How Positive Perception Transforms Your Reality


This is a draft text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS which is a heavily updated and expanded version of Story's 2004 book 'The Messiah Seed' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

Make your choices from a point of view of choosing joy rather than coming from a place of pain avoidance. This is the same as saying love peace, rather than hate war. If you can free yourself from judgment enough to do this, it will transform your reality because you will be defining it from a positive, rather than fear-based, outlook. This is not however about denying negativity (for that is to be in fear of it) as there is value in the experience of everything you have created. By looking at what may initially feel negative from a positive-perspective you can transform your experience of it. This ability is incredibly liberating as it represents freedom from fear of the negative.

Allow yourself to feel your pain such that you can hear its message and release it. However, in the allowance of your pain, be conscious to not elongate it into suffering by coming to define yourself by it. Though your pain reflects what you are currently experiencing; you are only defined by that pain if you choose to make its existence a part of your self-identity. Do not identify who you fundamentally are with your pain. Allow your pain, forgive yourself for creating whatever experience led to it, and release it into transformation. This can be a beautiful experience. It is only when you either come to define yourself by that pain, or become attached to it from the desire of expressing the victim role, that pain becomes entrenched as suffering.

Guilt and shame create beliefs that elongate pain into suffering. Look at your beliefs about any pain that you are feeling. See if those beliefs are aiding the release of this pain or are holding it to you. If you feel your pain as anger, express it as anger. Know that wherever that anger takes you or another is where you are both choosing to be. To judge your own anger is to deny the experience you have chosen. It is to deny a part of yourself and live in separation from All That You Are.

Love and anger are not incompatible. Angry feelings can be expressed in love. Allow yourself to express any anger that you feel in order to assert, experience and understand your own boundaries and how they create your feeling of Self. Anger does not need to attack but, even if it does, even if that is how it bursts out, have faith in your-Self that you are creating an experience that will be for the benefit of all involved. Trust in, rather than judge, the expression of your life. 

I choose to always hold a positive perspective on whatever I am experiencing. This does not preclude me from perceiving the negative.

The quickest, simplest and most effective way to make your reality feel better is to view it from a positive-feeling perspective, rather than a negative-feeling one. Though this technique is simple to understand, it is not simple to implement because you must face the part of your belief system that has been trained to be ‘a realist’, rather than a creator. A shift to positively-orientated perception, when undertaken by a person that has consistently lived within a negative-orientation, is a life-changing experience as it represents a journey of redefining much of what you have experienced yourself to be.

Logic tells us that changing the orientation of our perspective does not change our outer reality, only our perception of it. It tells us that to focus less on the negative-viewpoint is a state of denial, rather than empowerment. This is indeed logical to someone who lives within the scientific framework, but this is an understanding of reality that continues to deny how the expectation of the observer alters the objective measurement of reality. Only you can prove this to yourself by challenging the validity of the realist within you by being open to the ‘magic’ that unfolds when you shift to a more positive-focus. The term ‘magic’ here being the name for what we have yet to intellectually understand.

One of my biggest shifts has come through the realization that I am not my pain. My pain is a part of my exploration of Self. However, because what I fundamentally am is free and not in pain, my pain can be resolved through my journey to be All That I Am. This pain and the journey of its resolution is not some by-product of my exploration; it is my exploration. Through this understanding I have transformed my relationship with pain. Instead of seeing it as a mistake or a sign that I am failing, I now see it as a wise choice that I am making from the level of my spirit. It is amazing to me how much less pain I now feel through the process of accepting my pain instead of constantly battling to be free of it (which is to say, separate from it).