The Law Of Attraction 101 (audio/text)

Story begins this message by drawing a beautiful and visceral picture of how we are each source energy emerging into physicality, conveying why it is so extraordinary to be a human. He then strips back the details and focus on definition from the Law of Attraction to take you to the heart of what it means. This is done through a journey to the core of your being - feeling the joy of your spirit in your heart center and radiating that into reality. By letting go of the definitions and focusing on feeling good, you can transform your life and release the patterns and programs that hold you from that joy and abundance of your spirit. The message includes a specific exercise to be carried out over a one month period to show you how the Law of Attraction can change your life. 

The Law Of Attraction 101 (adapted transcript)
by Story Waters

The law of attraction is simply saying that like attracts like. The energy, the vibration, the feeling that you put out, is the reality that you will attract to you. We will go to the heart of understanding that by bringing it back to a feeling level. The idea that the feeling that you radiate is the largest determinate of the reality that you draw to you; the reality that you are creating, that you are unfolding.

Many teachings in the law of attraction purely go into focusing on what you want. This is a way of using the process in an objectifying way. There is nothing wrong with that, but at the same time it can be fraught with various problems that can lead to mixed results; so, by going to the very heart of it, to the heart of the feeling of you, we will go to the heart of the law of attraction. The heart of what it means. Stripping back the layers to just come to this simple understanding that what you feel is what you are attracting to you. The realization that what you feel inside is the feeling that the reality you are walking into will continue to give to you. Becoming conscious of the feeling inside of you is the way to really use the law of attraction to live in your dream - to live in the paradise that this world can be.


I want to get into the non-physical perspective of law of attraction. I want to enter that essential self. Take a few deep breaths and breath out anything that is anxious, fractious, or that you simply do not want to be feeling. Breathe into your core. Feel the core of your being. Let the world fall away. Let the details of your life, the events of the day or the last few days fall away. Let go of anything that’s been on your mind or you’ve been worrying over, trying to work out or solve. Let that all fall away. Come to the feeling of your center, your spirit.

Allow a sense of peace, harmony, and ease where there is nothing to worry about. So, you are just looking forward to this experience now. Falling deeper into this experience now. Connecting my heart to your heart. Conveyed through the voice, sound waves, vibrations. Feeling into the stillness of the oneness, the greatest peace you’ve ever felt inside yourself. The greatest knowingness that all is well - that you are safe. Everything is going as you want. Everything is unfolding beautifully. I feel good. I feel at peace. I feel well. I feel good about life. I feel good about how my life is going. I am flowing. I am flowing from this place of inner peace, understanding, connection, flow, and abundance. This is who I am.

Feeling the joy of your spirit, the joy for life, the joy for being. Allowing this state, this feeling, this peace. The more you go on this journey the more you come to know yourself. Clear your energy field. The more you can come to this space of satisfaction, peace, bliss, knowingness and safety. The more in a channel like this you can meet the energy and be in it, swim in it, connect with it, resonate with it, and expand through it; this feeling - this falling into your spirit.

Breathing in your spirit. Letting it fill you, washing away the packaging of life. This feeling does not connect with the facades and masks of this world. It does not connect with them. This energy is the essential you - the source of you. It is Source energy flowing. The more you allow it to engulf you, the more in this state those things, the worldly drama, the packaging falls away. You feel what you really are. What you are inside. What you are in the non-physical.

And this state, this feeling, this is what we are bridging to here. This is what we are bridging between. We connect from embodiment (the physical) to the non-physical; this flow the energy of our spirit. Our embodiment is the face of it. We are all Source energy flowing into experience and choosing the experience of time and space - the choice to be physical. The flow of Source permeates all; it is all. We are Source energy flowing in a focused way into a shared conception of reality - in this case the Earth.

We are all points, all the leading edge, of Source energy, choosing to take on the conception of being a human on Earth. We are diving into that conception, that mechanism that forms the experience of being in an embodied reality within linear time - within finite existence. It is a cloak, a veil that we each chose as Source, the one choice, to be.

And in choosing to be it we extend into it. But what we always are at our core, at our center, is this peace, this flow, this harmony. But also this revelation, this creation, this expansion, this desire for life, this harmony, this knowingness of unity, this knowingness of being eternal. No fear of death, no fear, no separation. This is within each of us. Not only within us but it is the core of us - the birth point, the birth seat. We are the flow of energy that erupts into physical manifestation.

