The Power Of Following Your Heart


This is a text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK ONE - I AM YOU. YOU ARE GOD which is a minor update to Story's book 'You Are God. Get Over It!' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

Whatever you do to another you are doing to yourself. They are you, and even though they are expressing a different reality, you are still, in essence, acting upon your own being. In this realization, the concept of karma is simplified from the idea of actions coming back to you over time, to the realization that the effect is direct. All action is of you upon you - all is God. This is to experience the motion of the unfolding. It is to connect with the energy of your Godself at the level of your action - the Now. In this state you can clearly see the energy that your actions express and how that energy is feeding the manifestation of your reality.

Your action is integral to your being. What you do, is not separate from what you are. To experience your Godself is to live in the realization of your unity with life. To feel that connection is to know that everything you do has impact. It is to come to know your being through what you choose to do. Your action is not just the end result of a choice; it is the energetic expression of that choice. The energy of your action, which encompasses the choice of non-action, is a potent element of how you create your reality. Your action is not separate from you. Feel yourself in what you do, and you will see what you are doing clearly. If you find yourself dissociating from what you are doing, ask yourself why you are doing it. Choose actions that you want your awareness to be present for.

To unify with your action is to see your action as the expression of your desire. Your wanting is the originator of action and determines its energy. Your action is the energetic expression of your desire - one of the most intimate aspects of your being. The energy of your action is not determined by its result. Your action may not even be connected with why you think you are acting. The energy of your actions flows from their origin - your heart.

Within the world the result of your actions are the co-created expression of that energy with all the other people involved; so may, or may not, appear in line with your personal intention. Everyone has complete free-will. Other people choose for themselves how they interact with your energy. For example, you may act from jealousy such that you hurt someone, but in co-dependence they may perceive your jealousy as caring about them. Conversely you can act from love to honor someone by ceasing to participate in their self-destructive behavior (which is to cease your own self-destructive behavior) and they may perceive it as cruel. You create in your moment of expression. You do not then control how your creation is perceived.

You cannot fully perceive the energy of what you are doing purely through thought. Mentally we are quite capable of deceiving ourselves as to why we do the things we do. To think that you always know why you do what you do, is to be closed to the magic of life. If you wish to know your energy you must open up your most powerful perceptive sense, your heart, and feel what you are doing.

The separation of thinking and feeling is something we have qualitatively separated, when in reality they are both aspects of our unified awareness. Because of this separation, the process of awakening often feels like leaving the noise of the mind and dropping into the heart - a move from thinking to feeling. However, ultimately it is about coming to connect with your unified awareness which is fed from All That You Are, including the mind. An open heart is the unification of all of your levels of awareness. To act from your heart is to act from your Godself.

To allow your being to flow from your heart is to allow yourself to be what you are. It is to know that what you are, fits perfectly in the unfolding of the all. To be what you are is to consciously experience your Godself; this is the experience of your unfolding. To allow this connection is to unify with your Godself. It is to allow your being to unfold from your unified level of awareness. In this you will discover that the message of your heart is to be yourself, and that is to love and honor yourself before all else. You can only love another as much as you love yourself. To love yourself is to love All That Is. Love for all flows from the love that you experience in your feeling for yourself. This challenges the idea of sacrifice. Many believe that to love means to sacrifice themselves to help others. If your heart guides you to help another then it is your joy and there is no need for sacrifice. Your Godself is in the harmony of the unfolding. In this harmony sacrifice is not necessary. No aspect of your being exists to be sacrificed.

In the loving and honoring of your being, your heart will at times guide you to act in a way that may hurt someone. For example, you may leave a relationship that your heart is no longer in. To leave that person is to love both yourself and them. To stay is to hurt both of you. When your heart guides you to act in a way that hurts another, it is from love, and love is both expressed and received. It is to see that in loving someone you may sometimes, from their point of view, hurt them. Know that just as your Godself led you to the experience, so did their Godself. All shared experiences are co-created; all are chosen. All that flows from your heart aids the unfolding of all. All that flows from your heart is love.

To live in harmony with the world do not let any mental moral code define your actions; let your choices flow from your heart. Realize that no list of rules can successfully be used to determine all actions. In what may appear to be identical situations the heart may in one instance say “yes” and in another say “no”. The heart perceives from All That You Are and, though your mind cannot always translate what your heart feels into a verbally expressible (mentally justifiable) reason, what your heart conveys through your feelings is based on the most encompassing and unified level of perception that you possess - your Godself.

To perceive through your heart is to perceive through All That You Are. It is to perceive with omnipotence. This level of unified awareness can rarely be contained verbally as thought. Omnipotence is not of the mind. It is an arrow that directs you through the feeling in your heart; where it points comes from the knowing of God. Built within you is all the guidance you will ever need. No other being in the universe can guide you as well as your heart. To allow yourself to feel your being is to experience your Godself, for as soon as you open your heart that is where your awareness will be.

To learn to feel from the heart and utilize that as your primary guidance is to unfold the freedom, joy, and abundance that you are. This journey will take you through the cages, resistances, and wounds that currently cloak your Godself from you. To heal a wound you must bring your awareness to it. To release resistance it must pass out through your beingness. To open a cage you must first come to see that you are imprisoned. In following your heart it is not that you will never experience pain. However, the pain that you do experience will come from releasing pain from your life, rather than from creating new wounds. With each wound released so the entire experience of your being is freer; through this your heart, and therefore your communication with your Godself, becomes ever clearer.

Only a fully open heart can convey the realization that you are God. The mind alone cannot take you there. Logic cannot take you there. Proof cannot take you there. An open heart does not take you there: an open heart is there.