cages you have or how different they may feel on an experiential level. This key will work with them all.

I want to take this moment, this energy, this space, this expanse, this emptiness, to feel all cages as one cage. This is the understanding that there is only one cage. This is to step to a wider perspective. It is the realization that there is only one of everything, with many faces. There is one thing, one unity, and we are all it. One man, one woman, one love, one fear, one pain, one cage, one key.

If you are not ready to see the one cage, it does not matter. Instead choose a single cage within you, the cage that you most clearly feel as the limitation in your life, and we will apply the key to it. And, as you come to move through the cages you will begin to see, it will become apparent, how they are one cage. The power of seeing the one cage is to see that the one key unlocks them all. Because ultimately to see the one cage is to see all cages. And that is to experience the choice for freedom from all the cages.

While you may step through one cage, then another, then another, understand that you will be creating a motion through you cages - a widening of perspective until you see the all, the one, the unity. But until that is fully experienced, the cages will transform. For the goal here is to see the one key and the one cage, the one key and the one lock, and when you unite them, they are released. They are gone. You are no longer within them, you no longer need a key. The key and the cage are a separation and their unification is the healing of that separation, that wound, and both are released. The key and the cage, the key and the lock, as they come together, duality is healed. The separation is healed.

There is nothing wrong with continually transforming your cages. It is like projection (the way we project our fears onto others). Someone may have prejudiced thoughts. They may be racist. They look into this prejudice, they go into it, they educate themselves, and through the realization of that experience they release their racism. However, if they do not look at where it is coming from in the first place then the prejudice usually just shifts. Instead of transforming it only moves and there is another body onto which the pain is projected.

It is the same with cages. You can deal with them on the surface level and heal them, but unless you have gone to the root where you see how it came from the one cage, the one pain, the one fear, then they will keep re-manifesting. Why? Because that one wound wishes to be healed, so it will continue to manifest, so that you may heal it and be free of it. Integrate your fear, your pain, do not separate yourself from it. This is the feeling, feel it. You do not heal a wound by rejecting it or negating it. You heal it by feeling it. Feeling heals.

This is the opening of the heart. This is the healing of the heart. For you reside in what we experience as our heart. The divine within. So there is one key, one cage, one pain, one wound. One need to escape. The answer, the key, the point of realization, of transformation, is right in front of you. It is with you now. It has always been with you. All who step into freedom come to realize the one freedom; you have stepped into it many times. And in this you shed how you have folded yourself, as you step into a wider reality.

The realization is that what it took to acquire that step of freedom was always within you. Whatever path you took to get there is the manifestation of that realization. But there is nowhere you really had to travel; there was no where you had to go; there is nothing you needed to acquire. All journeys are meaningful. But the freedom that may come from those journeys does not require the journey. Why? Because you were never separate. You are never separate from freedom, it is always within you, with you.

You would not be free if you had to do anything to acquire that freedom. If freedom is on the other side of the mountain, then to attain freedom you must climb the mountain, so you are not free. It is the denial of the freedom that you are, if to experience freedom you must ascend. In the idea of ascension you are being told that you are not free. And you are free. There is freedom. What you essentially are is freedom. There is no separation. The separation is the illusion.

Illusions are just seen through in a moment, in a change of perspective or in a moment of release or allowance. There is nothing that has to happen for you to be free except to realize, to remember, that you are free. That is awakening. When you open your eyes in the morning, nothing happens. You are suddenly awake. It happens. This is paradox. As we step closer in to this idea we will come to more paradox. And the closer you come to paradox, the realization of paradox, then know that this is the realization of freedom.

The paradox is that you may well experience ‘something happening’ as you step into freedom, but the realization once that has happened is that nothing needed to happen. The thing that you see happen is not freedom arriving; it is the realization that freedom has always been within you. That is the realization, even though you went on a journey to get there. And this is the realization of the key, the one key. The one key is with you now. You have not done anything wrong if you do not see it in this moment, if you do not see it for the next thousand moments, because there is only one moment.

And when you will allow the realization of the key, you will see it - you will experience it. The point is that it is there; it is to open the knowingness that they key is there now within you. All solutions you have sought are there, nothing has separated you from them. It is but choice. You are experiencing what you choose to experience.

The desire to escape is a denial. When we desire to escape, we deny our choice; we deny that we are choosing this. This is the beginning of seeing the key. The key is the choice; the key is our choice. It is the most magnificent key. It is the most frightening key. It is frightening because it takes away anything to push against. It takes away anything to blame. It takes away the definitions that allow you to separate yourself from others, from the world.

