Understanding Human Evolution And Consciousness


This is a draft text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK THREE - A FRAMEWORK FOR EVERYTHING - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

Physically, the origins of all life on Earth can be traced back to the simplest microbe. The origin of that microbe (and indeed the physical universe) can be traced back to the one consciousness entering into the experience of diversification and becoming the many. Science calls it the Big Bang; religion calls it Creation; it is the simultaneous conception and entering into of diversity (of which space-time realities are a part).

For the unity to enter diversity was an expression of incredible security as it represents the creation of, and entering into, the first unknown. It was the allowance of an irrevocable change to experience through entering the illusion that is created by forgetting. This creative step is reflected in the idea of a grand master choosing to forget so they can be a student and experience learning their beloved art once more. There is a circularity in the evolution of consciousness that is experienced beneath the linearity of physical evolution; the most evolved of any quality will always choose to begin the cycle again in order to have a new experience of, and relationship with, that quality.

The great oak tree chooses to become the many acorns that it seeds across its life; the microbe that birthed life on Earth is one such seed. The unevolved simplicity of that microbe underpins much of science’s contention that physicality precedes consciousness as it is hard to conceive that a microbe (something that is so simple that science imagines it to be a chance configuration of chemicals) is the intentional manifestation of a highly evolved consciousness creating all the biological forms of life on Earth. However, consciousness is not limited by time in its perception; what we see as the acorn is but one end of a larger entity that when fully perceived is seen to include the complete journey of the oak tree.

The One becoming the many is relived every time we step into the forgetting that births our individuality. The Big Bang was not an event in a distant, disconnected past. Creation is happening now. You reading of these words now, is the microbe still unfolding.

The One becoming the many was the step into diversity. All life on Earth, not just humanity, has evolved through the manifestation of a single multi-dimensional intention that was expressed as life.

Although we are each an embodiment of the One Consciousness and can know it through ourselves, we cannot know the experience of consciousness prior to it becoming the many. This reflects how bold it was to cross that Rubicon.

The One Self stepping into diversification is not only reflected in every birth, it is also reflected in our acceptance at point of death (when that step into what feels unknown is no longer resisted).

All dualistic scales are in fact circles. Genius connects with madness. Extreme intelligence can become stupidity. Belief in the greatest good soon becomes the greatest evil. What births must die. What is forgotten is available to be remembered. To possess all knowledge is to eventually desire pure ignorance. To know yourself as all creation is to desire to be the seed (or microbe) that births the next realm.

To understand what the mortal experience is, you must view it from the perspective of immortality – as the forgetting of one creates the other. But, to create the mortal experience we must not only forget our immortal experience, we must also create the reflection of reality in such a way as to hide ourselves as the creator of this experience. To hide our true nature in something where everything is a reflection requires great intelligence in the design. This intention to disguise our immortality is woven into the design of the physical and temporal laws we chose to govern our space-time experience. We purposefully designed this reality to hide what we are from ourselves – to keep it forgotten until it could be remembered at the point of death of our mortal vehicle (body). To hide the intelligence of the design of every creature on Earth within a microbe is a superlative example of our intention to experience mortality as deeply as we could. Without it, the scientific mentality’s denial of consciousness could not exist.