Do Not Focus On The 'How'


This is a draft text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS which is a heavily updated and expanded version of Story's 2004 book 'The Messiah Seed' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

When calling your dream into reality, do not presume to know ‘how’ it will come. Many of your dreams may initially appear to be impossible. If you accept this belief, then they will be impossible for the duration of that belief. Realize that not knowing ‘how’ your dream will happen is a limit of your comprehension and not a limit of the power of your reality to deliver it to you. You do not need to know ‘how’ your dream will be possible for it to be possible. You must simply believe that it is possible. Through this knowing, learn not to limit the creational powers of your infinite-Self.

By thinking you must know the ‘how’ you develop the belief that your dream can only come to you in a certain way. To believe in this singular way is to severely limit the options by which your wider being can birth your dream into reality. Focus on your dream and feel it into being, without attachment to how it manifests. Through imagination, experience the joyous feeling of living your dream, with total belief that you can live it, and you will draw it to you. Realize that simply thinking it will happen will not make it happen. You must feel it with all your being and that means surrender, the facing of fear, and the letting go of the limiting beliefs in which you have cloaked your identity. Start with what you can believe, what you can accept, and work outwards. In this way, you will come to realize how much it has only ever been you that has hindered the emergence of your dream.

The conditions of your reality are only ever the current manifestation, and not the cause, of the degree to which you are living your dream. To see this clearly requires the taking of Self-responsibility. Have the courage to face the cynic and pessimist in yourself, that voice which you tend to call ‘the realist’. Understand the ways in which the idea of being ‘a realist’ has taken away your hope, out of the fear that having hope will hurt you. For many, this may mean facing their own fear and judgment of being perceived as being naïve.

Dream with the heart of an infant, a child that has not yet been taught by society how to limit its magnificent fantasy of what that this life can deliver to you. We have each agreed to participate in a mass consensus reality, but that does not stop all individual realities being predominantly a personal dream and your-Self the dreamer.

I choose to release all preconceptions of how my dream will unfold.

When seen clearly, ‘to surrender’ does not have a negative connotation (such as the idea that it means ‘to give up’); instead, it means ‘to surrender the ways in which you have been in resistance’. To surrender is to cease to resist, and is most commonly experienced as letting go of trying to control something. We try to control things when we are attached to an idea of ‘how they should be’. Therefore, to let go of that ‘how’ is to allow yourself to experience them ‘as they are’, rather than as how you think they should best be (a judgment). All surrender leads to clarity. Surrender the ‘how’ of your dream.

As I begin to feel the state of Freedom Consciousness where I once dwelt, where anything was possible, I realize that any fantasy can be reality because that is precisely what each and every fantasy is – a potential blueprint for a reality of a Self to be lived.

When I began my journey my dream for my life was highly specific and I could list the details of the career I saw for myself, the house I would be living in, my partner and lifestyle. As my life has continued to deliver joyful experiences to me that differ from what I had conceived, I start to understand that I am not creating through the definitions of my mental thoughts, but through the broader essence of my feeling. For example, I wanted money that I had earnt, but I received money as a gift. I wanted an expensive holiday, but instead had fun hiking the coast with my friend. I wanted to be offered a promotion at work, but instead I got made redundant and am now working for my Self and now realize that this is the promotion I wanted (even though it hasn’t been easy).

As I see this pattern emerge I continue to dream in detail, but now those details are manifold and fluid. I no longer dream of a single way in which my dream must look as I understand that to be limiting. Instead I dream of many overlapping and even contradictory definitions that would all feel good to me and, in doing so, I best describe potential breadth of the feeling of the reality that I desire to experience. In doing so, I better articulate my fantasy and create the clearest potential to step into the living of it.