The realization that the key is with you, to see it, to embrace it, you must take all that comes with it, and that means you must embrace your complete freedom. Which, at the same time, is complete confinement. For it is the unity; it is the oneness. There is no ‘other’ to give your power away to. There is no ‘other’ being, no object, no condition, no idea, no ideology. It is the taking of complete, whole, unified, singular, responsibility for your life. It is to be your life. Being your life. Being your Self.

This is the release of the separation. It is to see that whatever cage, whatever prison, whatever escape, that you have wanted, you are creating it. You are the one creating the thing you want to escape from. It is you because you are the one choosing it. Hear this: whatever it is you want to escape from, you are choosing it. You are choosing what is causing you discomfort. All rejection of this idea is rejection of your creatorship, of All That You Are, your power, your freedom. It is a rejection of freedom.

All refusal to believe that you could be creating what is causing you discomfort, is your rejection of your own power, your own freedom. It is the denial. It is to see the key. It is to see the rejection of the key - your separation from the key. It is what creates the key and the cages to be two separate objects that must come together for freedom. It is the very thing that creates that duality of the key and the lock. To bring them together is to release that separation, that denial. It is to see yourself as the creator of that which is causing your pain or discomfort, that which you are tired of, bored of, that which you wish to be free of.

There is nothing to be free of, because you are the one creating your reality. You are creating it, your spirit is creating it; they are the same. You are your spirit. Your wholeness is creating. You are God; God is creating. You are God creating your reality. And it will be whatever you wish it to be, so there is nothing to escape.

Can you possibly allow yourself to believe that what you are wanting to change, what you are wanting to escape, is not a mistake? If in this moment of realization you are seeing that the key is with you, if you are experiencing the key, if you are experiencing the unification, the release, the freedom, then what you have wanted to be free of, is now freeing you. It is the freedom; the cage is the freedom. The existence of the cage that you are now experiencing being freed of, is freeing you. The cage is freeing you. And THAT is why you would have chosen it. You are choosing the cages. For your freedom is within them. And once you have tasted that freedom, once you have revealed the key, the cage is no longer a cage. Yet, paradoxically, it may still exist.

The conditions continue but, when you realize that you are choosing them, they cease to be a cage. If someone is in a prison and they are sat with the key, are they confined? The bars are around them, but the key is in their hand. How can it be said that they are imprisoned? It is merely seen that they are choosing to sit within the cage holding the key. They can leave at any time. This is the realization of the key.

The realization of the key is that you are creating your prison, your cage. The cage does not disappear in this realization. But, the choice to be sat within it is seen, so it is no longer experienced as something to be escaped from. There is no need for escape because you have the key. There is nothing blocking you.

Refusal to see the key, but instead to only see the cage reflects your own identification with the cage. If you refuse to believe that you have a key that allows you to step from any cage in your life, then you are identified with the cage more than the key (the cage is more important to you than the key). For you have identified your own being, your definition, with the bars, because there is something about them you want.

Even if you are about to release the bars around you understand that at some point you did want them. You know this because it was you that originally chose them. It is a part of definition, of defining. There is nothing wrong with definition. There is nothing wrong with physicality. The understanding is that physicality is a choice, and the manifestation of cages is the denial of that choice. I could say to you that I am caged inside my body, however I do not feel caged inside my body because I am aware that I am choosing it. Are you aware that you are choosing your body? Or is that a cage you wish to be free of?

The freedom of the key is not to destroy the cage, that is rejection, that is separation. The freedom is to realize that you are not confined within the cage. The freedom is to realize that you are free because then, if you choose to, you can walk out of the cage. It is important to understand here that this is not then done with the energy of escape. When you see that you are free, when you see that you are not caged, then, if you do choose to walk out of what you once perceived as a cage, you will not be doing it with the feeling of escape. You will not be rejecting what you once were. This is because you will be choosing from a point of freedom rather than a point of resistance.

So whatever cages you perceive, understand that there is not a goal to escape them. For as long as you feel the energy of escape you are separate from the key and you are not escaping the cage. This is the paradox. The realization that you are free, frees you from the cage, even if the cage is right before you with its bars. And you will become free (no longer contained) when you allow yourself to see the key. But the cage is not destroyed, you just realize your ability to no longer be confined by it. In short, you ‘escape’ by paradoxically realizing you don’t need to escape.

Take poverty for example. In the realization that you are not contained (trapped) within poverty, you do not instantly win the lottery. That is the dream that is the fantasy, that is when you say to yourself, ‘I will know when I will have transcended poverty because I will be rich.’ That is trying to escape poverty. Freedom from poverty occurs within poverty. In the moment of realization that your financial state is not containing you, your bank balance does not suddenly change. It is that you realize that you are still free, even though you may not have much money.

