A New Level of Consciousness


This is a draft text for the upcoming ONE SELF TEACHINGS compendium that is due for release in 2019. This particular text is taken from BOOK TWO - THE MATTER OF CONSCIOUSNESS which is a heavily updated and expanded version of Story's 2004 book 'The Messiah Seed' - UPCOMING BOOK DETAILS.

Within the relativity of the human-experience, a new reality is birthing from within the old. The face of this new consciousness is birthing through the resolution of the past. The past is resolved through the realization of a new wider perspective on what it means. The breadth of this perspective arises from remembering and integrating the wider-state of existence from which we birthed the human-experience. The integration of this ancient-knowing into what we have become is creating a new state of consciousness which bridges them both. When you see the past anew, thereby healing it in the present, you are birthing new consciousness. The consciousness that is birthing at this time has a face like no other. It is the face that knows not the past (for to it, all is present), knows not suffering (for the perfection of all is seen), and knows not limitation (for even that which is felt to be limited is seen to be a choice made in freedom). The face of this consciousness is birthing through each one of us.

Each person has equal access to the newly imagined freedom of this realization of being. Though it cannot be contained in definition, the many words that most point to this Nirvana are freedom, joy, and love; equality, respect, and cooperation; creatorship, clarity, and vision; sovereignty, fearlessness, and ease. The embracing of this new consciousness is the next step in our evolution.

This new consciousness does not know One Truth; it is All as Truth. This is the birth of the multi-perspective, where you experience life from the perspective of the many, as well as your own. This is the state of Unified Diversity and it is the face of the freedom we have sought; it is Freedom Consciousness and will change everything.

Only you can make the choice to step into this new experience of reality. You are the unfolding of your Self and you can unfold into anything. If what you desire is joy and abundance, if what you desire is to see all clearly, then choose to unfold the you that your heart is dreaming of. You are the face of all your choices. Choose to see your own beauty to see the beauty of your choices. See what is so new and exciting about this choice, to start unfolding the reality of your dream. This book was created to be a vessel and catalyst of that choice.

There is only one time. It is the Now. Awaken and live your dream.

I choose to experience something new.

As you come to understand that linear-time is an illusion and that all experience it eternally present and available, there is a perspective from which it can be said that nothing is new. The term ‘new’ only has relevance in the context of being new for the consciousness that is experiencing it. For example, archaeologists make new discoveries through the finding of that which is old. Or a geologist may crack open a geode and be the first person to see something that is a million of years old. In just the same way, the new state of consciousness that humanity is beginning to step into at this time is not something that did not exist prior to our experience of it; it is a new experience for our current state of consciousness (even when it has awoken to and  integrated the unified, ancient consciousness from which we birthed the human-experience). As such, the term ‘new’, like any term that has temporal implications, is only meaningful when viewed from within a state of relativity (such as linear-time).

It should also be noted that the idea of ‘new consciousness’ is not something that is particular to our time in history. It is not that the awakening to newness that is happening now was not happening before. The birth of humanity itself is the birth of new consciousness; meaning, the collective state of human consciousness has always been birthing, and will always be birthing, new consciousness. It is the continual and consistent nature of this birth that tends to make it unremarkable to us. However, what makes the birth of the new consciousness at this time in history particularly noteworthy, such that some even call it a ‘great awakening’, is that it describes the stepping out of being contained within polarized-perception (which is a defining feature of the human-experience). Through this, the new consciousness is a change in our fundamental nature and a shift in our primary experience of being human. Therefore, even though all change represents a shift in what we are to something new, it is the current shift from polarized-perception that is being referred to when you hear of the ‘new consciousness’ that is birthing at this time in history. This is being driven by seeing ourselves clearer than ever before through the many ways in which technology is exposing us to ourselves without regard for our desire for censorship and secrecy.