We have this wonderful world - the Earth. It is a place that is particularly defined. Each person, each human, is many layers of definition (archetypes) that are combined and mixed. And then there is the infinite outward detail that in our uniqueness, the uniqueness of the way we wish to experience this world. It is our cloak / our form / our packaging and it takes on this infinite variety. And there are shared symbols in it through which we link. But we are each so unique and this is expressed through the diversity.

There are ways in which we have intended to get entangled in these definitions. We wire into ourselves beliefs around what is connected to what – we make associations. And through the process of a childhood experience, this world imprints onto us; it leaves imprints and changes of association – changes of wiring. This original choice of ‘what to be’ grows as it merges into physicality, as it merges into a lifetime, as it presses itself both into and across time. It takes on a sometimes unexpected form; a form that is always being created in the moment. You do not know exactly how your non-physical being will appear in physicality and this is a part of the surprise, a part of the wonder, a part of the depth of the illusion. The reason that this depth of illusion is chosen is to hide the game, is to hide the illusion, because that is what has made the reality of Earth so incredible; this degree of the illusion, this degree of the separation.

In entering this world we take on this intricacy that then organically grows and develops and has its own inbuilt mechanisms. All consciousness seeks to preserve itself. So even wounds that you birth have their own consciousness through which they seek to exist, through which they seek to persist. And this creates these flows and these mechanisms as we take on this identity, they are a part of why we choose it. It is so extraordinary. It is so extraordinary to be a human.

When you feel into this feeling we began with, can you see how in relation to that, that stillness, that oneness, that unity, but also that lack of detail. Can you see, can you compare the feeling of the two? How a spirit has that harmony, that unity, that undivided flow, that harmonious flow. It may want to dive into an experience where it is segmented, broken up, taken into different flows, whirlpools within itself, experiencing new sensations of flow, of reality, of life, of form. That as well as you choosing it and you expressing it, is a marvel in itself. You do not know exactly how it will be and it presents within it new surprises. And there is a life cycle of a body that is imprinted onto the idea we project onto this world and we go through the experience of that.

What we are pointing to here is the mechanism of the non-physical emerging into physicality. Also seeing the difference between the stillness (the Source inside you, that flow, that energy, that flame) in relation to your outward self (your personality, your history, your story of yourself). To see how they are connected but also to see how they are different. Many that seek to use the idea of the law of attraction are often acting out from their personality (from within the complexity, from within the detail) as they engage this realization of the mechanism of creation. And due to those flows, to the variety, to the systems present within them, this can lead to a variety of hit and miss results.

What we want to do today is bring the idea through from the non-physical within you in order to birth it out from that point, rather than trying to penetrate our way to it. We wish to begin within you, in that which is already present, is already flowing, is already at peace, is already abundant, is knowing of its eternal safety; that which it is not in fear. This state within you, this feeling, we are inviting you to birth it into your physical life; to experience the world from this feeling being present within you. This state is not to be a separate state that arises from meditation, or a spiritual practice such as listening to channeling. For it not to be something that is segmented off, but to actually birth this core feeling as the foundation of your reality. You can build whatever you like on that foundation.

You can have some challenge, some drama, an overcoming or conquest, whatever it is you want, but allow the remembering of this state as its foundation - being at its core. So though you may choose to, from this birthing foundation, dive into all sorts of excitement and separation, remember that there is this place that you will always return to - this knowingness, this remembering of this inner feeling. We wish to bring this inner feeling outwards, to let it engulf you permanently. We wish you to come to know this feeling as yourself. The desire to give birth to yourself into this world. To invite your spirit in. To invite in its perspective, its viewpoint, its expansiveness.

And as you do this, as you make this choice to walk this path of connecting with your spirit, you are bridging into the realization of what you already are - a non-physical eternal Source flow of unlimited energy. As you do this, those aspects of you that do not resonate with this inner peace will begin to come up for release. As you polish the mirror of your life, as you come to ‘know thyself’, you are coming to look into the mirror of reality and see it clearly. This is done through releasing all judgment and all fear. And this core abundant state, the remembrance of it, the bringing of it into your daily life, then acts as the contrast. That is why it can take courage, because it is to see your life in clarity. It is to see the drama, the victimhood, the lack of self-worth, the aggression, the blame, the moaning. You see these things clearly when they are in relation to this inner feeling of peace and unity.

To come and bring this awareness of what you really are, is also to face your beliefs about what you are. So many that follow the spiritual path see this feeling of their spirit as a place to visit; it’s a place where you come and you go. Within this is the belief that it is a separate place. And whilst you believe that, that feeling will be separate from your world - from your everyday life.