You may only have a loaf of bread in your cupboard, but you know that you are free, you know that you have chosen this and, as you release that desire to escape (escape the poverty, escape the bars), then the energy of escape that you have been radiating begins to be released, and your life will change, poverty will be released, and you will walk out of the prison. But, the understanding is that you have not ‘escaped’ poverty because you will be no longer seeing it as an escape. You are no longer feeling escape, fear, running, chase, the endless cycle. It is to know that it is okay that you are poor because you are free and freedom is everything.

Again, this is paradoxical. When you are free, you do not need money. But money flows from freedom for freedom is abundance, is life. This is the paradox; you cannot become rich by rejecting poverty. And those that are rich that are still chasing, are still escaping, are not free, the money solves nothing, that is again part of the illusion, the separation.

So this is the moment; this is the space; this is the energy. There is nothing you need to do. Be still. Do nothing. Because there is nothing to escape; there is nothing you NEED to change. There is no plan to now implement to get the key because the key is with you. There is no where you need to go. There is nothing you need to say. There is nothing you need to read. There is nothing you need to do. There is nothing you need to change because nothing separates you from the key. Nothing separates you from freedom.

No matter what it is that has contained you, there is nothing you need to do to become free of it. To become free of it, is to be free. You are already free. You do not need to change it. Nothing needs to change. No door needs to open. No bars need to be smashed through. No money needs to come in. Nothing needs to occur for you to realize that you are not contained.

Can you face what it means to see that you are free, to see that these things are not containing you? Can you face the responsibility? Can you step into yourself such that you see your choice to create them? You are choosing them, be still inside yourself, be still with that idea. Be still with the realization that you are choosing what you do not like. Feel it. This is to allow yourself to be inside the desire to escape. It is the release of the desire to escape. It is the transformation of the desire to escape. It is the absolute freedom, the freedom of not escaping, not needing to escape. It is the freedom of no escape.

Be with this, be with this energy, this feeling. Experience all of it. There is freedom and joy and elation in it. There is horror. The horror of the realization that you could be choosing it. And that can transform to the freedom and the liberation. There is sadness, there is anger. There are all the emotions that were trapped, trapped inside, and they have come up to be released, as you step into the freedom. It is the resolution of the journey, the journey that you felt you needed to unite the key and the lock. And in the resolution of that journey, there is the realization that there was no journey to be taken, yet you would not be here without that journey, the journey led you to this.

And this is the realization that no journey is necessary to free you, that freedom is within, the key has been in your hand the whole time, if only you can allow yourself to see it. Cease to separate yourself from the key. You separate yourself from it when you believe it is an ideal, a heaven, a nirvana, an ascension. Cease to identify with your resistance to the cage and the way it has defined you, the way in which it has motivated and moved you. Your freedom is to let go of all these things and find the stillness where you do not need to escape.

And so you release the energy of escape, that which created the cage and the key, the separation into duality. This can be a many layered process or it can be a singular process. It can occur in a moment or this could unfold over many years. If you continue to apply the knowing that they key is with you, the knowing that all keys are with you, the one key is with you, then you will use step out of what confines you at a speed that is most comfortable for you. There is no rush when you are no longer trying to escape, there is no race. You are already free.

Freedom is here, now, freedom is within. Freedom is not compulsory. Freedom is not the answer. Freedom is a choice. It is the experience of yourself. So now, when you feel ready, move to the next section where we will go deeper still. We will take the key that we are seeing in this moment and apply it all the way through, through to the very creation and choice to live. And we will manifest, make present within our consciousness, the deepest cages. The core archetypical cage, and we will apply the key.

We wish you to see the choice of your life, your choice to be here on Earth, and we will reveal that choice so that you can live fully and presently in the love that is your life. And this is the greatest journey into the freedom of love, the love of yourself, and it will release the deepest fears.

Allow the journey; allow there to be a journey to the key. And paradoxically know that there is no journey, because the key is with you. The journey is a choice. Allow in the idea that it can be fun; that it is an experience that you are choosing. It has all been a choice for a journey. You manifested a separation and healed it and through that you have lived, and were, and are. You are the choice of yourself. All that you are, all that you experience, is your choice. With every cage you have created you created a key, the one key and the one cage. YOU are the choice.


