Perfection Through Imperfection


This is a draft text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS which is a heavily updated and expanded version of Story's 2004 book 'The Messiah Seed' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

In speaking from your heart, realize that you can teach ideas in the very moment that you are conceiving of and learning to live them inside of yourself. Your heart speaks to you of truths that you have not yet integrated into living; do not let this stop you sharing these ideas, even as they are forming. In this way you will discover that not only are you teaching what you are learning, but you are freeing yourself from the idea that you must have perfected what you know or be perfect in order to teach others through your Self-expression.

Realize that it is your very imperfections that make you the ideal teacher of the lessons that you have learnt and are currently learning. Imperfections are carefully sculpted gifts that you gave to yourself to help you connect with and engage your mortal-life through the experience of your uniqueness. Learning to appreciate your reasons for choosing the parts of yourself that are most different is a part of the process of surrendering to and accepting your human-Self.

It is time to realize that what you have called perfection in reality lies within what you have called your imperfection. Through standing in this knowing, you will unbind your mouth and speak the dream that flows through your heart without reservation or attachment. Know that you are perfect in your chosen imperfections. You are not here to be everything. You are here to be you.

To run from your imperfections is to run from your-Self. To embrace your imperfections, as the gifts they are, is to touch your infinite-Self within your mortal-Self. This is to stand in the timelessness before birth, when, in making your birth-choice, you chose those all your supposed imperfections with limitless wisdom. To embrace the perfection of your imperfections is to touch your eternal-infinite-Self / God / the One Self within. You are a divine expression of individuality from which the One Self looks out to see its reflection.

To deny your individuality is to deny how you chose, with infinite wisdom, to be a living expression of the One Consciousness in this reality. You are here to experience something unique and new. Know your perfection through knowing your imperfection. Know your imperfection by realizing that it is perfection. Know you are perfectly you and that you are perfect.

I choose to experience the perfection of my chosen imperfections.

Your birth-choice was the decision, made by your infinite-Self in the timelessness before your birth, to create your mortal-Self. Your intention for this lifetime does not determine the exact events or definitions that you will experience here, it only points to a general territory of experience. It does however include more heavily determined aspects such as your genetics which, as well as determining much of your physicality, are also the choice for your parents which includes when, where and how they live, as well as the effect of their personalities on your development.

When contained by the experience of our mortal-Self we can resist our birth-choice through the idea that we could or should have made a better choice. However, as you come to embrace the experience of your infinite-Self, you will discover that you are simultaneously embracing the experience of your mortal-Self and therefore the birth-choice that created your human-form. This is because to become your infinite-Self is to step into the breadth of understanding from which it birthed itself, as you, into mortal form. As you come to embrace your infinite-Self you will come to agree with all of its decisions, including its decision to create your mortal-Self (your birth-choice). It can only be this way because you are your infinite-Self in mortal-form. The separation between you perceive your spirit and your human-Self is the illusion that creates the human-experience .

Knowing that all humanity is the One Self I understand that I have not personally chosen the entire world’s challenges as my own for there is neither joy nor potential for movement in that. As an individual I am the choice of a unique focus on a particular territory of being that I have freely chosen through my birth-choice.

Coming to have confidence in my Self and be fearless in my expression is not about achieving some state of perfection first; it is about accepting my Self as I am now. This liberation is not fulfilled through tolerating or reluctantly not-hiding what I have seen as my imperfections, but through coming to re-evaluate them such that I see the value they will bring to my life if I will only celebrate them.