So this is an invitation to accept that this feeling, this inner reality, this peace, this fullness, this flow; the invitation to accept this feeling that all is well. It can permeate your everyday life. Can you believe that? Are you willing to change to accommodate that? Because depending on how contrasting this ease and freedom is to your everyday life, it can be threatening to your very identity.

To say, ‘I can feel like this as I walk down the street, as I eat a meal, as I go shopping, as I watch television, as I do my work, see my friends.’ To say, ‘I can hold myself in relation to feeling this.’ Experiencing life in relation to it constantly. Keeping it as active in your energy field. Keeping plugged in. Remembering this is the point before all of the complexity. This is the Source point. This is the core of you. No matter what you are experiencing it is emerging from this place. As it emerges into the matrix of Earth and takes on this physical form - this complexity.

By carrying this with you, you give yourself a new tool, as well as the gift of always feeling what you are. And this new tool is this comparison, is this contrast. Whilst you were just caught purely in drama you flow with that drama and you do not see it in relation to this ease and this is how people get caught in drama. They do not stand outside of it in order to see it. And now, by having this anchor point, this zero-point, you will see your whole life in relation to it and you can become aware of what is happening within you. You can become aware of what is not in accord with this inner flow. And this is your work. It is your chosen work. It is the journey. It is the unraveling of the message of yourself – the message of the form of yourself.

You chose this form with great reason and so much of that journey is to unravel it in order to then fully experience it. And through this detail, your history, the stories you tell of your life, you come to perceive the world in a certain way. And you needed to take on those stories, that definition, in order to have this experience of identity; otherwise you would just know yourself as the flow. You came here to experience other expansive, contrasting feelings. But at this point, where the awakening is occurring, it is now being chosen to unravel this - to unravel this whilst within it.

Each of you have inside you the story of you, and that includes the wounds, the ruts, the obsessive patterns, the attachments, the fears, the shame, and the guilt. These are unique energetic patterns (energetic forms), amazing experiences of reality, amazing experiences of individuality. And now you are asking to release them. So firstly, see what they are. See that these things within you, these things that cloud your perceptions of reality in a way that makes it seem difficult. See the complexity that you have chosen. See the game that you chose to play. And as you now remember that what you are is not the result of them. You are not the ‘result’ of your life.

See this as your journey into the feeling of your core spiritual Self. Use this clarity to see your own inner battles such that you can release them. Just let them go. Because all you need to do is see them clearly. To see the games you are playing with yourself and the barometer you have inside is how your feeling especially how you are feeling in relation to this core inner feeling of peace.

What is happening in the world? What is it that knocks you out of this feeling? So you bring this feeling in as often as you can remember to, become aware of it, walk with it, and see what happens in life that upsets it. See what knocks you out of the flow. See what makes you feel bad. See what changes the feeling from the good feeling and look at it. Be with it, see it – ask, ‘why have I chosen this experience?’ ‘Why am I choosing this?’ ‘What am I showing myself?’ ‘What is this experience that it holds this power over me?’ - that it took me from good feeling to bad feeling, to concern, to worry, to fear, to anxiety, to depression, feeling down, feeling low, feeling wounded, feeling victimized? Why have I chosen this and what is it about the nature of this experience that caused this change in my energy?

To become masters of the law of attraction is to become a master of your own energy field. See that your energy field is what you are. Your energy starts in every moment in the beautiful core energy of your spirit. And then, as that energy comes through into the physicality this world, as it comes through into the packaging of you, this persona, this identity, it can change and end up a feeling of worry, fear, suffering or pain. Somewhere in your story, in your definition, in the energetic framework that has been created by you, the beautiful feeling of spirit can change into something else.

What is it that is changing it? What is it in you? What is the wound? What is the story? What is the belief? It is these things, these mechanisms within you, that stop you living in what could be seen as the fantasy experience of the law of attraction. The fantasy where you experience your spirit in its purest form; where what you feel you instantly receive; you imagine and it is there. That is the basis of what the law of attraction offers. And it does exist. But it is all these masks, these layers, these processes, this history inside, that can make it seem otherwise. What we wish to convey to you is that reality; the reality of stripping away your wounds, your fears, your judgments, your beliefs in separation, your belief in anything other than the wonder of life, such that you come to this feeling.

No other can vibrate for you. No other can feel for you. Only you can do this. Only you can say, ‘I am not going to have this spirituality as just this side thing I occasionally pop into and feel.’ Only you can say ‘I’m going to bring this into my whole life. I’m going to bring the best feelings into all of my life and I’m going to live my life in relation to them while I clear out all that stops me feeling all that I want to feel in every moment.’

