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20/20 The Passion Activation 8-Day Online Course with daily broadcasts.

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20/20 The Passion Activation 8-Day Online Course.
Find, Focus & Free Your Passion!

Featuring 8 daily broadcasts with Story Waters combined with 4 sessions with Roger Hanson running online  from Saturday 14th to 21st of July.

It is easy for our passion for life to gradually slip away as we settle into the comfort of the daily routine that we have carefully created for ourselves. With the stresses and uncertainties of the modern world it is completely understandable that we value the consistency, reliability and security that honing our daily activities creates. On the 20/20 Passion Activation we will start by recognizing the power of the routine that we have each created and the firm foundation of ‘coming to knowing yourself’ that it is built upon. The invitation of this 8 day course is to then see that this foundation was never meant to be an end-point or destination, but is in fact the perfect spring-board of ‘know thyself’ (a core spiritual teaching) from which you can create something fresh, positive and exciting for yourself to experience.

This course is perfect for anyone who is looking to step beyond the ‘known’ of their routine and back into the free-flowing excitement, imagination and unjaded possibility that we experience in our youth. This is not about negating what is comfortable and known, it is about using those positive qualities as a ‘firm foundation of the self’ such that we can not only ‘explore who we are and what we can be’ but also remember the perspective from which this world is an exciting playground for that exploration of self.

This is not about returning to the innocence of child-like perception, it is about coming to understand what it is as an adult to step back into that powerful flow of energy, instinct, play and passion. We do not want to shake up your life by destroying your routine; we want you to see what happens when you start to balance the routine of ‘that which is known and familiar’ with the exploration of ‘that which is unknown and exciting’. Through this you will feel the unfettered freedom that burns within us to be expressed and we will harness it to not only better know ourselves, but to enhance and extend what we have come to know as routine. We invite you to ‘routinely’ incorporate into your life whatever it is that you are most passionate and joyful to explore and experience.

This will be eight days of positivity, inspiration and passion all backed up with the wider perspectives of what we are in human form that tell us that no matter what our stage of life, there is always more to explore and be passionate about. This is about learning to thrive rather than how to survive. We will do this by reaching beyond what we know and find comfort in by balancing it with a new level of embracing reality and creating something new and exciting. We each came into this life with a powerful intention to experience. Through this course we will help you to stand in the knowing of that intention for this life because that intention is alive and burning within you.

DETAILS: This is an eight day course running from Saturday 14th of July to Saturday 21st of July with daily live audio broadcasts with Story Waters at 12pm Los Angeles : 2pm Austin : 3pm NYC : 8pm London : 9pm Berlin : Sydney 6am (expected duration 1 hour). There will be four additional sessions with Roger Hanson on alternate days starting on the first day. Roger's sessions may either be live (following a short-break after Story’s session) or they may be pre-recorded (as it is not known if Roger will be available to broadcast live yet). Mp3s of the broadcasts are made available to participants within an hour of the live session ending.

Early booking until the 14th June: $145
Regular price thereafter: $175

If you have any questions about this course please email