In this final section, we are going to follow the foundation of realization, that we have laid in parts one and two, all the way through by applying it to all that we are. And for some, this may shake up some core beliefs you have about the nature of yourself, even the nature of spirituality itself. So again, just a reminder to feel whatever emotions come up within you. It may take several journeys through this text to try to really feel the emotion of what it brings up, rather than be the observer and judge of it.

There isn’t a right or wrong here; there is paradox. The mind alone can’t solve it. What we have been talking about is the creation of cages, the creation of limitation; taking our limitless self and making it limited; taking the One Self and making it defined, making it many. The core creatorship that we are, the core complete responsibility for our own life that this gives us, they cannot be separate. You cannot see yourself as the creator of your life if you are not absolutely responsible for it. The more you distance yourself from the responsibility, from the cages that you are experiencing, the more you distance yourself from your creatorship, and that is the confine.

Lack of connection, lack of realization of your creatorship, is what creates confinement. If you are the complete creator then you cannot be confined. If you are not the complete creator, you can be confined. So our cages are actually energetic symbols; they are manifestations of the ways in which you are separate from your creatorship. And this is how a cage is a choice. It is a subtle difference. It is not that you say, ‘I want to be caged.’ It is that you say, ‘I want to be the creator. I want to know what I am. I want to be what I am. I want to be the freedom that I am.’

So, to be the freedom that you are, you need to see how you are separating yourself from freedom, and that is the cage. The cage is the manifestation of your choice of your beingness. It is a manifestation of a choice you are making to separate yourself from your creatorship. And the discomfort you feel is not a punishment of the cage. It is not even the volition or intention of the cage. It is because what you want is freedom and the discrepancy between how you understand yourself and freedom is experienced as the discomfort of the cage. In creating the cage, you are highlighting the discrepancy through your choice to be free.

If you did not choose to be free, your cages would not be uncomfortable. The cages in themselves are not implicitly comfortable. Discomfort is a choice that you apply to them to experience them, to manifest your choice for freedom. Cages are not uncomfortable. You choose the discomfort of them because they are a representation of your desire to be free. Your desire to be free is not wrong because it is the desire to be what you are – a creator being.

In this way cages are seen to be a tool you are using; a tool you are choosing to experience in order to lead you on this journey back to what you already are; something that you chose to separate from, in order to experience a journey; and the journey is not wrong but the journey is not necessary, it is a choice. This is the realization of freedom; this is the realization of your life. This life, this life you are experiencing, this body that are experiencing, it is a choice. It is a journey that you are making and you do not NEED to make it, you are choosing to make it. You are choosing this journey because you want it, because you want to experience it.

All cages are a choice. Your body is a cage. But you are not contained within it, because it is a choice. You are free. You want to be here experiencing this reality. So it is not a truly cage, but it is often experienced as a cage. It is a ‘chosen cage’. So you are free, for you have chosen the limitation that your body gives you. Your body, your biology, in this physical reality has limitations. It can only go so fast. It is effected by gravity. It can be damaged. There are so many limitations to having a body. But through that body there is a whole experience of this type of reality that is a freedom beyond measure.

To have this experience … it cannot be put in words how amazing this reality is. It is only when you open yourself to the freedom that you are, to the Godhead within you, your Godself, that you can realize what is being said here. When you are just within it and identified with it (feeling confined by human limitation), then there is no frame of reference, and you just experience the limitation. It is a journey of joy and pain. It is the journey of humanity and it is a choice you are making because you want to experience it, no other reason.

The ideas of spirituality that we are now developing, many of them are just this regurgitation of church energy. Again, organized religion is something we wanted to explore; there is not a judgment here. Organized religion is not ‘wrong’ because the point that I am making is that confinement is not wrong. The confinement of your biology, the confinement of religion, is not wrong. Confinement within limited definitions is not a mistake. It is a choice.

But the choice that can be made, the choice that I am making, is the choice to experience the joy of this life. And this is to cease the separation of the spiritual and the physical. It is to cease this idea of ascension, of escaping this mortality, and instead to experience reality without that negative basis. This is what is being offered here. And all I ask you, all you are asking yourself through listening to this, is to consider this, is to feel this, is to see what fear it brings up and release it.

Now what we have seen in, the choice to experience cages, is how when we seek to escape that cage, it instead becomes more solid. But if you think about it, how else would we manifest cages? Because we do not directly choose for confinement, we do not directly choose shackles, how do we manifest cages? It is from the feeling within us - the feeling of confinement, the feeling of limitation. The feeling of confinement creates the need to escape. When you struggle, you create what you struggle against. When you push something, you create its weight, its solidity; you create your barriers.