See that you can do it. Face whether or not you really believe all this, because if you truly believe that what you put out you will receive, if you believe that what you vibrate will attract to you a vibrationally matching experience, then why would not you be doing this? In every moment being aware of how you feel for what you feel is what you are attracting to you. What you are attracting in general, the feeling of experiencing it will be what you are feeling now. The universe reflects to you what you are feeling. When you feel good you are attracting the experience of a reality that feels good. So choose to work on feeling good. Decide that you are not going to be someone that is buffeted about by life, someone whose feeling depends on what is happening externally. See that level of life. Acknowledge that level of life. You can interact within that struggle but still remember the core of what you are feeling.

No other can ‘make’ you feel anything. You are the determinant of your feeling and it is true that you can bring yourself to experience this. That your choice to feel good is so intense that you cannot hold this other feeling in relation to it. You will give yourself experiences like that, but outside of the intensity of the penetration of those moments into your reality, when it then comes to process them, as soon as it is handed back, your awareness is there.

When something potentially dramatic happens, hold the realization that you can shape the feeling of your reaction through how you chose to interact with the experience; especially on a mental level. What games will you let your mind play? Will you react from old patterning and conditioning of fear? Or will you take responsibility and say, “No, I am not going to go into drama. I am not going to react negatively. Something has happened and I know it is coming from the deeper creation of my own reality. I trust this. I trust myself. I trust what I am creating even though it is currently looking like an obstacle. I am not going to go into fear. I am not going to go into negativity. I am going to embrace this experience and see what it is about. I am going to give it some time to show itself. I am not going to be knocked into fear. I am not going to be knocked into pain. I am not going to be knocked into pessimism. This is simply something I do not understand yet. I will let this experience unfold.”

This is within you to do this. It is within you to stand as a sentinel over your own feeling - to take responsibility for you own feeling. And through living with awareness of your feeling and the knowingness that the feeling of yourself is the creator of your reality, so you will polish this feeling and come to feel good more of the time and reality will come to reflect that to you. How long this will take all depends on the depths of the illusions and the masks you live within but life will always improve.

Where it does not improve you have the opportunity to not go into fear and that will then change it. Sometimes the conditioning that you are undoing is the belief that it does not work - the conditioned belief that it will always get worse. Or the belief that maybe it will be good for a bit and then it will stop working. If you believe this then that is what you will experience. But by not falling into fear, by seeing that though it may have gotten worse there is a meaning, by seeing that there is a message in it, for you can transform it.  To see that whatever is happening is a script that you are writing for yourself with love. By embracing it on that level, by bringing this perception, by bringing this fearlessness, by bringing yourself, by bringing your attention, by bringing your intention to utilize this understanding, you can transform anything.

You know what law of attraction is but you must utilize it. You must make this choice. And only you can do this. You can bring in this knowingness. But within it there must be willingness for great change, for as you come to view your life in relation to this beautiful inner feeling of flow, there will be much you will see about yourself and how you are living your life. You will see yourself in a light where you will wonder why you have allowed struggle to continue for so long.

In clearing up your own energy field and disentangling yourself from unhelpful patterns you may find many relationships in your life where these patterns exist. You may discover that some people are the opponent within the energy of the pattern that you are releasing; they are the face of that pattern in your life. Those relationships will either end or transform as you cease to engage them in that way - as you cease to fall into the lure. What are the lures within you? Where do you lure yourself out of the good feeling? Because it is you, no matter how it appears, that allows it to happen. A nagging person outside of you is the reflection of a nagging thought inside of you. It is a reflection of you luring yourself out of the good feeling.

It is this simple: if you want a good life this will work if you stick with it. And what will it even mean to feel good all the time? To feel positive? To feel love? To feel safe? To feel connected? How much in your life will that change? What will you have to change in your life to live within that feeling? Because by living within joy you are being your spirit; you are being the natural flow.

Many people through law of attraction are focusing on the dreams that they want to manifest. Feel the dream, to be the dream, to live the dream. All correct. But within that is often the feeling to be something other than what you are, such as the feeling, ‘I am poor but I want feel to be abundant’. So many of these words that describe your dream can be emotive, can be reactive, can be feelings that separate you from the dream. It is wonderful to imagine and dream; nothing we can say will ever stop that happening. You will always imagine, dream and hope. But we do not wish to focus you on law of attraction from that standpoint. Many of you have already tried that and may have had some results. But what we are speaking to you of with this inner feeling of flow and spirit, is from before all of that, because you do not actually have try to imagine these things because you will already have done that. The good feeling comes before the definition of the dream.

