I AM - The Heart Of Life (audio/video)

63 minute unabridged audio plus 15 minute video version of audio highlights set to inspirational imagery. 

See life on Earth through the perspective of spirit in this incredible journey into freedom consciousness. Let Story take you from the 'I Am' of Source through to the choice to become embodied and enter this amazing world of diversity and experience. Remember why you, as spirit, chose to enter this world. See how you are creating your reality. Learn to unify the levels of feeling, thinking, your body, the world and your experience. See how there is light within everything. Enter the flow of your life and live in effortless abundance by unifying with this incredible perspective of freedom consciousness by bringing light to all levels of your being. Also includes more extensive information on Source perspective on this reality, unification through technology, those that choose not to connect with their spirit, the mass healing of wounds, cross-life healing, the scientific view of reality including quantum physics and evolution, why people do not need to connect with your spirit, the wound / fear of religion, and the 'life is easy' affirmation/incantation.

The best way to get a feel for this recording is to watch the abridged video above (created predominantly from the first half of the recording). 

This recording is from the Weekend of Lights retreat with Story Waters held in Los Angeles in May 2010 held in the home of actress and spiritual speaker Dee Wallice. Please note that the bird song has not been added to the recording.