Rejection of this idea is the rejection of our creatorship. There are some archetypical examples of this; the Chinese puzzle that you put your fingers in, a noose that tightens the more you pull it, or quicksand where the more you struggle, the quicker you sink. Catch 22 situations. The more you seek to escape, the more confined you become. The more you feel your wrists being constrained, the more the shackles around them grow thicker and heavier. The more you pull away, the tighter the grip becomes.

It is the greatest paradox, and it is the paradox that arises from the separation of the lock and the key. It is how we created the division. It is that pushing, that pulling. We designed it to be exactly as it is. That reaction, that pro-action. It is the creation of duality. Equal and opposite forces, and we wish to experience that. We come here for that. We create all nooses around our necks. It is not wrong; it is not a mistake; it is an experience. It is how this process of creation, of duality, of separation, works. The more you push away from something, the more you are trying to separate yourself from it, and that separation creates walls, boundaries, confinement.

Now, we can look at this on many levels such as abundance, and we can begin to see it, but where we are going now is beyond that. We are going to a deeper level. Let us go into spirituality and the creation of this separate spiritual reality from us. The idea of ascension is deeply dualistic and it creates the separation, which creates the confinement, which turns this physical reality into a place of confinement; a cage, a bubble, a prison, that we are seeking to escape, or to ascend from. Ascension – escape – same thing, no different. I wish to ascend = I wish to escape.

Hear yourself when you think of ascension. Hear yourself as saying. ‘I wish to escape.’ Look at it from this perspective. It is saying, ‘I wish to divide what I am. I wish to be there, not here. I wish to be in duality. I wish to experience duality as confinement. I wish to see myself in a test. I wish to test myself.’ And that is often the attraction of it, the challenge. It is an illusional hierarchical game to say, ‘I will ascend. I will be more ascended. I will transcend. I will be better than what I was, better than anyone, better than anything that has ever been.’

And then this separation of the spiritual plane as being so different. We project onto it that those that are there are so wise and so free and so open. We imagine how they are not shackled by taste, and touch, and desires such as food or sex. We say, ‘They do not fight. They do not war. I wish to be there not here.’ There, here, this separation, the two planes. So different. This is the separation of the divine and the physical. So much of spirituality, what it has become now, is separatism - separatism between the divine and the human; this enforcement of it. This goal of escaping here. Escaping reincarnation. This idea of this different place where we go when we die, when we transcend. Whatever your beliefs around ascension, it is seen as somewhere to get to that is not where you currently are. That distance is resistance and that is the very creation of the confinement; it is the experience of the confinement of physicality.

Instead, how about the idea that there is no ‘true’ confinement in physicality, and that all that is experienced as confinement is this idea of the separation, of the duality, and when we release that dualistic viewpoint, when we cease to see the spiritual and the physical as being separate, then freedom occurs - they are one.

The idea of ascension, hates life. I find no other way to say it. It hates life. It is anti-life. It is anti-you. You are life. It is anti-what you are, what you are experiencing, what you are being. Ascension is anti-seeing that they key is in your hand, here, now, complete freedom, nothing between you and it. The idea of ascension creates the separation between you and the key where the key is seen to be a long way off through this path of destroying yourself, destroying your ego, and transcending your nasty humanness. The idea of ascension is a noose. And its ultimate conclusion is the tightening of that noose until you cannot breath and you die, and then you are free, then you are ascended. Ascension is an excuse to sit in judgment of humanity.

So what I now wish to do with you, experience with you, is the idea of releasing this idea of separation. I want you to see that there is nothing to be ascended and the spiritual is within you. There is no separate spiritual plane. It is here now. And I would like to explore this through the idea of ‘as above, so below’.

This statement – as above, so below - releases the idea of separation. It says there is not a difference between the physical and non-physical – Heaven and Earth. And what this is fundamentally saying is that what we experience here on Earth is a reflection of what is experienced there (in spirit). What this will challenge within you is the way in which you have put spirituality, the spiritual plane, on a pedestal, as being different from here. This is to come to not see the afterlife as being some reward you will receive after this life. Instead, how about idea of the reward being in this life, instead of separating it out.

As above, so below, also demystifies and in some way humanizes that the non-physical, instead of wanting it all to be pure light, love, joy. How about we are that side here. How about Nirvana being here on Earth? We are ‘that side’ expressed on ‘this side’. We are the spiritual expressed in physicality. All of us. What is experienced there, what is on the spiritual plane, when you cloak it in physical matter, which is nothing than more than a perception, you create the illusion. Our perceptive system, our biological perceptive system, that is what creates physical matter.