You are always on some level imagining your dream so with the law of attraction you do not need to make that the headline of your focus. People are often asked to focus on and imagine what they want. So you can of course imagine it but it is when you then feel good that the law of attraction works - with that feeling good. What we are pointing to here is this idea of feeling good being the feeling of the joy and freedom of your spirit - this feeling you get in listening to channeling, in meditating, in moments of peace or inspiration and it does not need a definition in order to attract wonderful experiences to you. So just focus on feeling good.

When you just feel good, if you feel contented, if you feel peaceful, if you feel the flow of your spirit and the beingness of Source, then reality will give that back to you in a magical form. Creation is not something you have to push at. Because another effect of pushing towards a particular idea of a dream is that you constantly look at your reality to see if it is happening or not. You can get caught in this game of constantly monitoring your life in relation to the idea of your dream.

This is the biggest thing that people fall down on with law of attraction - they get caught up in looking for what they are trying to manifest and then they are stuck in the feeling of seeing that it is not happening yet. It is this constant dance between wanting something but trying to not notice that you have not got it and this can cause you to get stuck. Whereas if you just focus on the feeling good (but with the knowing that by feeling good you will experience more things that will make you feel good) then your dream will not only unfold in ways that you have imagined but also in ways beyond what you have imagined.

You do not need to define your dream. It can be good to define it but let that come later, once you have got good at consistently feeling good. And what we are suggesting here is that by letting go of focusing on the definitions of your dream, by staying just with the good feeling, then you will be at the heart of the realization of the process rather than being caught up within the details. There is nothing to observe or monitor when you just say, ‘what I want is to feel good’. When you feel good you do not need anything else and you feel even better knowing that you are radiating good feeling and that is attracting more good things to you, good things that you are not attaching a definition to. When you feel good you do not need to do anything else. When you feel good you are filling your energy field with flow and abundance. When you feel good you are radiating your dream.

Realize with the law of attraction it is not that what you feel the universe delivers back to you. There is no delivery service. It is that reality is mirror of your feeling, of your vibration. The very fabric, the very mechanism of reality is a mirror. And there is a way in which as I described in the beginning. Reality is not a mirror. It is the emergence into conception, into the veil of this free flowing energy - the taking on the form. So if you feel good, if you breathe through that feeling of your spirit and its freedom and disentangle this story, these ways in which you have played these games with yourself, if you breathe through those, then the beauty of the feeling of your spirit will emerge as the living of your reality.

Can you allow feeling good to be enough? Can you let that be enough? The rest will come. We assure you that the details of your dream will come. We invite you for this next month to just focus on feeling good. Focus on whatever makes you feel good. Focus on feeling contented, feeling happy, and feeling appreciative of the good things in your life, no matter how small they are, they are there. Everyone has things they can appreciate.

You are the sentinel of your feeling. Where you choose to focus will greatly influence the creation of your feeling. Come to consciously choose where you focus. The world will lead you to focus on many things, but you have the choice of where you place your focus. Are you willing to change your life to accommodate that? Are you willing to predominantly focus on things that make you feel good? Give yourself the good feeling of focusing upon what you enjoy. Then you will feel good and goodness will fill your energy field and you will live in a reality that reflects that to you. This good feeling feeds back on itself through the mirror of reality and you spiral into joy.

What draws you into drama? Identify it within yourself. Do not judge it. See it without judgment. See the processes inside of you that lead you away from the good feeling. Just come to observe them such that you are aware of them. Do not judge them. Do not judge where they came from. Do not judge the situation they came from. Say, ‘I see you. You are that thing that leads me down that path where I do not feel so good. I do not think I need you anymore. I am going to make a different choice. I am going to stay focused on feeling good, feeling my natural state, feeling what I am in my core – my spirit where I flow from. Remembering what I already am. Not becoming anything - being what I already am. Allowing All That I Am to flow through into this definition of myself. I can feel this good. Reality can be this good.’

This is our offering to you, but only you can do it. For a period of one month just focus on feeling good. Make your choices around feeling good, whilst appreciating your life, appreciating the experience, appreciating yourself. Doing the work to see the obstacles so that you release them. Only you can do this. Do you believe in the law of attraction? Then time to see what feeling good more and more does. The choice to feel good. the choice to choose your focus to feel good. the focus of your life to feel good. focus it, choose it, live it, embrace it, radiate it, the radiance of feeling good.