We are in a perceptive system which experiences physicality, linear time, self and other, differentiation and solidity. When you take the spiritual plane and express it through the perceptive system of a time-space reality, this is what you get, what you are experiencing, this reality, this humanity - as above, so below.

Yes the physical is a very different experience to the non-physical, but it is the same thing. The physical is the non-physical, in physical form. The angle of perception within human form is very different; you experience through different senses, but it is the same thing, we are spirit cloaked in matter. We are spirit cloaked in time. We are that spirit; we are not fundamentally different, and when we shed our bodies, we just shed the perceptive system. You still remain you, just at a different state of perception.

As above, so below … what this means is the difficulty we have here is there. And that difficulty may indeed be experienced differently here, more acutely, sharper, more painful, more confined, but the reason we choose to experience it is because here is where we are working it out. We want it to be acute so we can explore it. We are exploring reality, the nature of this kind of reality, and it is unfolding us on all levels.

We are the spiritual in the physical. We are not some dumbed down version. We are not the lower version on a test to get to a higher version. We are it. We are God experiencing itself, and this state of reality. The war, the disease, all of it, is the state of God exploring itself. There are many other kinds of reality, different perceptive system, different natures that from within this perceptive system, this biology, we cannot even conceive. But we are there as God too, exploring those different realities, which may be very different, which may even be the heaven or nirvana that we imagine.

We are the state of God exploring itself, here in this reality. This is the state of play. It is not all solved on the other side. It is not all love and light. But there is also great difference because we experience great differentiation here. On the other side, in spirit, we do not experience this depth of differentiation and separation. But when we take that spirit and cloak it in differentiation, it comes out, it is shown, it is seen, it is explored.

We know we are one in the non-physical, and here in human form we see each other as self and other. But the understanding is that it is not that the matter creates the differentiation, creates the problems, creates the war, creates the opponents who fight. It does not create them, it only makes them manifest. This is how physicality is not hell, is not suffering. It is making manifest what is already present. You are the spiritual you. And the movement into this unity, is what awakens that, and ironically moves you into the wider realization, the greater peace, the thing you have been seeking. But it is not separate. It is not after death; it is not after body; it is not after shedding of physicality; it is not ascension; it is here, now in this life.

The nirvana, the peace, all that you have projected onto existence on the spiritual plane, is available for you here and now. You will not suddenly attain it through death. Death will not liberate you. Ascension will not liberate you. Liberation is here and now, if you choose it. Take whatever you feel about existence on the spiritual plane and cease to separate yourself from it through the idea of physicality, biology, the physical plane, the spiritual plane, the veil. Release those ideas as being so separate.

This is seeing through the illusion of the veil. The veil is an illusion. There is no veil. This is spirituality, you are on the spiritual plane, just expressed in the perception of physical matter. You are on the physical plane. You are on the spiritual plane, they are no different. What separates them is only perceptual. There is no true separation. This is to see through the duality, to see through the illusion. Can you let go of all your power, all your love, all your beingness, that you have projected onto the idea of the spiritual plane and instead see it here and now inside of your Self.

In doing this you are not losing anything, though it may initially feel like that because you have clung to this strange comfort blanket where you believe that one day you will die and be free. This notion that you are here working on a mission and then you will go back home. This is home. And all the loved ones you have been seeking, all the loved ones you want to return to on the other side, they are here now. You just have to open your eyes to see them. It is all here. All of God. All of life. All reality. All expressed.

There may be whole other realities in a drop of rain, that is how they are expressed here in physicality, but they are here, all is expressed here. ‘All That Is’ is expressed, in some form or other. And those forms that you seek, those things that you seek beyond the illusion of death, you are not separate from them. Death does not separate you from anything. And this brings with it further realizations. It is the realization that death will not solve anything.

Death will not solve anything. Death will not free you. Do not need death to free you, because then it means that you are trapped in life. Life and death are not different, the physical plane and the spiritual plane are not separate. Death is an illusion. Reincarnation is not a curse; it is to dive out one door and dive back in another. It is in the expression of life. You will not escape anything through death.

Suicide is not wrong. There is no punishment for suicide, but you will not escape anything. You are what you are and you may change the manifestation of that experience, but what you are goes on, because you are a spiritual being cloaked in physical matter. You can shed that matter but what you are goes on. Your issues, your problems, your pains, your separations will not become meaningless through death (though you will perceive that meaning differently).

There is no escape; you cannot escape what you are. This taps into the deepest fear where we say, ‘I cannot escape. I am trapped. I am trapped here. I am trapped in this life. There is no escape.’ And it is the greatest gift, for it is the realization that there is nothing to escape, there is no need to escape, heaven is here, the spiritual life is here, the home you have sought it here, everything you have wanted is here. I promise you, it is here, because there is nothing that is not here. There is nothing you desire that is not here, that cannot be experienced here.

You do not need to shed your body for anything because it separates you from nothing. Being alive separates you from nothing. It is all here. This is the understanding of ‘as above, so below’. There is no above. There is no below. There is your here expressed now and you, you are the one choosing to experience it as physicality in a temporal reality (space-time) because it is benefitting you. And your denial of that benefit, if you so view it that way, if you need to escape, is your denial of why this is the best place.

If you want to leave this place, if you want to cease to experience your spiritual being through a physical temporal reality, then see the key in your hand, but to see the key in your hand is to see that you don’t need to escape here. This is the paradox you must resolve for yourself. If you don’t want to be here then see it is fine to be here, because as long as you reject being here, then your humanity will be experienced as a cage, as a prison, for you are denying your choice of it. This is to awaken because to awaken is to realize you are already awake.

Your humanity is not a cage. You do not need to ascend. There is nothing to ascend. Ascension, the idea of it, is just the manifestation of your separation from your own life, this life, your spiritual being, which is expressed in physicality. Physicality is not separate from your spiritual being. Physicality is the expression of your spiritual being, and if you don’t like your physicality then there is something you do not like about your spirituality. They are not separate. You are one. They are the same. This is the embracing and discovery of yourself and All That You Are. It is to understand that there is no separation so to ascend is to go nowhere. To ascend is to open your eyes and see that you are ascended.

As long as the idea of ascension contains the energy of escape, as long as you contain the energy of escape, then it will be manifest as an experience of confinement. The more you feel that confinement, the more you desire to escape, to ascend, the tighter the feeling of that confinement gets - the tighter life becomes; the tighter the physical barriers around you become - the conditions of your reality. Why? Why would we choose it that way? That, the more you seek to not be here the more here you are. Because it is pointing you back to itself, to love, because it is you. It is the expression of you.

Cease trying to escape yourself. Love yourself. Loving yourself is loving your reality because your reality is you physically expressed whether it is your body or whether it is the external conditions of your reality. Your physical reality is the manifestation of your spiritual reality. It is just put through the lens of physicality. This is the understanding of how physicality is a mirror. You are seeing yourself. That, if anything, is the veil. It is the layer of perception that perceives non-physicality as physical matter.

Your reality is a mirror because you are looking at yourself. Loving yourself is loving your reality. Your reality is this fabulous tool to love yourself because it shows you yourself and you get to experience it. You get to see where you are in discord, where you are in separation, where you are in rejection. You see where you are within the perception of beauty, in love, in connection, in unity. You experience it through your emotions. Your emotions are so wonderful. They are a product of being here in human form; they are so succulent and divine. They are one of the reasons you are here. You love them. You love your emotions. You love all emotions. Through them you connect with life, you feel life, you are in your reality, and you experience it emotionally and it is to tell you about yourself.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with believing in ascension. There is nothing ‘wrong’ in wanting to escape. What I am telling you is that the desire to escape, the energy of escape, creates confinement. It is a choice, is all I am saying. It is the choice to see your spirit as being a separate thing from your physicality. It is the choice to perceive the spiritual plane as being separated from the physical plane into two different states of reality. It is a choice that creates an experience of reality. And you can read books about it, how to get ‘there’, how to ascend, and that is an amazing experience.

But when people speak to me, what they are seeking as being in this ‘other’ place, is here, and as long as they want to seek it in another place, and experience that separation from their desire (as in Christianity), then fine, there is nothing wrong. However, if you want to experience what you desire, if you want to find what you seek, it is here. And that is something people often don’t want to see because they aren’t ready for it to be here and now. They want it later. People think they want they desire now, but so often it is later because to receive it is to have to change how they identify themselves because to step into includes complete responsibility for your own reality. And that can be to lose a major source of self-identification.

This is to lose this identification with the cage of the victim-self and to realize that there is no cage. It is to realize that you can be whatever your heart desires. It is realize that you are the one choosing your reality and everything is great. But many people are not ready to see life as great and wonderful because through their wounding they still need to identify with their pain.

This is to release these wider stories that give us some mission, that give us a predefined mortality of right and wrong. There is no mission. We are God exploring itself. We are spirit exploring itself within physical matter. Physical matter is nothing but an altered perception on our spiritual selves. It is cloaks; it is dress up; it is play. But even though it may be a game played in perception it is so real. Such real play. Such real emotions. Such atrocities we have created. Such joy and wonderment. Such emotion. Such being. And the choice is yours as to whether or not you want to be separate from your spiritual self through this divide, through this veil, through this thing to be ascended, or whether or not you want to release that now and unite your physical self with your spiritual self. This is the realization that death is no escape. Ascension is no escape. There is nothing to escape from. There is nothing you can escape from. You cannot escape anything you are experiencing. There is no need to escape.

And that is to love yourself. And all ways in which you do not love yourself will be experienced as painful, especially when you believe the idea that you cannot escape them. When you can allow yourself to see that there is nothing in yourself, in your reality that you can escape, then you are loving your reality. Could you not need to escape? It is paradoxical, but it is the unification of what you are and releasing the separation of the idea of spirituality and the idea of a spiritual self as being separate from your physical self. It is to cease to fear your ego, for you are no longer defined by it, nor are you trapped within an identification with it; it is just an expression of you; there is nothing good or bad about it.

Everything is neutral. We assign the meaning. And when we assign the feeling of resistance and escape, it solidifies, for that is creation of duality. So this is the freedom of the cage of duality. It is what has been called ascension. But duality does not go away; physicality does not go away; just like when you wake up and you realize that poverty is not limiting you, that you are free, you do not suddenly become engulfed in money.

As you come to realize that physicality is not limiting you, that it is not a problem, that it is not a mistake, that it is not something to be ascended, it doesn’t go away, but you cease to be trapped within it and you are no longer struggling. It is no longer a noose that tightens when you pull. It is a joyful playground. It is so wonderful. But it is for you to see it in that way, to experience it in that way, and as long as you experience it as a constraint or as something to be escaped, then it will only be experienced as something to be escaped.

If you want to escape it then you will experience it as something that needs to be escaped from. When you no longer need to escape it, then you see its true beauty for you are no longer putting out that energy of fear, of running. The choice is within you, and for many this will really be a fundamental shift, just sideways, just a step, to release an idea of spirit as being separate.

You are not a spiritual being in physical form. You are. You are beingness itself. This is what you are. They are not separate in that way; your physicality is your spirituality. Physical is spiritual. Spiritual is physical. We are not cloaked in anything. We are not a cloak, we are not something within a cloak. We are all of it. All at once, no separation.

This is seeing through the illusion. Seeing through the illusion does not destroy the illusion. It just frees it. There is nothing you need to do, no movement you need to make; this is what people talk of about stillness, do nothing, no action. And it’s a worthy goal because when you get to it, when you cease that struggle, that pushing, that wriggling, that escaping, you see the freedom. But it is not that you then stay in no action. Once you have got that, when you are no longer seeking abundance as a rejection of poverty, when you are no longer seeking freedom as a rejection of confinement, you are just being, and it all just flows and you can create, you can act, you can impact the world, you can feel your being yourself, your ego, without that identification.

It is all joyous. It is what we want. It is the heaven on earth that we seek, that we have sought, but it is not separate; it is here now, in this life, in this time. With everything going on around us, you can live that life here. Now. It is to speak from stillness. Speak from silence. No action, stillness, meditative transcendence is but something you can pass through to another life that is free from limitation. It is not the goal. It is the zero point where you cease to be confined and step into freedom. Where you cease to struggle and resist and step into joyful abandon.

So go there. Be in stillness. Identify the parts of your being where you want to escape, where you have sought to escape, where you have wanted to change ‘what is’ and accept it all by seeing it as your choice. Clearly see that you are choosing it. See the gift of it; see the gift of this life. Cease to think about later; it is all now, everything you want. It is not for later; it is for now. No reward after this life. It is now. Let the reward be now. Be with it, be in stillness, and see that there is nothing that needs to change. This is what you will see when you are there, when you are seeing the key, when you have united them and the key and the cage are gone. You will see that you are just in this playground, this physical-spiritual playground, this unified playground. When you see this then you will move into action again and be in joy and radiate and express what you are. You will show what freedom is.

There is nothing to escape. All ideas of escape are trying to escape what you have sought. Every dream you have had, of how spiritual the spiritual realities are, every dream you have had of what Jesus, Buddha, whatever icon, whatever state of reality, whatever being, whatever archangel … as good as amazing as you have ever conceived any type of reality to possible be, realize that it can be experienced here and now in your human life, in this body, in this time. All ideas that tell you otherwise are resistances that create the confinement, that confine you and barricade you from that experience. Here on Earth is spiritual. Here is now. Here is physical. Here is where everything happens. Live in joy.